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Singer Anita Baker and sons Walter(R),17, and Edward(L),16, arrived at the 2nd Annual Soul Train Awards last week on November 10, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The R&B icon was honored with the Legend Award at the show.


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  3. anita is still fine as she wanna be.i’m glad she made it in the music business,because you can tell that she really loves what she does,and those two fine looking sons she has are so bleesed to have her as a mom.Love you anita.keep on rocking.

  4. anita .. where are the daughters? i thought you were perfect, you only had boys .. your daughters would have been as talented & as beautiful as you .. maybe in the next life.

  5. I remember when she announced that she will be taking a long break away from the Music Industry to start her a family and she didn’t waste anytime. She had two handsome boys back to back. Well done! Anita…. Awesome family.

  6. her youngest son and my bestfriend go to the same school. anita was at one of his basketball games that i was at once she seems nice

  7. Lovely family! Anita’s sons are handsome and yes they definitely have her smile.I wondered about Mrs. Baker and sons last night (while watching “Fairy Tales” video),and here they are on BCK. Amazing! :)

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