Guess who was recently spotted volunteering at a food-packing facility? Hint: Do you really need one?


The late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s son Prince,13, was spotted an L.A. food-packing facility with his class this week. The class trip was part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School where Prince attends.

According to sources, the boxes contained non-perishable goods for the impoverished living in Peru.

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  3. prince is cool he is one of jaafars best freinds
    he has a sis named paris
    ha has a bro named blanket
    he is hot lol
    he is one of the guys i cant spend a day without thinking of

  4. Why is it that everytie BCK posts a picture of MJ’s kids is turns into a “Who’s your Daddy?” discussion? Those are Michael’s kids. He raised them and was the only parent they knew. I believe they are Michael’s biologcally, however; in the words of Shaquille O’neal, “Biological Ain’t Nothing!”.

  5. Everytime a picture of any of Michael’s children that conversation turns to if they are his children or not. Prince looks like Michael. That’s enough for me. I’m bi-racial and so are my siblings. I know how DNA can work. I’m light almost the same complextion as Prince but I have black hair. My oldest brother took after our mother he has a darker complextion. My youngest brother is just like me only he has brown hair just like Michael’s son. People kill me saying his kids are too white or they should be darker. What kind of statement is that? Nobody can say how his kids should look. They all have full lips something you don’t get with two white parents. I don’t why some people think Michael can’t have biological kids. Maybe this is why he hid them from the public so many years. He wanted to protect them from this evil world we live in. I feel bad for them because they probably will have to put up with the same BS and nonsense that their father had to endure all his adult life.

    • “They all have full lips something you don’t get with two white parents.”
      Have you seen Angelina Jolie and/or her three youngest children? Julia Roberts, maybe? Anyway, it’s nice that Prince is giving back to the (worldwide) community. As far as ethnicity/paternity/etc. are concerned, I do think Prince looks like he has some non-white ancestry. I used to think that if I squinted my eyes, he kind of resembled MJ. At the same time, though, he could just as easily have been fathered by another black (or mexican, croatian, inuit, italian, etc.) man…not that it matters, really.

  6. OHWOW! This page has spiraled so deep off topic. Why question their ethnicity every time we see a pic of the Jackson 3. Sigh!

    Prince Im so very proud of you sweet boy. Daddy would be very proud of you. It has instilled into you the importance of making a difference, giving back and being humble and passionate in your pursuit. Great work! stay humble and make your father very propiud of you. You are truly carrying on his work.

    • What the hell does that mean?

      Anyway this boy looks mixed because he is; look at pictures of Michael when he was this age, he and Prince look very much alike. The same conversation happens every time there is a picture of one of MJ’s kids, people need to get over it. They’re his kids in every way that matters: legally, emotionally, and biologically.

    • Huh?!? WHAT!?! This jibberish makes me LAUGH! Also your audacity to try to say something racist and sarcastic in mish mash English. Learn English first before trying to put a group of people down, trick! HAHAHAHAHA!

    • uhh, with those spelling and grammatical errors, i think the last thing you should be worried about is what us african americans are doing.. just sayin.

  7. Exotic…really haha? It really doesn’t matter if the kid is biracial or not or whether he is Michael’s bio kid or not. He looks white and that is how people will see him. If he looked black everyone would say the opposite. He looks like the average kid.

    • laugh if you want but he doesn’t look white to me. Some people are more exposed to the world and don’t consider everything with light skin and wavy hair to be white. He does look exotic TO ME. He looks like my best friends kids,she is white and their father is a dark skinned East Indian man with really curly hair. Their kids have the same look as prince and they are absolutely gorgeous.

      • And dont we know it, you’ve only been saying it from the very beginning…anyways I agree that Prince looks ‘white’ but I can see where people think he looks exotic-ish looking. He looks white but he doesnt look like the average white person imo.lol I dont know if that made any sense. lets just say if you took a fleeting look at the boy, you’d probably think he was white but if you examined his features a bit more you can tell that he is mixed…with something.

        • “you’d probably think he was white but if you examined his features a bit more you can tell that he is mixed…with something.”

          I agree with this so much. Prince has that “passin` negro” look. He could easily fool the untrained eye. But someone who has been exposed to all kinds of black/biracial people can see that he is mixed. I have a few “passers” in my family , so I’m familiar with the look and can spot it immediately .

  8. He’s as handsome as his father, and apparently has his heart as well!
    I’m so proud of him! His values are apparent in his actions.

    Michael raised some fine children. I just pray they dont get influenced by any bad kids at their new school, cuz the press would have a field day with THAT.

    If this is any indication, they’ll grow up to be wonderful citizens of the world!

  9. Some people none of Michael’s children are white. Bi-racial kids can look lighter than others case in point Mariah Carey.

  10. I see nothing wrong with his nose. It’s comments like this that made the Jacksons get surgery in the first place.

    • Oh my bad. It just seems like people always talk about the “jackson” nose in negative light. So I thought you were implying he had a fat nose.

  11. Glad to see michael’s charitable spirit still lives on in his children. Prince sure is a cutie. I bet all those little girls love him.

  12. “Guess who was recently spotted volunteering at a food-packing facility? Hint: Do you really need one?”


    There aren’t too many white-ish BCK kids so im gonna go with…. no

    • You are aware that biracial people can come out looking white… It’s not some genetic miracle for him to look the way he does.

    • He don’t look white to me. If I didn’t know who he was I’d say he was latino(a.k.a mixed race) or half east indian maybe. He looks very exotic. Cute kid.

  13. @ blue teddy

    Y do some people act like Michael Jackson’s kids were the only ones who were home schooled.

    I was homeschooled my whole life and I turned out fine. Thousands of kids in the U.S are homeschooled and are fine. Why is it a probelm because its MJ’s kids. Sometimes its much better than the school system.

    • The short answer is: “because Michael Jackson did it”. There had to be something strange about it if he did it. SMH.

      Whatever he was doing it must have been working because they don’t seem to have an issue making friends, they keep thriving in each new situation, and they don’t seem to act entitled like other celebrity kids. Obviously they were raised well…you don’t become “normal” overnight or in a year that must have been how you were all along.

      • @2 MUCH NONSENSE: I respect that you were home schooled and turned out great but my opinion should not be taken as a personal attack. We judge situations by our own personal experiences and being that I was born in a third world country, being able to go to school was like winning the lottery. So for someone like myself – home schooling rich children makes no sense at all, it has nothing to do with MJ or the controvery that surrounded him. I am actually an MJ fan so I find it funny that you think that I am attacking him. Remember not everybody who visits this site is from the US and as to be expected we are going to have totally different outlooks on life.

        • LEXCI was the one that was homeschooled…I was not. I see what you are saying now that you have explained your point of view, but no one could gather that from your statement. Also, I am not someone that is “U.S. focused” as I have traveled quite a bit to other countries and understand that the American viewpoint is not the only viewpoint. My issue with what you said had more to do with the fact that there are those that think they know what’s better for someone else’s children (that they know nothing about)than their parent did. With your background I’m sure you understand the most how valuable an education is whether it’s with private tutors or in a school setting.

  14. Good to see the kids in school… I know our dear MJ meant well but this is definetly a better route for the children.

  15. @Natalie, thanks for taking up for the BX! My home-town! Forest Projects all day….BABYYYYYY! People need to check their facts before they post!

  16. Claudia, Thanks for sending food to the Bronx or the Mississippi DELTA because I’m sure you already sent your donation. Start with the “Man in the Mirror” google the lyrics

  17. He is Michael’s son, doing something for charity but it was school related, i wonder if he does anything beyond school…

    • When was the last time you did anything for anyone?….That’s what I thought.

      The school asked for volunteers as I understand it, so he didn’t have to do it…he CHOSE to do it. Helping is still helping whether he did it as a member of his school or whether he picked an organization and did it outside of school. All the kids that helped out with this should be applauded. Giving your time to help someone else is something special.

      Anybody that has a problem with where they sent the food to better be contributing in their own communities since they have so much to say. Some people won’t even check on their elderly neighbors or keep an eye out for the neighborhood kids but want to put shade on everything.

      • I normally don’t feel the need to boast about what I have done but for you I will tell you that I:

        Coach basketball for my church and the youth
        donate money to school organization
        donate clothes to salvation army
        give to people less fortunate

        that is what I do and I don’t do it because I need to BUT BECAUSE I WANT TO.

        people think reading comments are like reading text messages: They don’t always mean some type of emotion.

        • Tell them Shaydy. People seem to assume the imaginary things they make up in their heads are real.

          It was getting to me, so I limited my time coming on here.

          We appreciated your volunteerism. More people need to do it instead of talking about others doing it.

          • hehe well Thank you.

            Some people sometime..it’s a website that clearly says do not bash the kids, you would think it goes towards people commenting too.

            Everyone has an opinion whats the old saying: “IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE DON’T SAY IT ALL.”

  18. They seem like good kids and normal. I know they miss their dad alot. It is kind of weird seeing them in school since for years (and obvious reasons) they were not around alot other kids. I wish them well.

  19. They could easily send that food to the Bronx or the Mississippi Delta where tax-paying Americans are living in poverty.

    Take care of your own yard first, before trying to clean your neighbor’s.

    • Sorry but I live in the Bronx and there is not a lot of poverty, don’t speak of what you probaly don’t know or saw on tv. I also see nothing wrong with them helping others, because Peru has much more people living in poverty than the United States.

      • @Claudia

        … Um, I didn’t know Prince was from the Bronx.
        I think it’d be nice of him to donate anywhere, but him starting with California would probably better apply to “taking care of [his] own yard first, before trying to clean [his] neighhbor’s”

      • Lol. You’re right, and I will leave him alone. He stopped tasing Blanket, so I can leave little Jaafar alone, now. Thank you, theREALkelly. Sometimes we all need our coat tails pulled. :)

        • You were just joking, right?
          The only thing I really know of Jafaar actually tasing is just a rumor. I don’t know if he actually did what they said he did, so I choose not to believe that crap.

        • I saw the thumbnail and when I saw his nose, that’s when I had a definite certainty.
          So cute and sweet. Keep that charitable spirit Prince! =)

        • Hey Pisces! I don’t remembered what I said but thank you so much. I’m not sure about me being perfect, but I know my son is.

    • lol…just leave the boy alone….they are kids…and kids fight and tease each other…….not meant at you…but i don´t like how people let their dislike of Jermaine lead them to sometimes mean comments about his children

      • Point taken. It’s like the old saying…”Like father, like son”. We truly are an extension of our families.

        • People often say “kids will be kids”. The adage is true, but the other side of it is that kids can grow up to be either inspired and productive adults, or mean psychopathic bullying adults.

          Michael Jackson himself frequently recounted being teased (mental “tasing”) and bullied by his father and brothers as a child and this affected his state of mind up until his untimely death.

          I’m just saying, bullying in any form shouldn’t be taken lightly. If Jermaine probably wasn’t such a self- centered bully as a child, he wouldn’t have felt compelled to prove to his younger brother Randy that he could get his woman(Alejandra) from him.

          Jaafar was also captured on video slapping his younger brother up side his head.

        • Pisces, you run this page…like natalie nunn runs la…I look forward to your responses because you always bring the drama. Your commentary is both funny and hurtful at the same time. Just enough to piss others off enough to reply to you, which validates your attention-seeking antics and causes you to become more embolden. So, I look forward to the day when you get so juiced up you go over the line and, and, and….a reality tv show moment is spawned..tragically, this is what our lives have turned to. See who can hurt who the most and the people collecting the ad revenue are the only ones who benefit. Who cares about the feelings that are hurt or the young lives we mock? At least we got our thrill and our beloved Pisces lives to hurt again and again…spawning copy cats along the way. Ahhh, cybermeanies. So mischievous.

          • @tj..I am both touched, honored and humbled by your eloquent statement and assessment of me (my comments on BCK). I find it fascinating that you think I “run this page”. I really don’t see it that way. There are quite a few posters that are regulars, more so than I, and I love to see that more of the old timers are weighing in lately.

            I seriously don’t type to garner attention, I just really love the pictures stories and other commentors at BCK. I love pop culture and celebrity trivia. I also learn from writers like you and others. This is simply a fun outlet for me. If it seems like I’m inappropriate at times, I’m only expressing my unadulterated feeling about what I see in a photo or what someone else has pointed out or expressed about a topic.

            I truly don’t mean to be a cyber meanie…if you’re referencing what I said about Jaafar and Jermajesty, the video of Jaafar slapping Jermajesty and Jaafar cussing can be viewed on YouTube. It’s there for anyone to see. Sorry. Just watch it and you judge if Jaafar looks like a bully to you.

            People above and below this comment have said far meaner or insensitive comments about Prince Michael’s nose, ethnicity, hair coloring and his volunteerism than the fact that I pointed out that I think, in my opinion, that Jaafar Jackson has psyhco/socio- pathic tendencies.

            If you are a Jackson family member or even a fan, please forgive me if I upset your sensibilities. I don’t see how my comments here have been mean or bullying but if they’re entertaining for you, I’m happy. My job is done here.

            I wish I could get a reality show or a contributing partnership with BCK. For now, I’m just satisfied checking into BCK everyday for the fun and joy it brings me.

            Let’s chat more, okay? I wish I could meet you because believe me, there’s so much more to me and my life than what I express here. Gotta love BCK.

  20. Sww look at Prince! Michael would’ve been so proud of him. Im sure he was looking down on his son with a smile on his face, glad he’s giving back and doing somecharity work. its weird that I feel so proud of him like he’s my kid or something maybe its because of how ‘close’I felt to michael when he was alive either way very proud of him. :)

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