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Singer El Debarge, who reportedly has ten kids in total, is pictured with his daughter Jordan earlier this summer.

Below are photos of El Debarge and his kids with his estranged wife Monique: (L to R) Zach, Kennedy, and Jordan.  Debarge’s eldest son El Jr. and his daughter Bobbie are also pictured.

Click here for archived pictures of El’s sons with his ex-girlfriend Monica.

{Thanks Tee}

  • Bobbie
  • ejr
  • El Debarge, Monique, Zach, Kennedy(front center) and Jordan
  • eljordan




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  2. You know i’ve been a fan since day one and i still am! People make mistakes, just because their famous dosen’t mean their not human, rich people have problems too, just because their famous dosen’t wash away their pain they’ve tried too surpress! Even through his addiction these children have said there was a measure of contact, and he has NOT denied any of his children which some celebs have and still do,and look at the different ages of the pictures, so too an entent he was there.And, also the majority of his children were of three different marriages, he wasn’t just aimlessly producing children, and the children appear too be well taken care off, and last but not least he was a millionaire, so he didn’t drug up all of his money in one night, he purchased houses with all three of his wives! and the songs continue too pay through the royalties, so leave EL, TIGER,CHRIS BROWN, TI, AND ALL THE OTHERS ALONE, THEIR IMPERFECT JUST LIKE YOU IF YOU WERE IN THEIR SHOES, YOU MAY HAVE DONE THE SAME OR WORSE! I’M SO GLAD HE’S BACK AND I HOPE HE NEVER LEAVES AGAIN, AND THE SAME LOVE FOR ALL THE FAMILIES IN THE PUBLIC EYE, LET THE HATERS HATE, AND THOSE THAT FAVOR YOU PARTICIPATE IN YOUR RISE, TRUE FANS NEVER LEAVE!

    • I am and still a true music listener of El Debarge and The Debarge family. Leave El alone true that but, the rest you mention, they do not exist. I hate the Debarge mother ever mat and married a white slave devil at the age of 17 but, she was young and did not know any better. How can anyone hurt and sexually abuse their own children is just so sickening to it makes me want to vomit. I wish all the Debarge family nothing but, God to be there for them forever and no more going through anymore pain through the hands of a white demon anymore in their life ever again. May God take the pain away of your past horrible child-hood life and the pain of loosing a dear one that was very dear to the family and not drugs or booze. Love you all Debarge family,stay strong and very positive.

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  4. traci’s kids were both on the hollywood fast track but she moved to new york to for her magazine and is making them finish school first. they took their stepdad’s last name and don’t use debarge. my nephew goes to performing arts school with Kendall and i’ve heard she corrects people on her last name if they call her debarge. damnnn! They definitely aren’t looking for attention from it. I would never know those were his kids. they roll low with it. Guess i can understand that. Both of them are gorgeous and that girl can SING! that one’s going to be a star, for sure. you can just tell.

  5. I remember reading several years ago that El had ten children and thought it was a joke. All of his children are absolutely beautiful.

    If El has several kids, and if I’m to understand so does Chico, how many kids do his other brothers have?

    It seems as though a lot of these singers from back in the day have tons of kids, especially the ones with the clean-cut image. Hell, I’m still waiting for the adult kids of Michael Jackson to come out of the woodwork. That would be interesting.

  6. What the helll??? Ten kids.. What in the 1970’s.. Or future Lil Wayne is going on here?? Lol!!! I have to laugh at the people who are saying things like.. “Why you care how he’s taking care of them”… dude.. You’re on a blog..for the same damn reason.. Cause we are all nosey.. And I DON’T think he’s feeding all his kids.. Why because they don’t all live together.. And if he has more then three baby mommas.. I don’t think these women are waiting for him to feed their kids.. Plus.. C’mon your man is in public looking like he’s still grieving from Michael Jackson’s death.Smh… a mess.

    • You’re not just nosy, unh-unh, you’re negative haters. They same one that killed ‘ya’ll’ idol MJ. (He was my idol; he was just a human who I felt had feelings). Just because you are on a blog doesn’t mean you need to judge and crucify a person, especially when most don’t have a clue what they are talking about. But Thank God for ya’ll haters; it keeps us positive people praying and prayer blessings fall down.

  7. El has 12 kids, 11 biological and he is doing well financially from royalties (songwriting/producing). Also, this picture is a year or two old, not from earlier this summer. His children are older now.

  8. Lord have mercy. I’ve been a fan of El’s since they hit the scene. I remember when DeBarge came out to L.A. Right On magazine was in full force in my house because I LOVED THEM, and still rock their music (Switch and DeBarge) to this day. RIP Bobby!

  9. sorry for the repost

    im sure he has some money, el and monique just brought a 5 bedroom house in cali

    so hes not hurting in the money department

    • He said in Ebony and all his interviews that he is divorced and later that he has been living with his managers since getting out of jail

  10. im sure he has some money el and monique just brought a 5 bedroom house wit a music studio in cali so hes not hurting in the money department

  11. OMG! Just like the Jacksons (back in the day it wasn’t uncommon to have so many damn kids.)

    Now people like Lil Wayne fornicating and procreating for no reason thats a different story.

    Anyway shouldnt care because its not us.



        • Disgusting? Why? Most people don’t have that big a family anymore, but so what? My grandmother had 11 kids and her siblings all had at least 10 as well. You don’t have to feed and cloth them. I’m just saying….

          • Agree. I’m from a family of 10 and yep, single household (my mother married but it didn’t work out). ALL 10 of her children are alive and well and have never been in jail or on drugs (as a matter of fact several work in the justice system). We were not rich by the world’s standard but I guarantee we are rich on love, which to me is worth more. Don’t judge what you haven’t a clue about.

        • since you are travelling down that vein of ‘judgment’ … his mother may have stuck to one man but his role model (father), whose to say he stuck to one woman? Hmmm. Also, his father, as we’ve learned was quite abusive to his wife (physically) and children (physically including sexual abuse). I don’t think we can judge him based on his upbringing … oops, unless you’re God and reads man heart? I agree with the other commentor: Unless you are taking care of his kids, none of it is your business. Even if (even if) you think you have a chance with him, then you are warned … and that’s it. Still not your business to talk about his family issues.

  12. His chiLdren are beauTifuL! I think his daughter looks Like a lighter India(eric bennet’ daughter). And his oldest son is a cutie! mmm Lol..

    *ALL his children Look “WELL TAKEN CARED” of! :)

  13. El is such a talented man (but heck, so are all his siblings)!I’m so glad that he has renewed happiness and success again. Many continued blessings to El and family..cute kids too btw. That Bobbie is a knockout beauty, she looks the most like Dad in my opinion.

  14. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full… :) I never talk badly about those who elect to have a lot of kids, as long as they are properly looked after and taken care of. I know some people who can’t even care for 2.

    Bobbie is gorgeous!

  15. It’s none of your business how he supports them. You don’t have any of his kids so don’t worry about it. smh

  16. Monique looks like one of his kids lol

    Bobbie looks like some other celebrity kid…i just don’t know who lol

  17. He was once married to Tracey Ferguson of Jones Magazine and Keeping up with the Jones’. They have two children Josh and Kendall. If you watched the show Josh is an aspiring singer.

      • I actually got the information from El’s mother’s website http://www.mamadebarge.com . She wrote a book and on the site there is a picture gallery of some of her grandchildren. It showed a picture of Tracey with Josh and Kendall and stated she was El’s ex-wife. I think the site is still up. The picture gallery may not be there anymore. Check the site out.

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