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How time flies! Child teen stars Parker Mckenna Posey,15,(L) and Imani Hakim,17, posed at the Kids in the Spotlight Film Festival at Raleigh Studios on October 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Also in attendance were Tajh Bellow(actor), Chaz Marcus Fleming,12,(actor), group Mindless Behavior(singers), Malcolm David Kelley(actor), and Jamia Nash,14,(singer). See more pictures below!

  • Jamia Nash
  • Imani Hakim
  • Tajh Bellow
  • Parker Mckenna Posey
  • spotlight5
  • Mindless Behavior
  • Chaz Fleming
  • Malcolm David Kelley
  • poseyimani




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  1. both young ladies are simply gorgeous…her blond tips may be a result of that being her natural color at birth and then as she grew up the darker color took over. I’ve seen this happen plenty of times with the children in my class

  2. that was parkers natural hair color.it just grew out has she got older. my hair was the same way. now its dark brown instead of sandy blonde. and just because your black doesnt mean you have to have black hair, your genes determine your hair color not your ethnicity. but all the kids look great.

  3. I use to laugh every time I was Katie next to Franklin cause she was so much taller than him. LOL and he’s 15 too. My Wife and Kids is my favorite show. Imani and Parker both look Pretty.

    Finally Jamia Simone Nash-That girl can sang! Miss seeing her on Y&R. She played Franklin’s sister on W&K.

  4. i would have thought that imani was 13 or 14 not 17! she’ll be 18 in just 6 months. wow. i knew parker was as old as she is, but i just didn’t know how grown she was gonna look. she’s adorable, they both are.

  5. BCK did you guys mix the ages up lol. I thought Parker would be about 17, My Wife & Kids is an old show & been off for quite some time. I loved her natural hair color when she was younger.

    • nah its right, Parker was born in 1995 making her 15.She looks older for her age, very gorgoues though so is Imani. I wouldve never guessed she was older but i can see it now that i know

      • & you know this how? There are plenty of black kids w/ hair that color. Look @ Heidi K’s son, Johan & his hair color. I doubt they would repeatedly die this little girls hair for yrs lol. She probably died her hair to that brown in the above picture

        • Johan has dark brown/black-ish hair. Henry, on the other hand, has reddish-brown hair, but it’s that color all the way through, not just at the tips. yours was a poor comparison.

      • her biological mother is caucasian, so it was quite possibly her natural hair color. if anything, she may have changed her color now as she’s gotten older.

      • It all depends on your genes, everybody is NOT the same. I was born with dark hair, and the older I got the lighter my hair became. By the time I was a pre-teen, I had sandy brown hair with blonde bits here and there. And I’m not mixed race or anything.

  6. either Parker is a tall 15 yr old, or Imani is a petite 17 yr old lol! both of them have grown quite a bit from their tv days. especially Parker.

  7. I love Jamia Nashes smile…I know some kids who wouldnt smile with braces like that…I love that confidence very cute!!!!

  8. I’m watching my wife and kids on tv right now. Kady Kyle sure has grown. Imani (Tonya) is a trip on tv and in reality. I loved Jamia’s singing since she was a youngun. She is very talented.

  9. I never would have guessed that Imani was that old on Everybody Hates Chris she looked so young. I agree Katie has definitely grown. I wonder what Jamia is up to. All the kids look great.

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