Sheree Zampino is used to everyone referring to her as Will Smith’s ex-wife. Even her second husband, Terrell Fletcher(pictured below), a former NFL player turned pastor, has to cope with his wife being referred to as someone else’s ex-wife. “It is what it is. It kind of comes with the territory, unfortunately. And that’s part of the baggage that I come with,” Sheree shares with Wanda Adams of  Marketing Ministry.

PHOTOS:Check out recent pictures of Sheree and son at Trey’s football game

Together Sheree and actor Will Smith are parents to Trey,18. Trey’s siblings are child stars Willow,10, and Jaden Smtih,12.

“Our kids don’t refer to each other—and when I say three kids I’m talking about Willow and Jaden—they don’t refer to each other as half brother and half sister. That concept is so foreign to them. They are brothers and sister. Period.”

She adds that she has never used her son Trey as a pawn. “And one of the things I never did—I know sometimes we have a tendency to use our kids as pawns—and if I’m mad at you then you’re not going to see [your father]. That’s so foolish, because you’re taking it out on your child.”

So does Sheree have a friendly relationship with Will’s second wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith?

“I’ve had people ask me, ‘Are you and Jada friends?’ Jada and I are friendly, absolutely,” she says.

“And see, too, it depends on your understanding of the word friend. Jada and I don’t do things separately [from the kids]—like, ‘Girl, what you doing today? Let’s get lunch.’ Or ‘Let’s go see a movie.’

“We don’t cross that line. Because, see, now what happens is if we have an issue in our friendship, it affects everything. Now it affects the kids.



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  6. I 12 have half-siblings that I didn’t know existed until I was 20 tried to get to know them but they weren’t interest so I wasted my time.
    I have a sister and I’m grateful for that.

  7. mmm that’s cool. I have a HALF sister I didn’t grow up with let alone does this woman really talk to me (we’re 20 years apart – she’s pushing 41) and I refer to her as my half sister (but to be honest, I don’t really know her nor did I find out she was my “sister” until recently) So it’s cool when you’re living in the same house as your … siblings but I can understand those who’ve never known their “half” siblings and don’t care at all to get to know them let alone refer to them AS their brother/sister. In my eyes I’m an only child & was raised as one so….

  8. Interested read!

    Will and Jada always makes it sound like they all got it figured out and the live in total bliss!

    Image is everything!!!

  9. Sheree and Pastor Terrell DO NOT have any children together.
    I reside in San Diego CA[Where the Pastor and First Lady church is] and I visit their church often anad they DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN TOGETHER.
    Have a nice day =)

  10. somebody is lying……when will and jada first was married…..jada said they were friendly to the point where sheree come over on holidays.

  11. I don’t usually post a response but I had the pleasure of meeting her and she was so down to earth. She was very nice…

  12. Is it just me or does Sheree remind you of Lisa Raye.. The show Lisa Raye was on, directed by Will Smith did a great job of finding someone similar to his ex-wife. Wonder was the show based on his first wife

    • you’re right, she does look a lot like Lisa Raye. and Will and Jada executive produced All Of Us, and mentioned that the show was loosely based on their real life.

  13. Sheree has no other children, just Trey.That little girl, Jodie is one of the Smiths close family friends daughter and Sheree’s goddaughter.The Smiths and Jodie’s family are close but that’s not Sheree’s daughter.

  14. Sheree is so pretty and her husband is too cute, her son Trey and her children with Terell are too cute to, I wanna see some recent pics of their daughter.

    • Sheree & Terrell don’t have any biological kids together Jodie is actually their goddaughter, that’s why she doesn’t mention her when talking about their blended family.

  15. You can tell Will’s preference in women, she looks just like Jada with long hair. Light eyes, light skin and slim nose. Typical.

  16. Totally agree with the fact that they use the terms “brothers and sister” PERIOD. Thats the way it should be. I married a man who had kids from a previous marriage, I had kids from a previous marriage, and we had a child together. They are all brothers and sisters. They all consider each other as such. They are ALL my kids. I am not their step-mother (they all refer to me as Mama; even in the presence of their biological mother) and they are not my step-kids, they are ALL my babies and I ALWAYS refer to them as such. I have some friends who don’t agree with this or understand it; epecially now that we have divorced but we are still a family. One of our older sons recently became a dad which made me a VERY proud Grandma ! It was a GREAT feeling when my son’s biological mother (the biological grandmother) introduced me and the baby and said to my grandson, “meet your other grandmother” !

    • I agree. Siblings period. My younger brother gets extremely angry when people call our older sister our half-sister. For one, we didn’t find out she was our ‘half-sister’ until we were teens. Second, by that time it didn’t register because we were like, “Whatever…she’s still our sister, so there, she’s our sister. And, that’s that.” Third, even if we had known from day one that our sister had a different father (who our mother divorced 7 years before she married our dad) it still wouldn’t matter. She’s been big sis from jump!

    • I totally agree! My youngest brother has a different mother but I remember my mother explaining to us that he was our brother NO MATTER WHAT we hear those other folk say. I remember her saying ask them which half is supposed to be your brother. Top or bottom? The left or the right? lol I have 3 biological children and 3 children that I was blessed with…2 of which are my spouses biological children & one from my husband’s previous girlfriend. AND YES, MY CHILDREN ARE ALL BROTHERS & SISTERS…PERIOD!!! If you say anything about STEP, they may step to you!!!

    • @ big red IT DEPENDS on each situaton.
      Jada has been in trey’s life since he was 5 so she has helped raise him.
      That isnt the same for all people.

      I’d be interested in knowing if sheree would pick up jaden & willow to come to her house
      and hang out ?

  17. I think its great that they are still civil with one another…then again why not? she has moved on, and they all have been in this situation(Blended family)for a long time now…..I wonder if they are in real life the way they are portrayed in the show “All of Us”………………..

  18. y is this even a topic? i mean seriously what is she famous for? if she was a kesha from the block she would’t be getting any publicity or better yet if she wasnt wills ex wife she would not be getting any mention. i mean what else does/did she do? to me she is riding wills coattails..will should be the one in the picture with his son hes the famous one not her.

      • I guess “most people” is subjective. I haven’t ever dated a man w/ a child. I don’t think it’s that hard to find a man w/o a child.

        • @NikNak – they must not be in Texas LOL! Either way, it took me quite a while to find a man who didn’t have children and wasn’t looking to have any. It was like finding a needle in a haystack!

        • ITA with you NikNak – or at least i should say “it wasn’t” because i have been married now for over 18 years and my husband did not have any kids and i didn’t want a man with any either. i didn’t want any “baby mama drama”. i don’t know what it is like on the dating scene today though.

    • Tam, you are going way too far with the “black women marriage” statement. How do you know Mary’s marital status? This site is dedicated to black celeb KIDS, not black celeb’s ex spouses that are now remarried. I agree with Mary

    • I didn’t know that she dumped Will. I thought it was just irreconcilable differences.

      I would also like to add that just because Sheree isn’t a ‘celebrity’ does not mean anything she has to say should be dismissed by people. And she was being interviewed by a religious publication, her beautiful husband being a pastor now.

  19. i don’t understand – why would it be “crossing that line” if she and jada as friends chose to do things without/didn’t involve the kids? i don’t have any half-siblings and neither do my kids so i really don’t know. IDK….i guess it is my understanding of the word “friend” like she said.

    • not only that, i think it would be just plain weird to be hanging out with the current wife of your ex-husband. and like Sheree said, if y’all have a falling out, it is amplified because there is a shared past that kinda gets dragged into it and makes it worse. and you can’t necessarily distance yourself from one another because your kids are siblings. so i like the way she put it. they are friendly, but not friends. that’s the way it should be in that type of situation.

      • I certainly understand. My ex’s wife & I were friendly. In fact, we got along with one another MUCH better than either of us could get along with him!!! We weren’t actually friends but she is now my sister-n-law because she has remarried…to my brother;0)

    • thanks so much keke! i can totally understand when said the way you put it. i know what “not friends but friendly” is like from my experience with my SIL.

  20. My sister and I have different fathers and I would NEVA in my life refer to her as my “half sister”. Honestly I never even thought about it prior to reading this post. We grew up in the same house, we have the same mother, we are sisters. Good for you Sheree.

    • When a parent says half sibling its usually because they have nothing better to do its hurtful to the children all they know is each other they try to distance the children from one another not healthy and always comes back on them at the end of the day they are and will remain blood. Can’t change that

  21. Coming from a blended family is not as uncommon and taboo as it may have been in the past.

    Everyone I know (including myself) who have “half-siblings” don’t refer to each other as such.
    My sisters are my sisters. Point blank. period.

    • I agree with this totally, none of my sisters are “full siblings”, heck one of them is even adopted. But they are all my sisters nevertheless and I refer to them as such apart when asked to go into detail because they are much lighter than me

    • I was thinking the exact same thing about her having others kids. Maybe im crazy but i could have sworn there was a picture of jaden on this site with a little girl from her current marriage.

    • I thought she had other kids too. I could have sworn there was a picture on this site of Jaden with a little kid saying that it was his sibling.

    • Sheree and her husband have a daughter named Jodie together. She’s been on this site. If you google Sheree Zampino’s daughter it’ll pull the page up.

  22. I love Sheree. She seems like a great mother and a mature person

    And even though I don’t have any half-siblings, I can totally understand the concept of not calling your biologically half siblings “half-siblings’… especially when you grow up in the same household as them… they’re just your siblings

    • I want to go out on a limb here and say it is a black thing or anybody else who says “dna doesn’t matter, thats my brother or sister.”

      I have two brothers from two different fathers and we will tell you we are brothers and sister.

      Good statement though, i like that.

      • I totally agree- I have two brothers and we have never said half- nuffn!! I am glad to see an interview about her and Im doubled glad to read her statement about Jada. Its important for ppl to recongnize that you dont have to be “buddy” with the other parents significant other and still have a health relationship with the person.

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