Actress Phylicia Rashad, her daughter Condola Rashad(R),24, and her niece Vivian Nixon(mom is Debbie Allen),26,(L) posed at the premiere for movie “For Colored Girls” last month.

Condola’s dad is former NFL wide receiver and sportscaster Ahmad Rashād, whom Phylicia married in 1985. The two later divorced 2001.

Phylicia also has a son named William from her first marriage.

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  1. […] THE BIG KIDS’ FILE: PHYLICIA RASHAD WITH DAUGHTER AND …> Actress phylicia rashad, her daughter condola rashad(r),24, and her niece vivian nixon(mom is debbie allen),26,(l) posed at the premiere for movie “for colored. Source : The big kids’ file: phylicia rashad with daughter and […]

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  3. this the first time i’m seeing condola, vivian stop locking her hair i see. n lol..i remember the Brazilian perm, another fact debbie allen took dance lesson from Patrick swayze’s (dirting dancing) mom, she said it was so segregated in Texas, patrick’s mom would sneak her in the studio. she never forgot\they stayed in touch when he became sick she was their for the family..beautiful pic

  4. I love Phylicia!! She and her sis, Debbie Allen, remind me SO much of the women on my mom’s side of the family–tough, beautiful and super confident Black women, also from Texas! :-)

    It’s great to see her with her family. They all are so lovely and classy.

  5. Ah ah! Condola could pass for Keisha Knight’s (Rudy) little sister. They favor each other.
    Beautiful ladies!

  6. First of all, Condola is absolutely gorgeous. Her hair is to die for, she have beautiful hair and skin. Have her father beautiful skin tone and height. I see her mother and father in her features. Shayla, how is Phyllicia gonna forbid a grown man on whom he can date or not? Even if that is what she wanted, he still would do what he wanted behind her back. Any light complexion woman that have a child by a brown or darker complexion man know the deal. That your child would most likely be the same complexion. I get so tired of black people with these complexion hang ups. Your child is your child, no matter what, so why would she love her daughter less? why do u think her daughter is unhappy because of that?

  7. I grew up w/ the Rashad kids and never knew Phylicia to be color struck. I was at her house on many occasions and was always treated well, I even played w/ her youngest daughter while the nanny was busy doing things around the house. Her older son had those color hang-ups on his own, it had nothing to do w/ Phylicia from what I saw. He dated 2 friends of mine one was light skin and the other was brown skin.

  8. PhyLicia is a very beautiful women. I Loved her in the Cosbys! But i always hoped she wasnt Like that in reaL Life. LoL.. Her daughter is pretty too…I def see RUDY in her! soo weird..


  10. I think I remember them both in Polly Comin Home. If I’m not mistaken, Condola was the little girl at the end playing in the cake and Vivian was the little girl with the afro puffs in the choir. (Polly and Polly Comin Home) Gotta love them both!! Both girls are beautiful!!

  11. WOW!

    Phylicia Rashaad looks just as young as she did on the last episode of the Cosby show, back in 1992, she has not aged at all.

  12. These pictures are a beauty,grace and class overload! They are definitely three gorgeous and talented women to whom I wish many continued blessings.

    • wow, you slept on that one lol! if you go back and see earlier episodes of The Cosby Show (i’m guessing season 1), Phylicia is credited as Phylicia Ayers Allen. it wasn’t until later on when she married that they began crediting her as Phylicia Rashad.

    • Don’t worry JAKORI, you are not alone! lol

      I learned this information about a week ago watching Debbie Allen perform as Puerto Rican ‘Anita’ on the Broadway revival of ‘West Side Story’ and Im still kinda shocked but I guess I never realized how much they look alike!

      Btw, did you know that that they speak Spanish fluently because their mother moved them to Mexico during the Civil Rights movement because racial tension was high and racism was so bad in the South?

      Very interesting!

      • ok S, that’s a good one, because i did not know that. well i did know Phylicia spoke Spanish fluently, and they often wrote that into the script on The Cosby Show. made sense that they went to Mexico. i believe they’re from Houston, TX if i’m not mistaken.

      • I agree her Spanish is perfect and that is one of the reasons she was hired to play Bill’s tv wife. They both are excellent actresses.

  13. Phylicia got on flats, can’t blame her. She still looks amazing. Her daughter kinda favors Keisha Knight (Rudy). I also think that Vivian looks exactly like Debbie. I have the entire collection of The Cosby Show, and I love that episode with Debbie in it,the one about the croutons, Lol.

  14. I didn’t know Vivian got rid of her dreads. They were nice.
    I wonder if Condola still models. Vivian can dance! Just like moms. Phylicia looks good as always. Beautiful family. Debbie Allen has a cute son too!

  15. Y’all remember when Debbie’s daughter was in that natural hair relaxer infomercial? That crap took so many women’s hair out, lol.

    • I do — that RIO Hair mess. I remember how the guy was eating it and said it tasted like vanilla. My aunt bought that stuff and thankfully, didn’t use it. She got a check from a RIO lawsuit a couple of years later for 25 cents! LOL

      • omg, yes! that is SO where i remember Debbie’s daughter from. i saw this pic and i’m like man, Vivian was a little girl on that infomercial. Debbie talkin bout she was fightin to do this girl’s hair lol! and to think i was *this* close to askin my momma to buy some and use on my hair cuz i loved the way Vivian’s turned out. thank goodness i didn’t lol!

  16. To me Condola looks just like Ahmad but Vivian does look just like her mom Debbie. I’ve always loved Debbie and Phylicia together. I remember the episode of the Cosby show they did together where Debbie played Phylicia’s trainer that was so funny!

    • Ditto. I love that episode. “You have 7 croutons & and I only have 5!”lol

      Phylicia’s in there too, (but maybe not as much as Ahmad lol)

      • OMG, the croutons that they got to fighting over that ended up crumbled all over the table and Phylicia scaped them of the table into her bowl….lol! With Condola I think it’s her eyes that remind me so much of Ahmad.

      • That’s actually one of my favorite episodes of the series! She and her sister Debbie worked so well together. They also starred together in a 2001 PBS television film called “The Old Settlers” that I really want to see.

    • I went to college near Phylicia Rashaads son, (yes she has an older son.) He is very fair skin with curly hair. i guess he looks like his dad. Phylicia is a little stuck up, her son could never date girls who were dark skin or didnt come from money. she unfortunately has a lot of hangups, which is why her daughter probably doesnt look happy in any of the photos.

      Debbie is more laid back; her daughter is very pretty.

      Ahmad Rashaad also has an older daughter, around Phylicia’s sons age. Ahmad left phylicia and is married to a very wealthy caucasion women. He seems happy.

      • If you pay attention to what you are saying about Ms. Rashad and also attention to her daughter you would think twice. she was married to Ahmad Rashad who has a dark complexion. So, ummm I don’t see color struck issuses. The old money new money issue I’m not sure and I never make assumptions. Yet, I do know that they came from a well to do family themselves.

        • One more note, if you take the time to google the men she married they all have a dark complexion including her son’s father.

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