The OMG Girlz, along with former member Reginae Carter, were spotted at the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta on Saturday 8/28.The OMG Girlz-Bahja(Beauty),14, Zonnique(Star),14, and Lourdes(Lolo),11- were performers at a Back -to-School community event, which was hosted by rapper Big Boi and DJ Greg Street.

In related news, Reginae,11, is working on her own solo project-a talk show! Reginae recently shot a pilot for her new show called “Reginae and Friends”.  More details to come at a later time….


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  1. Reginae I love the idea of starting you own talk show. I love the name. This will givenm your fans and inclueding me a way to connect with you and talk to you . You can like give tips on like style. As far as the best stpres to shop at for clothse and shoes. And other things to. Even tho your no in the group any more. You are still a OMG GIRL.You were apart of group when Omg first came out and you still are. No matter what you will always be Baby Carter. I like you becuase you are a out going preson you know how to have fun and kick it and you set great examples for young girls who want to be just like you. And I’m 14 my sister looks up to you and shes 11.I love everthing you do. I love your parents as well. They have raised a beautiful daughter who is following her dreams and doing what she loves to do. And I like that. I am 100% with you. I stand by your sides at all times. I support everthing you do. Well beofre I go I just want to say good luck with everthing and I can’t to seee your talk show. I got to go bye Nae love you girl. =)

  2. I am glad BCK is not the hot tabloidy mess some of these celeb blogs have become which is why it is on my short list of celeb sites to visit or take any time to blog at.

    That said going to bring it up anyway. I feel bad for Tiny’s daughter here with her mom and stepdad (T.I.) recent arrest. Dang, didn’t that man just get out of jail? Hope its not true and hope her mom at least is not in too deep with this reported mess.

  3. Zonnique is so pretty! I wonder though if the OMG girls will follow in their manager & record label owner’s (Tiny & T.I) footsteps! The arrests. The drugs. What kind of example are the adults in this situation setting?

  4. Reginae is working on a talk show? What does an 11 year old have to talk about and what station will it be on? Curiosity.

    • My sentiments exactly. A talk show for an 11yr old? Seriously? I know one should get into the business at an early age but a talk show?

      How about a show on Nick or Disney about her & her friends? Why necessarily a talk show? I don’t know…perplexing.

      • I may be mistaken but I believe that Reginnae and Zonnique have already been tv hosts. They hosted like a kids show about animals or kids show about current events for kids or something like

        On another note, im happy to say that whatever lil drama that caused they OMG Girlz split with Reginnae has left the girls still being friends. That’s what’s most important.

    • hey baby carter you are a good person you are fashionable and your dougie is tight i look up to u and as today i am 11 years old my b-day is june 9 which is this year i have requested you girls to come to the mlk center in gaiesville fl this where i live gainesville will be great 4 u girls to come sense you are out of the group tell star and them to come . alot of people are hating on omg girls because they say yall trying to copy off of willow smith because off the color in yall hair but just as i say on youtube willow need to listen to yall song haterz. i got alot of haterz because people love the way i dougie cause they claim i dougie good but they hating cause all they be having in there hair i a slick gel up pony tail i got alot of hair so reginae keep up your good work

  5. They are sooo cute. They are starting to really grow om me. I wish them well. I hope and pray that they don’t start dressing raunchy either. Keep it age appropriate. Wish them well.

  6. That was nice of Rapper Big Boi to host a event for the kids. I see a lot of Atlanta rappers doing thigns for their community. What are the eats coast rappers: Jay-z & P.Diddy doing for their communities?

  7. Wow, they look really fresh faced and pretty in these pics! Without the makeup and rainbow colored hairpieces I can actually focus on their faces. Gorgeous ladies, great cause to support.
    Sidenote: Zonnique always looked like a younger version of Chili to me.

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