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New York Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody, his wife Nicole Woody(black dress), and their six kids attended the Tear Up The Pierre at The Pierre Hotel on November 29, 2010 in New York City.

In a recent interview with Celebrity Parents Magazine, Damien revealed how he and his wife find balance with four daughters and two sons.

“We always make time for ourselves. It’s automatic. Friday nights are our date nights. Every Friday night, we do something, no matter what it is. It’s mandatory. It’s easy to get burned out and frustrated when you have so many demands on you. It’s even more important for Nicole, because she’s home with the kids. She doesn’t have as much of that that adult conversation like I have at work. And we look forward to our time together, with no interruptions! [laughs]”

Damien and Nicole’s kids’  names are  Kamille, Jalynn, Alexandra, Domonique, Deuce and Dontrell.

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  1. The mom reminds me of a comedian that use to be on Comicview. They are a colorful bunch lol, they look happy, and seem to have their priorties in check. Much love to that

  2. The mom is looking a little like Tiny (T.i’s wife) around the wife. I’m not feeling the girls choice of makeup or hair. The little boys are cute. I hope Deuce is a nickname for Damien Jr. or something lol

    • ppl please read the article before commenting. They have six kids, which are the kids surrounded by them. The fair skinned girl is not their daughter nor his wife. She is holding their son’s hand which gives off a gesture of a nanny or relative. duh

    • so what their kids have on eye shadow and colorful hair..they are little girls and probably like to dress up. They do have make-up for little girls ppl. This is not back in the days. this is the style that kids are rocking now. kind of like the rocker/punk rock look. look at Willow Smith

      • The big deal is little girls don’t need on makeup looking like streetwalkers, which is what they look like. A child should be a child as long as possible, and look like one. That is what’s wrong with these kids these days, too damn grown. They will have plenty of time to look like tramps when they become 20+years old. Nice looking family though, nice to see a big family!

  3. Even though I am young too and never been married, it is important for couples to find that balance between marriage, career, and children.

  4. They have beautiful children- ha ha love da ‘silly’ highlights on their hair. Even though I’m still relatively young (and know nothing about marriage life), I applaud them on their friday night ritual

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