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  1. Beautiful babies.. But I dont understand how people who have mutiples ask for handouts when Im quite sure the use of fertility drugs were involved, which means they knew the consequences. Unless GOD NATURALLY bless a couple with that many babies at one time, that would be different. But since its the family choice, they should be responsible for taking care of their own kids…..

  2. I like the McGhee babies’ names: Olivia, Madison, Rozonno(well he was named after his father), Elijah, Josiah and Isaac(or was it Isaiah?)GOD BLESS THESE SWEET SIX AND THEIR PARENTS!

  3. What a blessing! I believe the media has ran so many stories about multiple births that they are no longer a novelty. Even though we marval at the wonders of conception and birth, I believe Octomom burned many to the core. So, the corporations do not run to these families any more and many rely on the public to help them out.

    I wish them all the best and will be sure to follow them on FB and Blackcelebkids!

  4. Babies are all beautiful!
    However the picture creeps me out a bit!
    I’ve always found it to be unnatural if you will to have so many babies.
    It’s almost like a litter if you ask me, which belongs in another kingdom.
    Again, not trying to be unkind.

  5. The McGhees’s are from my hometown Columbus OH. Prior to their appearance on Good Morning America, there was a community drive for the public to donate baby items and I belive more sponsors are involved in helping the family out.

    • I wish these types of families would support their own kids instead of “asking” for donations, handouts, or TV shows. Just my opinion.

      • I agree. I am a firm believer that no one who cannot take care of their children without public assistance should have any. I mean, it makes sense to me. Plus it’s not like this was a 100% shock; we all know they used drugs. They’re gorgeous but just be ready and prepared for the life you ordered.

  6. I saw those babies last month on another site. They are all so precious!
    SN:There was a black family on Discovery Health “Then Came Six”.
    It was on for one season. One 12yr old and Six 5yr olds.

    • yep, i remember watching “Then Came Six”. that’s exactly who i thought of when i first clicked on this family’s story. and you see how they only lasted a season. how long have Jon and Kate been on the air, and now just Kate with the kids? my point exactly. this family should get a show.

  7. The black family with sextuplets shouldn’t have to ask anyone for help. They should have as much money as John and Kate. The father needs to give up his cleaning business and tell his story to others for money like Kate.

  8. Awww at all them babies and that baby on the daddy’s head just melts my heart!

    And I never noticed how much Willow looks like Lauryn Hill’s daughter but she looks just like her here… with Raven Symone’s smile lol

  9. 6 little chocolate kisses! They are so cute. The baby by daddy’s head smiling stole my heart. I think TLC should give them show!

      • totally agree. i mean, they’re handing out shows to other families with lots of kids so why not. haven’t watched TLC in a while, but i was slightly upset when they put on the show with the overweight black family. i commend them for trying to lose weight and get healthy, but my first thought was does TLC think we’re only good for showing an obese family? don’t know how else to explain it except to say that it felt a little underhanded.

        • Black people need to stop seeking validation from white people. There is nothing wrong with the TLC show about obeses people, because there ARE obese black people in this country, stop trying to run from the issues in our community, and face them.

          Furthermore, the black family likely will get help financially, since a major news source like ABC is reporting their story.

          • Actually…. this family has received virtually no media attention or financial support, relative to what other parents of multiples have received. Sadly, this family is struggling (according to articles I have read on them). I believe it was these articles that prompted BCK to post them, & hopefully inspire some support:(

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