Trey Smith may just have a career in football.  The senior high-school football star has already been offered a scholarship by FCS Northern Arizona.

A football commentator writes, “Trey Smith might have a movie star father (actor Will Smith) and soon-to-be famous [siblings]*, but while his family does the fame thing, Smith has been quietly working on his catching and route running at Southern California’s Oaks Christian Academy, dubbed by some as “Hollywood High.”

….Smith caught just 22 passes and two touchdowns as a junior last season primarily because of a foot injury. This season Smith is considered just one of a crop of receivers Oaks Christian has to make opposing defenses go crazy.”

Trey has not hinted as to whether or not he plans to accept the college football scholarship from North Arizona university, but one thing is for sure: Trey loves football.

*BCK Says: The football commentator chose to say ‘step-siblings, but BCK has corrected it to read “siblings”.




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  1. Whoa! He sounds like his father – at the few times Will Smith talked serious – and he has some resemblance. I do remember him from the ‘Just the Two of Us’ video clip. But he’s all grown up now. Great to see he is evolving. And I hope he gets pro at football, if that’s what he wants from his life. I’ll be cheering for him. And the correction was right about his siblings. They’re not step, their half siblings. And being a girl from divorce house myself I would say there’s no such thing as ‘half’. Either your a sibling or not. Meaning either you have that closeness to your sibling, or you’re just somebody who happens to have some similar genes.

  2. Wow thats great, but I cant help but think where is Will and Jada in this? We see them when Jaden is doing his thing and when Willow is doing hers but what about Trey? I love how down to earth and humble he is, I didnt even know he was in high school. I hope I’m wrong about this but thats what it looks like.

  3. While I do applaud the ambition and success of this young man and hope for nothing more than for his life to blossom and skyrocket, I am rather offended that a child from a family of this much wealth would accept a scholarship from anywhere when his family has the financial ability to pay for his education.

    His receiving a scholarship is causing those less privileged and less fortunate to miss out on an opportunity that they might not otherwise have.

  4. Hearing him talk in that clip put so much in the mind of hid dad. Handsome and articulate young man, he does have some really bushy brows and just a tiny bit of underbite? Bet the girls are blowing up his cell.

  5. That is great but he is trying to make a name for himself..it burns me when the media name drops and they wonder why the second generation of celebrity kids have issues(not that I care)..its 100% their fault..

    They are all brothers and sister so yall can dumb that down to a corner..by yourself

  6. go Trey! such a well spoken young man. and he sounds like a great team player. congrats to him on earning a college football scholarship. i wish him nothing but the best in the future, whether he accepts it or not.

  7. Okay what is in Will Smith’s genes?All his kids amazing!!!!And why they gotta be his step sibs!?They are just his bro and sis!!Smh all this half and step bs!They are blood and his little brother and sister. Anyway CONGRATS TREY!I see you!First Jaden in Karate Kid, Willow Whip My Hair and her album is gonna come out 2011 and now this!?Man those Smith Kids are AMAZING! I can see it in 10 years from now. Jaden Smith the most paid actor,Willow the next Beyonce, and Trey the NFL!Dang Will Smith must be PROUD!

    • I said the same thing too Anna!. first of all they r not his step siblings and I don’t care if they are half brothers & sister they are plain sisters & brothers!!! plain & simple. In Jamaica here we don’t talk about no half we just say brothers & sister!!

  8. Who are Trey’s soon to be famous step siblings? I know he has two already famous 1/2 siblings, Jaden and Willow!

  9. trey is a handsome young man with a bright future.he seem so down to earth considering who is dad and step mom is.he dont seem fazed that his dad is will smith.hes like will smith the actor is my dad so what.

  10. aaww congrats to trey! That is soo freakin awsome. how many kids do you know receive scholarships Like this. This family is insanely taLented! Congrats to all of them. (=

    • I wonder if he still works on Access Hollywood from time to time like he use to…Well I guess not. I’ve seen most of his celeb interviews. He’s good.

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