Musician Randy Jackson’s kids (L-R) Genevieve Jackson(in white top), *twins Donte and Randy Jackson Jr., Stevanna Jackson(in black dress) are photographed with their cousins at Donte and Randy Jr’s high school graduation.

In 1989, Randy Jackson married Eliza Shaffé, with whom he had daughter Stevanna(born On June 17, 1990). During his marriage to Eliza Shaffé, it is alleged that Randy had an affair with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, producing daughter Genevieve (born December 3, 1989). The couple later went on to have twins Randy Jr. and Donte Jackson.

More flicks of the family below!

* BCK Says: It was reported to us that Donte and Randy Jackson Jr. are twins, but we are not 100% sure this is true.

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  • Stevanna
  • Genevieve
  • Siblings by one mother: Donte, Genevieve, Randy Jr.




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  6. update……… At the time this article posting no one knew that Donte legal guardian was actually Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Yes Katherine. Smell like a cover up. Joe gave the child to Alejandra and jermaine to blend into their own family. and even after Joe and Jermaine left hayvenhurst , Donte remain with alejandra and Katherine for another 3 or 4 years . Alejandra never listed Donte as Randy other son in any of her claims she filed when divorcing or when she was trying to avoid being evicted from the Jacksons home by MJ Estate. I personally believe Donte may be MJ son. Yes the son he fail to acknowledge in life and in death( The Will).

  7. LOL you are all so funny. I spent a good five minutes just laughing at these comments. ANYWAY. People are saying Donte and Randy jr. arent twins. OKAY. WE GET IT. Then people are talking about Donte being Joe Jacksons son…. what the heck? Joe Jackson, as in the 80 year old man Joe Jackson? Let’s not get ridiculous now. And then now people are throwing MJ into this (of course). Donte isnt Michaels son, nor is he Joes son. Donte is most likely adopted, seeing as he doesnt look like anybody in this picture. But thats another story. Yes we know the Jacksons have some issues but what family doesnt? Point is, beautiful family and congrads on the graduation. The never-ending argument over paternity ad DNA in this family will never cease. Its like black folk arent happy until they discuss who’s related to who in this family. Gosh.

  8. @khrish- I luvz me sum Janet Jackson now! Don’t get me wrong! & I don’t judge her reasoning behind hiding the daughter. I just firmly believe that she has one. BTW LaToya mentioned that Janet does have a daughter, although I take much of what she says with a grain of salt, in every lie there is a little bit of truth.

    • And we all know that LaToya will lie like a rug for a cameo appearance or some green. she has no life herself and so she is the snooper for the entire family. I wonder if she has ever been in therapy? Her father told her she had no talent and she should have believed him. When he didn’t put her out there to make money that should have been proof enough for her…..but she had to have the freak show her that her father was right. LOL

  9. Good looking bunch, but they don’t have nothing on their uncles/aunts (pre surgery) at that age. Gosh, Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon when they were around this age. So very good looking. Michael, Tito, Randy no slouches either, not by a long shot. Latoya did once look like a person, and a pretty one at that.

    That one, Randy looks just like his mamma. As for the other stuff, too confusing and I just don’t give a hoot-lol.

  10. Janet more than likely did give birth to a child by James DeBarge! It’s not impossible to believe for me. Obviously some disagree with me. But whatevaz, I believe she has a daughter out there some where.

    • You think maybe LaToya could have one out there somewhere too? I just don’t understand why people are so determined to give this woman a child that through all these many years has never surfaced. It seems the only one in that family who can do no wrong is Michael.

  11. I don’t think most families who are under the weight of that much fame, admiration and money would be less dysfunctional than the Jacksons. When I look at most Hollywood families, they are absolutely insane and parental roles are all screwed up. Just look at the Lohans, the Spears’, the Kardashians. In comparisons, I think the Jacksons are doing just fine. Men have a hard enough time acting right when they don’t have fine women throwing themselves at them after every turn. Doesn’t make it right but when you consider less accomplished men with baby mamas all over the place, it shouldn’t be a surprise. I personally think its racist to pen the Jacksons as somehow the epitome of dysfunction when most white Hollywood families are far worse. Meanwhile, the near-pedophile known as Hugh Hefner gets a pat on the back and we rarely hear of daughter-marrying Woody Allen.

  12. Just because you graduate at the same time does not make you twins. One of them could have failed a grade. Everybody knows the Jacksons are weird. I have two neices that are the same age, but they are not twins. Their mother had them 10 months a part.

  13. They are all good-Looking chiLdren! STevana really does resembLe Janet esp in the eyeS! shes pretty..and were both GEMINIs! :) her bdayy is 2dayyz b4 mines. hehe..

  14. Since she was the commonlaw wife, perhaps she doesn’t know either. Just because she wrote it in her book doesn’t make it true, does it. They lie to others why wouldn’t they lie to her?

    • If you post was meant for me, may I say that it wasn’t meant in a “negative way”. It’s just that the Jacksons or reports from the Jacksons have proved that they do lie. I maybe to keep somethings personal, I don’t know…However they do tend to lie about things. The above post was submitted that this came from the woman’s book and that made it fact. I was just saying that because they “the family” have proved that they do lie, they could have lied to her or this is just her side of it. You are right, nothing has been disproved by the family; but since she is, a woman scroned, since he married again; there is room for question.

  15. donte isnt the only jackson with unknown origins, no one knows where jackie’s daughter brandi jackson comes from (some say she is janet & james debarge child, but who knows…)Then of course you have michael’s kids which is a whole different story…..

    so basically there’s about 5 jackson grandchildren with mystery origins

    • I have never believed that Janet gave birth to a child. If she had I think that she would be credited with that child. The woman married the DeBarge boy because I think that she was pregnant. I certainly don’t believe she loved him. So if she was married to him and they produced a child that lived, why would she deny the child. That doesn’t even add up. If the child had been born out of wedlock and they wanted noone to know, then I could understand. But to deny a child that would have been born to a marriage just doesn’t make much sense to me. That’s just the way I look at it.

    • Michael’s children don’t have mystery origins, they came from his sperm. we know the 2 eldest children’s mother and blanket had a surrogate mother.

  16. I am so confused after reading all these comments lol but whatver beautiful kids anyway && the one with the green shirt & black hat on is FINE! LOL

  17. Donte’s name is Donte Williams and he knows who his parents are. In court documents his name is listed as Donte Williams. It seems by the comments people are quoting and going by tabloid and Jackson Family gossip. Rumors have said its Joe and Jermaine because of the womanizing ways. As for calling the Jackson Family weird and complex , what family isn’t especially black families. They are no different than everyday black families. I just don’t see the dysfuction everyone talks about because mine is worse and I love them to death. The media has put it in our heads that they are dysfunction and we run with it. If some of you had a microscope on your family for over 40 years, we would see the same ish.

    • They are disfunctional and if your family is like them they are dysfuctional too. If this had gone on in my immediate family it would have been considered a disgrace. They is not just given to Black families so I don’t know where you picked up that little tad of information. For two brothers to have children by the same woman and live in the house with the family is not something to me that is an everyday happening and I am Black. So please speak for yourself and not “everyday Black families”. This is a hot mess and in anyone’s book is considered “dysfunctional”.

  18. SMH. Parentage and sibling relationships in this family are very confusing and complex to say the least. As long as they know who they belong to and how they are related, I guess it doesn’t matter to me. Beautiful family, though!

  19. the boys themselves have said they are NOT twins on their twitter, facebook etc. Donte is older than Randy by months. also donte sometimes goes by Williams

  20. I read every single comment posted and have no idea what nobody just said.

    I have the utmost respect for the Jackson, but got damn. Damnnn. Confusion is an understatement right now.

    • I’ll break it down for you in simplest terms. Jermaine married and had children with a woman that his brother Randy had been involved with, and had also had children with. Why a woman would be involved with two brothers, who knows? The only question that has yet to have a definitive answer is where did Donte come from?

  21. Wikipedia is full of lies and people go there to change any information they don’t like to replace it with fabrications to their liking. Never go to Wikipedia for the facts.

  22. I dont think those boys are twins .. something in the milk aint clean but donte is DEFINITELY a jackson ..and steavana is her aunt’s janet twin gorgeous

  23. These are some good looking kids… but it seems very Jackson of the “twins” to not be “twins” and to have one belong to “joe”.. Ooo Wow!! Not a boring moment in these kids lives.

  24. That kid is definitely a Jackson because there’s no way with 8 hundred kids they would adopt just one child out for no reason. (It’s not like Jermaine or Randy had money to afford additional kids.) This is a family of a secrets.

    • Fraternal twins don’t have to look alike. Not all twins or triplets ect. are identical. This happens when separate eggs are fertilized at the same time as opposed to identical twins when one fertilized egg divides.

  25. Per Wikipedia: In 1989, Jackson married Eliza Shaffé. On June 17, 1990, Eliza gave birth to their daughter Steveanna, Steveanna Shaffé Jackson is an aspiring actor/singer, who appeared on Zoey 101. Jackson and Eliza divorced in 1991. During his marriage to Eliza Shaffé, Jackson had an affair with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, producing daughter Genevieve (born December 3, 1989). After he divorced Shaffé, he continued dating Oaziaza, who gave birth to their son Randy Jr. on October 2, 1991 and on June 13, 1992, he and Oaziaza adopted Donte Williams Jackson. The couple’s relationship ended in 1994.

  26. This entire family is twisted. How are going to stay married to man who fathered a child the same year you got married, and then you have a child for him a year later….Lol. How desperate to be a Jackson. And one of these kid’s scandalous mothers had a baby for Germaine too. Maybe that was her payback to Randy. Sad!

  27. Stephen Randall Jackson Jr’s date of birth is October 2, 1991 (Colombia). Donte Jackson’s date of birth is June 13, 1992 (Las Vegas, Nevada). Twins would be so far apart. Donte was never legally adopted by Alejandra and Jermaine. Joe “gave” him to Jermaine to raise. Donte’s bio mother is unknown but; Donte is a Jackson by blood, either by Randy or Joe.


    Donte Jackson is the twin brother of Stephen Randall Jackson, Jr. both born to Randy Jackson and Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza in 1991. Donte Jackson was subsequently adopted by his Uncle Jermaine in 1995.

    Jermaine Jackson later adopted him. What the ? The Jacksons are interesting to say the least and Stevanna looks like Janet Jackson!

    • This family is twisted! & ppl find it hard to believe that Janet could have a child that the public is unaware of!

      • They are people just like everyone else and people are complex and relationships complicated by nature. And I refuse to believe that of Janet Jackson.

    • Tell me how many of the Jackson children you have seen that don’t favor each other. they have very strong genes. She does favor Janet, but then that doesn’t suprise me as Janet seems to favor all off the boys. LOL
      Other sources state that Jermaine was never really married to Alexandria. It showed that when he filed for divorce, papers showed that Alexandria had never divored her other husband. That was one of the reasons given as to why she couldn’t sue for alimony; not that she would have gotten it being he doesn’t even pay the child support.

  29. Stevana (her name comes from Randy’s real name Steven Randall Jackson) is a very pretty young lady. Her and Genevieve look a lot alike.

  30. BCK is aware that many people claim that Donte is adopted, but other credible sources say that they are twins. We will go with twins being that they graduated at the same time:) Happy Friday!

    • BCK, thanks for responding as this message “they are not twins” would have continued throughout the day. Nice to see the Admin sending messages :)

    • I JUST FOUND THIS INFORMATION, SO BCK SEEMS TO BE CORRECT, not saying that you’re not usually.

      Randy was first married in 1989 to Eliza Shaffe. In 1990 Eliza gave birth to their child Steveanna. The same year his daughter Genevieve was born but the mother was a woman called Alejandra Genevieve Oaiaza. Randy and Eliza were divorced in 1991 and Randy was found guilty on charges for spousal abuse against her. He spent one month in prison and then another in a psychiatric clinic.

      In 1992 Randy wed Alejandra Genevieve Oaiaza and she gave birth to twins Randy Jr. and Donte the same year. The couple were divorced in 1994. In 1995 Alejandra fell pregnant to Jermaine Jackson. They were married the same year.

      • Randy Jr. was born in Oct. 1991 (I remember when he was born), and Donte just celebrated a birthday this summer. They are in no way twins.

    • I love you admin but Donte & Randy Jr. aren’t twins. I follow Genevieve on twitter and Donte turned 18 in June. Genevieve proudly announced his birthday. Wouldn’t she wish a happy birthday to both if they were twins?
      Personally I believe Donte is Randy’s son by another woman because Donte and Randy Jr. spend A LOT of time with Randy Sr. Jermaine only claims 7 kids so he did not adopt Donte. As much as people want to down Alejandra she is raising another woman’s child as her own.

    • they aren’t twins and they don’t share the same mother. Jermaine’s baby mama Margaret Maldonado wrote about it in her book called Jackson Family Values.

  31. I didn’t know Donte and Randy. Jr are twins. I thought Donte was adopted. And it was a rumors that Donte was really Michael’s son or even Joe’s son which I don’t believe.

  32. BCK, Randy jr. and Donte are not twins. Alejandra is not Donte’s mother. Randy was born in October 1991 in Colombia, he did not come to USA until about a year after; Donte was born in June 1992 in Vegas. Donte’s mother is unknown. He was brought Hayvenhurst by Joe Jackson at 18 months of age. It is still unclear who his father is: Joe or Randy? Donte looks like a young Joe Jackson…

  33. Randy Jr and Donte are not twins..the guy with the hat on on the left end is Austin Brown Rebbie Jackson’s son and the guy in the back with the braids is Taj and his brother is on the left end TJ those are Tito Jackson’s song part of the musical group 3T

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