barkleyMaureen Blumhardt Barkley and her son pose at the “Best in the City 2″ event on August 13, 2010 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Maureen is the wife of former NBA player and sports commentator Charles Barkley. The two have been married for more than twenty years and have two children together.



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  1. Mr. Barkley is a very privilege men. Very irrational Wait until he get a traffic stop from a police who don’t know him. He need to put himself on the other people shoes. Racial profile is wrong.

  2. So sad that folks feel a man has to be insecure to date outside his so called race. I would say the opposite is actually the truth. It is always harder tossup outside your comfort zone... Ultimately, we love the ones who love us back. Both of my parents a

    So sad that folks feel a man has to be insecure to date outside his so called race. I would say the opposite is actually the truth. It is always harder to step outside your comfort zone… Ultimately, we love the ones who love us back. Both of my parents are proud black folks, and they always said to choose a wife based on who she is inside not just ethnicity. Trust me, ratchet chicks come in all colors, as do good ones. Everyone is free to choose. Sisters, there are plenty of good black men out there that want you, and plenty who are quite happy with their non black wives, too. PEACE

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  4. I have been very fond of Charles Barkley but his wife does not look at all like his I wonder why ALL our black men good, bad, and all in between go hopping for a white woman, and a not so attractive one at that. Tiger fooled around on Elin and NOT a black one was in the bunch. Micheal Jordan left his gorgeous black wife only to end up with a white woman, even Charles Barley has whiteitis what is up with this are you men ashamed of your Heritage and race????????????????

    • I’m so tired of ignorant people! we’re all humans different colors and creeds, an all that matters is you love them and they love you back! there are too many ignorant Hitler’s in this world ! The heart is all what matters… as Charles would no doubt tell you get a life!

      • Only a black fool, with a self hating attitude, believes white women are hotter. White wimen age significantly faster than black women. Black fools, with low self esteem, who are too weak deal with a woman whose strength matches that of the woman who birthed them, pursue non black women.

  5. i think he would look a whole lot better if he went for the clean shave look…those lil curls on him are not the business!

  6. He’s a little dark to be mixed, but that’s not surprising to me. I tell people all the time mixed folks can be dark but some don’t believe it.

    • He’s kind of dark to their son Charles Barley is a light skin black you think with the wife being white the son would be lighter.

  7. I never known Charles Barkley to have a son. He and his wife has a daughter together, never known him to talk about a son. I thought he had divorced Maureen long time ago. Maybe they have a open marriage..good luck!!

  8. Maybe that’s Charles’s son by another woman and she is doing a Tina Turner and raising him or that’s her son, or maybe he is adopted. But Charles only talks about his daughter and this young man doesn’t look like either one of them. It’s possible he could have reached back and got some genes but highly unlikely.

    • What? She’s starting to look like that now lol All that damn stress from a cheating husband. I hope they’re friends…sometimes you need a friend thats gone through what you’re going through or went through.

  9. That is not Charles’s biological son I think bck has it wrong though I have seen pictures of this woman and this young man before. Charles and his wife had been on and off for years but they never officially divorced.

  10. Their son is like 5 shades darker than me, and I am not even mixed. That can’t be his son. He looks really dark like his dad could be Indian and West African. Charles i think did his genealogy once, and he has a fair amount of white ancestry. He needs to get a DNA test

    • but u do know that genes play tricks on people? a white couple having a black child…then it comes out later that the father himself is mixed without his knowledge….the color just skipped his generation and on and on….dna test bullcrap….I dont look like either my mama nor my dad….genetics baby

  11. And folks have expressed THEIR personal opinion. I will say that looks ain’t everything. I do think folk are just having some fun unfortunately at this lady’s expense. I am sure she is still getting some play from somebody, somewhere-lol.

  12. I agree Nope. Looks aren’t everything, looking at alot of guys in the world that get with women simply because they look good, but the woman turns out to be an airhead/golddigger/lacks any kind of personality. Looks fade people.

  13. wow that combo is very unique. I would think with barkleys fair tone and his wife of her skin tone the son would have looked much different. genetics are amazing because he is browner than his dad. just a little surprised. congrats on his marriage of over 20 yrs, thats an accomplishment!!!

  14. They’ve been married a long time. That’s good. I wonder why he encouraged Tiger to mess around with women in Vegas? See Tiger, Charles is still happy and united with his White wife while Elin has kicked you to the curb.

    Is or was Charles Barkley really your friend, Tiger? Hmmmm…

    • Hey Pisces – long time no talk! I hope all is going well with you.

      Well, I didn’t know Charles encouraged Tiger to mess around, but I not surprised becaused HE messes around too. Remember that little incident not too long ago where Sir Charles got arrested after unknown woman performs fillacio on him while driving?

      Charles isn’t clean himself. Michael Jordon and Charles have bad reputations for playing around. At least MJ isn’t married. I guess Charles’s wife is a forgiving one, even after all that embarrassment.

      Have a nice day, Pisces!

    • Lol all true! But Elin could also learn from Mrs. Barkley. When her husband went out and got caught chasing that prostitute, Maureen didn’t flip out, she just went shopping! Lol. She has constant access to his money. Being the wife has some advantages.

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