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Football Wives star Chanita Foster poses with her daughter Amber Henderson, whom she adopted recently.

Together Chanita and her husband, Offensive Lineman George Foster, have six kids. According to VH1, “Three of their children found their way in Chanita’s life through unconventional means: an adopted son in Swaziland (currently in the adoption process), the daughter of a neighbor who could no longer care for the girl, and a child from her husband’s previous relationship.”(Source)

Photos: Courtesy of TalkingWithTami.com

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  1. Cute picture but when I seen the preview of the show for the first time, I thought she was a tranny. And I’m not trying to be funny. Still haven’t seen the show but I’m interested in seeing it.

  2. Yeah they do look related, I agree also with the comment she looks a mix between Mariah and Tiny (when she was younger ;) ) also. Love when people could adopt and not just think about raising their own “blood”

  3. omgg i thought that was her bio daughter! They Look too much aLike. woww..God is good. She did a wonderful thing for those kids. :) but yea she too KRZii on the show she scares me at times lOl..

  4. Glad she has a place to call home. I gave her a home once from 11 months old until 14. I really love that girl. Glad she’s doing good. People have always said she looked a lot like Mariah.

  5. This chick looks and acts crazy on that show! lol I’m like for her to have so much money what is up with her wig? The daughter is a cutie though! She also does not play when it comes to her kids, and I like that.

  6. That show is…….=/, but I can appreciate her heart. I wouldnt consider her husband’s biological child “uncoventional” though.

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