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Kimora Lee Simmons has shared a new picture of her baby boy Kenzo Lee Hounsou, 1 1/2, her son with actor Djimon Hounsou.

She writes via her twitter: “This is my new [assistant]! He will be taking all appointments, mtgs, +phone calls from here on out!”

The mom of three recently parted ways from company Baby Phat, the clothing line she created with her ex-husband Russell Simmons. She says that though the split wasn’t amicable, she is content and has a few projects in the works, one that includes her kids!

Click here for archived pictures of Kimora and her family.

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  2. my 3 1/2yr old son looked this pic and said “look at me” i told him that was kenzo he said he llok like me, i’be always said since kenzo was born he look like my son. i even tweeted kimora

  3. I was jusssssst about to make that comment about Khamini Griffin from All of Us I thought it was throwback pic of him lol.

  4. Kenzo is at home or in her office or whatever. He is resting/playing. He does not need to be dressed up for that! He always dresses nice when he goes out!

    • I agree! The people posting contrary are unbelievable in that regard. They must not have kids. He is not a doll. And besides, he looks fine, clothes and hair, with his too cute self.

  5. Look at the cute little future genius! His Mom is already grooming him for success…no toy car or pacifier in his hand, little man is trying to write already. Only 1 and 1/2 year old.

    Get down Kenzo, baby genius.

    • That baby is chillin like a villan he doesn’t have to be dressed up 24/7. He can be comfortable in his play clothes if he wants to.

      • Don’t you think it’s a little strange that his Blackness/Africanness is the first thing you jumped to?

        I mean, I thought she was talking about how it looked untidy being that it looks like it has been slept on it.

        • NikNak u said exactly what I was trying to say, blk ppl take sh.. the wrong way and start alot of mess about nothing!!!!

    • actually Kimora said in an online chat session that they’re just letting Kenzo’s afro grow out and see what happens. and as for the outfit, i doubt she’s gonna be putting him in anything phat farm lol! i think what he has on is totally appropriate for being at home with mom. only that he’s a ‘celeb’s kid’ so ppl except him to be on point all the time. but this is more realistic.

          • yes, agreed, baby phat is a female clothing line. and she had him in phat farm as a baby, i’m assuming before they parted ways with the company. i doubt she would put it on him now.

  6. Kenzo has his momma’s neck. He is cute though. You gotta love Kimora (with that pillow). She is as real as they come!

  7. wow – he has really grown!! but i have to admit that that LV bag was the first thing that caught my eye!!! LOL

  8. Kenzo is too cute! But I love what the pillow says behind him: “Men,coffee, and chocolate are all better RICH!” LOL.

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