Updated:Click here to watch Willow’s performance on Ellen
Willow Smith,10, received a very special present while on The Ellen Degeneres show on Tuesday(November 2nd)-a neck brace!

“Because you have such great style, I want to make sure if you do ever hurt your head you will be in style,” Ellen said to the tween star.

“You can wear that on all your tours,” Ellen added.


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  2. You don’t have to like the Smith family. It wouldn’t keep them up at night. If Willy and J wanted their kids to be stars so bad, they would have strated when they were babies. Willow wanted to be a singer. No one even knew she could sing. Jaden wanted to act; no one made him. They can stop at any time. They are not forced to do anything.
    With that said…I am very proud of Willow and I love her.

    • I love Willow Smith. I support any child who has a dream and choses to pursue it. She said she watched her dad when she was younger and decided she wanted to do music. I think it is great that she is doing something positive. Let the child live please….keep the negative comments to yourself.

      • I totally agree. I know many adults (myself included, sadly) who have yet to get up and go chase their own dreams. Good job, Willow! Go get yours, baby!

  3. she’s adorable! i dont particularly care for the smith family, but i like willow’s song.

    i still dont understand why they’re trying so hard to make their kids stars. but hey, that’s THEIR kids, not mine.

  4. cute kid, but annoying. i don’t know why they feel their kids are stars. she looks unhappy like she does not want to be a star.

    • were we looking at the same video? because not one part of that show did she look like she was unhappy… she was clearly having the time of her life, doing what she loves to do

  5. This child has such a big personality that insecure adults have problems accepting it. Sad. And by ‘accepting’ it, I merely mean, letting her be. You do not have to ‘approve’ to let her be.

  6. for a second after i saw the neckbrace i was like oh lawd, she really did give herself whiplash whippin her hair lol! fun present that i’d expect from Ellen. i’ll admit, her performance wasn’t half bad. considering her age and it’s her first live performance.

  7. @Shay Ellis, I see her hair growing back too!

    Willow is Jada’s twin OMG! The way she acts, talks, & facial expression is all Jada. (With a little Will thrown in there lol). She acts mature, but still remains a child. You can tell how she talks, and moves around that she is still a hyper, crazy 10 yr old. She did a great job with her performance. I hooked all my friends to her song (I’m 20)

  8. Im loving it. Willow gets it! im loving her hair & attire in this to. is it just me or does it look like she is growing back the sides of her hair?

  9. You could tell that she was nervous which is understandable. And I’m not sure if they had audio over her voice. But even still, this little girl did an AWESOME job. She will only get better as she preforms and becomes more comfortable on stage. If she keeps bringing it like that then she will have a lasting career. GO WILLOW! She has far exceeded what I was expecting from her. Jayden as well. Very proud of them.

    • They didn’t have the audio over her voice. She killed it and that is more than you can say about a lot of popstars today.

  10. that is jada’s child!!! she acts just like her btw still liking her song and even some boys i know like it too lol

  11. Hahahaha! Ellen is a mess, she always got something clever to give to someone. Willow looks jazzy, luv the hair…

  12. I love Ellen!!! But I think Willow tries too hard to make a be seen or different. We get it the message, be yourself but sometimes she goes overboard with it.

    I like “whip my hair” the song and video.

    • The sad thing is that it is not Willow that is styling herself. People are pushing their own agenda on this very young child.

      • Ok @Keyara and you know that other people are pushing their agendas on Willow. Then you must know the Smiths personally. Where’s the evidence of such a statement? I mean from the outside looking in the most anyone would see is that Willow has been dressing funky and fashion forward from a long time now way before she even was on anyone’s radar as an up and coming popstar. I mean can’t it simply be that she likes to dress the way she does and she does have a lot of input in what she’s wearing? I could be wrong but I highly doubt a child of Jada’s would be easily coerced to dress a certain way or even that Jada would allow that to happen. Especially at Willow’s age when the average 10 year old girl already has some ideas of their own personal fashion sense and how they want to dress and look. Just because she’s dressing funky and fashion forward doesn’t necessarily mean that her entire fashion sense is manufactured by stylists.

        I mean it just kills me when some black people can’t support other black people who are making strides to be successful in their chosen career path. It’s like something innate in a lot of us to just seek out the negative or even try to create negative where none exists. It’s high time we get it together and start being more supportive of our own trying to be successful. White people don’t react to their own like that until they really stumble and mess up and even then. I don’t ever hear any white person complaining about Justin Beiber (sp?) or how is hair style might be manufactured and not of his own choice. And look how long it took white folks to even mention Britney Spears in the same sentence as white trash and still there are those who support her wholeheartedly. Just be happy that a young black person is working towards becoming a successful individual and not becoming a statistic in a negative way. Ok so maybe Willow hasn’t chosen to become a doctor, lawyer or astronaut or any other distinguished career choice but no doubt based on her talent, stage presence, and everything else she has a great chance to become a major popstar one day and that in its own right makes her a success because she is using her God given talent to do something she loves and is obviously good at and will be great at one day. I mean really, just be supportive. Is that too much to ask

      • Keyara,

        I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. This is not about Willow’s talent or her chance to become big. She IS talented and she IS already big! She is sooooo cute! How can you not fall in love with this cute little girl?

        However, it is rather unfortunate, but what we see in the entertainment industry is not always the desires or manifestations of each person. Their agenda set by the “powers that be” and it is not always a matter of personal choice. If you want to get popular with this world, then you will have to do what the world wants you to do. Stated simply. This attitude of “I am ME” may seem to be a good message, when in effect it is telling people to do what they want because of who they are regardless the effect or consequence to others. Ask anyone who had the opportunity to get famous — at some point in their career they had to sell out to the powers that be to continue … some choose to do so … (Beyonce video 2003 Crazy in Love) and some choose not to do so (Stacy Lattisaw tells all in “Unsung” on VH-1)

        Willow is TOTALLY ADORABLE and NO ONE is hating on her. She has an AMAZING voice and the song and video showcase excellent work. However, the image, lifestyle, and message are ideas and concepts given to her from her family, other celebrities and she is following and perpetuating a trend where you have the “anything goes attitude.” “I said so.” “It’s about me and what I want to do.” Research the facts and see for yourself.

  13. LOL.. I LOvE WiLLow! She is just too much. She has the attitude..spunk..and bubbLy personaLity that people just love about her. Her and ELLen seem to have similar personaLities. :) thats nice.

    -And that damn BIRD was SeriousLy whipping its Head! LmBOoo..omgg..

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