Sisters Chloe(Orange),12, and Halle(Green),9, Bailey have been performing since the ages of 3. You may have already seen Chloe in movie “Meet the Browns” with Angela Bassett or Halle in an episode of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”:

Chloe landed her first movie role on her very first audition with Paramount Pictures, “ The Fighting Temptations”, as a young Beyonce Knowles. A year later both she and and Halle landed sister roles with Paramount playing Queen Latifah’s nieces in “The Last Holiday.” Chloe and Halle have been working consistently in film, television, commercials and print ever since.

In addition to their acting abilities, Chloe and Halle have been given the gift of voice. They have had the honor to showcase their talents for the Trumpet Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, Dr. Joseph E. Lowrey 88th Birthday celebration and several benefit foundations for T.I., Show me the Way, Sisters of Tomorrow, Susan Taylor’s CARES Mentoring Movement, and Atlanta’s very own Sinfo-nia Orchestra. Chloe and Halle love to touch people souls with their music. Currently, they are working in the studio, writing and producing their own originals songs to share with the world.(Source)

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  1. WATCH these girls on youtube! I cant believe I am just hearing about them, they are incredible talent. Wow.

    Someone tell Solange to watch them preform I Decided!

  2. They’re gorgeous & extremely talented! 12 & 9?! Extraordinary.

    But since the younger ones voice isn’t as strong they should show her how to harmonize so the act seems more balanced.JMO.

    & is it me or does the older one sound like she’s been to the Beyonce school of music? lol

    • Leo, chile I hope you are of the female species.

      Now what is creamy-crack free?

      Btw…you are still a fool. =]

      • LOL! I am female, Sherley. Rest assured. :) Just that,when I was growing up and even to this day, they would have had their hair fried straight by age 11.

        I’m happy to see more girls in the business rocking their natural-born hair.

  3. Gorgeous girls. They resemble Vanessa Williams a little. Not former Ms. America, but the other actress. I thought they were twins at first.

  4. Man if I hadn’t scroll down to see their ages, I would have thought they were twins. They look so much a like. Cute though.

  5. WOW!!! THEY ARE ABSOLUTLY STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! And I just love their natural hair texture. I’ve never heard of these two before. I’ll make a point of following their careers in the future. It’s just amazing that they’re NOT twins…. they definatly look like they are.

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