Willow Smith’s custom-made AMA outfit has caused an uproar in the fashion world because many claim that  it was a knock off! The original design was created by brand Mother of London.

Mother of London designer Mildred Von Hildegard has expressed her disappointment in finding her contraption on the pint-size star. “I’m disappointed and saddened that this will negatively impact my business. My original design is now recognized in the mass media as someone else’s work, and it’s very hurtful on both a personal and professional levels. I hope this can be resolved, and I wish nothing but the best to Willow.”

Mariel Haenn, who sometimes styles Willow, says she did not dress the child star for the AMA’s “Just an fyi, we only dressed Rihanna last nite,” Mariel tweeted on Monday. I don’t like when people try to credit me for work that’s not mine #justsayin.”

Mariel also claims that she does not know who dressed Willow. “To be honest I have no idea who ‘styled’ her or the designer. Wish I did. I don’t ask my clients who they used when I’m not available.”

One thing is for sure: there are a mother load of angry designers out there!

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  5. There’s nothing new under the sun. I don’t see half as much complain regarding Forever 21 and they blatantly rip of anyone and everyone. You cannot copyright a clothing design.

    More to the point. It’s neither Willow nor Jada’s fault. Don’t be surprised if Mildred von whatever did make this for Willow and is simply doing this for publicity now.

  6. how is wearing an outfit illegal?? she saw it on the runway and wanted to wear something like it, she never said it was her idea or claimed it. that’s like if another celebrity goes to a show and buys a dress they saw on the runway and wore it to the red carpet, it wouldnt be a problem.So whats the problem here? she ten! get over yourself lady. Be thankful that your designs are even being worn, cuz it looks a mess anyway.

  7. unless the designer has a copyright on that particular design then it will be very difficult to sue anyone….

    but what we all must realize is that…..clothing designers have been around since the beginning of time and when people scream that someone is imitating their design, oftentimes, that design has already been done in some form or another…every clothing style you can imagine has already been done in some way or another, nothing is 100% original these days…I’m sure back generations ago something very similar had been done.

    • I agree with you. It happens everyday in todays fashion. WHether its bringing styles out that is a replica from the 1700 hundreds, 1800’s hundreds, or even early 80’s/90’s. Also just to add mostly all designers copy one another(just add another touch).High end designers create something, then a more affordable designer comes out with something similar.Ex. MONOLA BLAHNIKS (timberland look shoe-Beyonce had on),THEN Steve Madden made an affordable pair..and everyone and their daughters were buying the affordable pair(except for me).It happens…

  8. kind of ironically funny that this should happen. this coming from the same family who’s mother said that Willow is an original and will not be rocking the same Sesame Street shirts that other kids are wearing on the playground, if i may put it so bluntly. well now look who’s the copycat. i think Jada better vet the credentials of the stylists she has working on Willow before she goes dissing regular kids’ clothes. at least their stuff ain’t bootleg! how YOU doin? lol!

  9. Hey, maybe the Smith’s aren’t as rich as we think they are. Hmmmn…..do the math, somethin’s not adding up.

  10. Clearly someone copied this woman’s design…without realizing it was just retarded to do so because this outfit is equally as hideous on the model as it is on Willow and tries much too hard to be Lady Gaga outlandish without pushing far enough into the artisitc. It’s basically just re-imagined bondage gear, and I will at least say whoever made Willow’s “copy” was wise to leave off the around-the-leg strap.

    While I admire Willow’s love of things that appeal to her and not the everyday trends–love the just be yourself attitude she has–that outfit is ridicky, mostly because of her choose of gloves, hairstyle and boots (the boots are pretty but don’t vibe with that contraption).

  11. Willow is not the one who is gonna get sued.She has nothing to do with this.THe person who would get sued would be the person who actually designed (ripped off) the original.Not Willow or the Smiths.I doubt they even knew

    • Anna, I don’t think anyone thought Willow nor the Smith’s would be sued. It wasn’t their fault. The “designer” that copied the knock off is the one with the violation.

  12. This s why sometimes less is more….They need to stop trying to make willow a fashion I con all the time..and for someone else to put together..also I agree with the poster who said its called giving credit where creit is do..its like if you design a car and then another person designs the same car as you and then try and pass it off as their own..Unfortunatley willow is jut a child and wears what ever her mom and designers tell her too

  13. Some of you don’t get. Willow is a public figure. Her people or designer made a replica of some other designers work for a public event. If another famous face were to wear a knock off of say Dolce and Gabbana, Stella, or Gucci they may get sued for it as well.

  14. Its call given credit when credit is due. Its just like if someone take whip my hair and change it up and do not give her credit for the song

  15. This is silly. Willow is a child. It is OK for a child to wear a knock off.To be honest. We all wear knock off clothes when we try to intimate a look we can not afford. If these designers would like to see people wear their designs, then they need to make them affordable. If not, we will be wearing knock offs!

    • No, it is NOT okay for a child or anyone else to wear a knock off. Put yourself in the original designers shoes. Would you want someone else copying your design and making money off it? I doubt it. It’s illegal.

  16. both outfits look ridiculous. I wouldnt put my name on either one. i think willow is a very beautiful girl but some of her outfits are over the top, inappropriate for her age and atrocious.

  17. Who cares honestly?It’s not Willow’s fault and lmaao she still winning in the end!That none known designer gets some shine now because of Willow!In other news her next single drops next month and her album is due out Feb or March!Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!And why are people attacking Willow?She didn’t design it attack her stylist!

  18. I don’t get what the problem is. She never claimed that the style was custumly made for her. Anybody can tell that it’s the same jacket but not only is it a different color, but the girl on the right outfit goes strait down and around her leg. Willows doesn’t, and the part thats near the straps is not designed the same way. It’s clearly made for her and fits her personality. So that designer is just hating because she didn’t personally design that outfit for Willow, Willow’s way is better then hers, and that she’s an unknown designer trying to get her carrier started.
    You Go Willow keep doing your thing and ignore the haters

    • how is she hating on a 9yr old? she said nothing about willow, and you would be upset to if someone stole a design of yours straight duplicated it and ran with it. Aside from the strap around the leg its exactly the same and the designer on the rights quality of the out fit is better.

  19. OK,….I smell a media hyped up story here! I wouldnt be surprised if this nonissue quietly disappears in a matter of weeks or sooner.
    *yawn* I’m bored with this already

    • i disagree – it is not media hype!
      jada and willow’s “people” have gone out of their way to stress over and over again how fashion foward willow is and how she is styled and chooses her own outfits and even designs some! now it has come back to bite them in the behind! anyone with half a brain and even one eye can see that that outfit is a replica of the designer one! don’t shoot the messenger just because you don’t like the message. and why is she wearing those 1980’s napoleon dynamite boots!!! lawd please.

      • yes I definitely agree. Willow copied this look and had some family sewing lady duplicate it into a jumper. The designers version looks a lot better and makes a lot more sense. She would have looked a lot better wearing it.

        Still a nice family though.

  20. Jada should have known better!

    This would be like the fashion equivalent to plagiarizing right? Definitely not okay for well-known seasoned celebrities

    • Whatever! How is Jada responsible? Is she suppose to know every designer, plus their entire line, not to mention the designers in other countries…You’ve got to be kidding.

      • ummm no. there are people there who are in control of what happens and her mother has to sign off on it. therefore its publicity or just simply negelect.

  21. Willow doesn’t dress age appropriate anyway. I guess celebrity bootleg other designers too…Lol:)like the fake Gucci & Coach.

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