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 “Well its very exciting i don’t have anything to compare it to since it is my first child, but i adore my son.   He’s wonderful. He’s really a sweet baby,”  says new mom Phaedra Parks of  her son Ayden. She adds, “Our baby is a miracle baby because there were some medical issues and we didn’t know if we’d be able to have children. Anytime that you have a fertility issue you don’t know for many people it takes them years to conceive.”






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  1. I wonder if Phaedra Parks is representing Bobby Brown? She has been defending him in the press, the Huffington Post.

    I’d love to see recent pictures of Ayden.

  2. That baby is pass cute, he is absolutely gorgeous. When it comes to Nahla, she is just so beautiful to some of you.

  3. He’s cute but she rubs me the wrong way…I can barely stand watching her for more than 2 seconds without cringing because of what she said ot muting it….she’s terrible.

  4. I cant believe how cute his is,considering his mothers looks and personality. He looks like his dad, which is a good thing!

  5. Phaedra is too into herseLf!..im confused bout her. but Ayden is soo adorabLe. I hope he acts more Like his daddy in the future :).

  6. Ayden is total cuteness! don’t watch the show cuz i really just can’t be bothered, but i know of the characters on there. Phaedra comes across as fake to me. i know it’s reality tv, but there’s gotta be some reality to this tv. she just seems so phony and disingenuous.

  7. He is beautiful!! I pray God’s protection on this little angel and their family!! Because people can be soo mean!! I’m sure he has brightened his mother and father’s life! Phaedra looks great!!

  8. Ugh Phaedra is beyond annoying!!! And women everyday have isssues getting pregnant, its sad but its apart of life so she’s not the only person in the world with a “miracle” baby. Also she is a grown @$$ women so idk y she had to lie about how far along she was in her pregnancy, Whats done in the dark will always come to light. Anyways her son is soo cute & I hope she changes her ways for the better…

    • First let me say what a cute and adorable child. However, his momma is full of BULL. I don’t believe for ONE minute she had a hard time conceiving. She got pregnant prior to marriage and it was an oops and then a shotgun wedding. She has been trying to cover since day one and has been busted. If in fact, it is as she said, trust me she would have KNOW her due date and how far along she was. She officially has EARNED the BS degree.

  9. She isn’t no where as ignorant in this interview as she is on the show. I swear I was wondering if she got her degrees from a mail order catalog because of some of the things she does and says on the show. I am happy she has realized her dream of being a mom and having a beautiful family.

    • ITA with you!!! when i saw the title i instantly thought “oh lawd! what will come out of her mouth this time!?” because on the show it is totally different! which makes me think i am right and that is her act for who she is on the show. she grates on my last nerve watching her. i love the name Ayden!! i hope he grows fast so that he never ever ever has to wear that crocheted mess of an outfit again!!! LOL LOL LOL

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