The OMG Girlz, once a four member girl group, now has members Bahja(Beauty),14, Zonnique(Star),14, and Lourdes(Lolo),11. Missing from the group is former OMG girl Reginae Carter, daughter of famed rapper Lil Wayne. When asked why Reginae left the group, the girls are quick to tell Blackcelebkids.com that Reginae “wasn’t taken out of the group. Her parents took her out, but we’re not sure of the reasons.”

Crazy.Silly. Cool

They have been crowned the new age TLC and though they draw a lot of inspiration from the pioneering female group, the OMG Girlz want to make a name for themselves.  Rapper Lolo, who will no doubt remind many of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of  TLC, describes herself as the “silly” one of the group.  Zonnique, daughter of singer Tameka Tiny Cottle, is the “quiet” and sometimes “a little crazy when she is around her friends”; and Beauty is the cool, “talkative” member. Different personalities aside, these young girls have managed to form a close bond with one another.

“My momma told me dat da fame would bring out all da haterz. I’m busy gettin money so i’ll take care of dhem later.”~Lyrics from song Haterz.

So far this year, the trio have released two new songs: “Haterz” and “Pretty Girl  Bag”, both of which have been well received by their fans.

Haterz is a song that the girls can identify with now that they are in the limelight. One has to wonder, how do these young, impressionable ladies deal with the backlash that ultimately comes with being in the spotlight?

“Haters are going to hate,” Lolo says emphatically.

“If no one is hating on you, then you are not doing something right,” adds Beauty.

5 Things to Know about the OMG Girlz:

Lolo and Beauty are sisters and Zonnique is their cousin.

– “My mom has always called me Star since i was little.”
– “My grandma calls me beautiful doll and Aunt Tameka shortened it to Beauty.”
– “Lolo is short for Lourdes.”

The girls are currently being home schooled and are straight A students thanks to their hands-on-parents. With homeschooling, the girls are able to allot time for their studies as well as their music.

Star would like to be an actress; Beauty, a forensic scientist; and Lolo, a lawyer or a teacher.

Zonnique a.k.a Star was once part of a girl group with child star QT Jazz, but the two have gone their separate ways to pursue their individual dreams. And yes, Zonnique enjoys working with her mom, but they do have some mother-daughter moments.

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Look Out For: In a few weeks, the girls will release a new song called “So Official”. Their debut album is tentatively due out at the end of the year.

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  2. Those lyrics…wow! I get the message, but why are those words spelled like that?

    I do like the OMG girlz though and I wish them the best.

  3. I can imagine why they took her out! For starters she was the only one in the group that wasn’t family. It was obvious on the show that they showed favoritism to the other girls & tried to make ‘Baby Carter’ look spoiled! Idk but I would have taken my daughter out of the group too. They probably would have tried to turn her out early anyway!

  4. I don’t know… I like them because they aren’t naked but…. I think.. Silently to myself.. Really??? We all wanted to be on stage doing something or nothing at some point.. Just not sure everyone should.. And I feel this way especially for these kids… money isn’t an issue.. Then why have them taken outta school and run the roads.. When you hear a child star talk about things they wished they had growing they speak about not going to school.. It doesn’t make sense to me. For little Carter.. Im happy her parents took her out of the group..she can be a singer later.. But she can’t be in the grade school again.

  5. OMG GiirLz are doing BIG things! Nice to see them doing what they Love and entertaining todays youth..but its even great that they’re getting good grades! :) Their videos are actually cute. They will become better & better over time. God BLess them.

    **I reaLLy wonder why Reginae’s parents took her out the group..? :0 Anyway, hope shes is doing well.**

    • Tbh i prefer them without reginae,I heard lil wayne didnt want reginae in the industry to early and toya thought she was fallen behind in school and couldnt keep up with the others,

  6. I think they are cute and I think they will go far. I love their music which I also think is cute especially the song called ‘pretty girl bag’. I hate to choose favorites especially with kids but LoLo has got to be my favorite but they all have talent and great personalities.

  7. Pretty Girl bag is one of the funniest songs I ever heard. I don’t know if it was meant to be funny but it is. Anyways I like the Omg girls.

    • All home school children do not get good grasdes. Some become lazy and think they do not have to do the work.I know a home school child who is not doing that great. Her parents are her teacher and she is behind the average 6th grader.

      • How can you Judge Home School when you obviously didn’t do to well yourself in regular School because the word is Grades not Grasdes if you can spell Grader the replacing the R with S isn’t that hard.

        • FYI I can spell have u ever heard of typos. This is how I can comment on home school. I was not JUDGING I was stating a fact not an opinion.

        • School because the word is Grades not Grasdes if you can spell Grader the replacing the R with S isn’t that hard.

          Before u check someone else on spelling make sure u check ur self . It is then not the. Regular school do not work for u.

      • I work with in a GED program and I know for a fact that not all home schoolers do well. That’s why I see about 5/6 everyday in my office trying to get a GED.

    • say what you want but i have to agree with julie and was about to post the same thing!! children that are home-schooled are always said to be straight A students and i have never seen in print someone say how bad a student the child is and how they are failing a subject. yes we DO know that all home-schooled students don’t make straight A’s and that is the point.

    • Just so u know lourdes and bahja are most definitely sisters they don’t look alike because for one lourdes was born in san juan puerto rico and I’m pretty sure they have different dads

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