Robin Thicke’s mother Gloria Loring has shared some pictures of her family. Click over to see pictures of Robin Thicke, Paula Patton , and their 8-month-old son Julian Thicke. More pictures are below!

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  1. One drop rule is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard lol. If that were true biracial beings would just be black and wouldn’t have tanned skin,curly hair, and different facial features like most. Speaking from experience since I am mixed, as is Paula …which is pretty apparent even if she identifies herself that way or not. I very well could say I’m just black but its obvious I’m not and its obvious I’m not just white. Ignorance is bliss 😉

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  4. My husband is Black. I am of mixed race, Puerto Rican and Black. My daughter is brown skin, same complexion as her father, with coarse hair and dark brown eyes. My son, complete opposite of his sister. Very pale skin color, though he has color, hazel eyes and light brown and reddish curly hair. When children are biracial or mixed, they can come out any complexion, any eye color, and hair color. I am not the least but shock that he looks full white. And so what that he does? He has 2 parents that love him and that is all that matters. I had a friend growing up and she is black and white, and you wouldn’t think she had any black in her.

  5. WHENEVER a Black Woman and a White man have a child, that child is almost always WHITE-LOOKING. There are countless examples: Earth Kitt’s daughter Kitt Shapiro, singer Maya’s child, black actress Victoria Rowell’s daughter (blonde blue-eyed), actress Gabrielle Beauvais (two sons look White), black actress Stacey Dash’s daughter is platinum blonde and very white-looking. The list goes on and on…

    • Your information is incorrect when a black woman and white man has a child the child looks white. Children of black and white couples usually look black. I don’t know what you mean by they look white unless you mean the skin is light. That does not mean white.

      Black people really should stop comparing other black people and wanting to claim them as biracial. We have a long history of “biracial” black people. One drop you are black. It is white ppl demanding the usage of biracial to avoid calling their children black. Same game, different day. If the black parent happens to have one parent white and one parent black, has a child with someone white the chances are high the child skin would be much lighter and the hair straighter.

      You can’t tell is a black person has one black parent and one white parent BY THEIR OUTWARD APPEARS, so as black people stop trying.

  6. Wow Gloria loring looks the same.She hasn’t aged a bit,I remember has Liz Chandler on Days of Our lives.Congrats robin and Paula.

  7. The ignorance displayed in these comments is staggering. It’s no wonder black people have the issues we do. We can’t even respect ourselves, yet we expect others to? Get a grip people. His mother is biracial, why exactly is it shocking to anyone that he is so fair. He could have been anywhere in the spectrum. Some of you really must be operating on very little education. BCK really needs to start moderating these comments.

    • Your displaying ignorance right now by saying Paula Patton is biracial when she has stated she is black and has two black parents that apparantely have a mixed lineage. See how it doesn’t help to try and kick knowledge when you yourself don’t even have your facts straight!

  8. When he grows up he will probably look like Adam Clayton Powell or Walter Francis White, who was very light and led the NAACP for over 25 years. Julian is a happy, healthy baby and I know the family feels blessed to have him. Paula & Robin waited years before having a child.

  9. Congratulations on the new addition to your family Robin and Paula. He’s a little cutie and I’m sure the apple of your eye.

  10. Blackness is not all about color it is also about culture and his culture will be American with emphasis on African American. There are millions of A.Americans who are not dark in color but still are part of the African American culture. I have a mixed race family and we are still a part of the African diaspora as much as anybody else.

  11. He looks like Boris Becker’s son. Like Victoria Rowell’s, Kayrn Parson, Rae Dawn Chong’s, Lisa Bonet’s kids. He just took up more after Robin.

  12. Wow. What a cutie. I didn’t expect Julian to look like that at all but a beautiful family they are indeed. I LOVE Robin and Paula!

  13. I’m trying to bite my tounge…er, bite my fingers..so I’ll just say that I’m happy that Paula and Robin have a happy healthy baby. I expected him to look this way (color wise), but that first photo of him is not flattering at all. I’m sure he’s an adorable baby in person.

  14. How Sad! Look what society has done to people’s thinking ability! Read, study, learn … human being are complex and should NOT be labeled like cans in a grocery store. Labeling is divisive and only serves to perpetuate the supremacy of one culture over another. Let’s STOP the madness!

    This is a beautiful family. Enjoy the photos and their happiness over the birth of their precious little son.

    • I agree, it’s amazing though how on the Mariah Carey post when she was talking about mixed race and kids not looking like their parents, a whole bunch of people were like we’re off this now, and do we really need to still be talking about this subject. But with alot of the comments on this post about Paula Patton and her baby, I think it’s proof that there still is a need.

  15. And how does that have anything to do with you. Not all black folks think open-mindedly, case in point you, so why do you think all white folks share your ignorance.

    Contrary to your warped perspective, not all white people are as bigoted as you. And I know this will shock you, not all white people are rich and Republican either.

    Who that child marries has nothing to do with you or anyone else on this board. He is not your child, your relative. His parents do not know you. And if they did, again, your opinion would be completely irrelevant.

    Your only concern is the hope that he is a productive member of society, not worrying about his appearance or his DNA.

    The ignorance of people like you is the truly disgusting thing about this society. You want a black child, marry yourself a black man, and stop concerning yourself with the lives of others that does not concern you at all.

    Paula nor Robin asked for your input on their lives as I’m sure you want no one to insert their BS into yours.

  16. He’s a cutie, with his chunky little self. I think he has the same shape of eyes as Robin does but he does favor his grandmother.

  17. SMH at the mean-spirited comments.

    DNA is every complicated. Humans are NOT different shades of paint. There are separate genes for eye color, hair color, hair texture, skin color, etc. DNA swaps, recombines, turns off/on, etc. This is the reason Julian (appears white) and Nahla (appears biracial) look so different; even though, they both have one white parent and one biracial parent.

  18. It’s called genetics, people – contrary to popular belief, genes don’t always work the way we’d expect or even want. It’s a gamble, especially with parents of mixed heritage.

    Some of you need some help. >_<

  19. Little Julian is adorable. And he’s definatly Grandma’s boy. I sure hope this comment is posted. BCK never seems to post my comments! Why!

  20. I’m trying to remember when this whole dissecting of babies started??! MY GOD you people are vicious FOR REAL!! The baby is beautiful just like mommy and daddy… Geez can he get a minute to grow into his looks? DAYUUM

  21. Julian does not need to get sun. He favors his grandmother. He’s eight months, his looks may change or might stay the same. Smh @ folks…

    Cute pix of baby and fam

  22. Finally proper pics of baby Julian…and what a happy baby he is. So sweet, look at that big smile…thank u BCK for making my day :-)

  23. OMG Halle Berry is also bi-racial and Nahla is brown skin but so what dang yes he’s super light but he’s still a cute happy baby and thats what is important.

  24. You can’t expect sense from ignorance and bigotry. It is best to ignore simple people, they are not worth the time or energy.

    • And just how is it that Nahla looks sooo black? Her appearence is over-whelmingly caucasian dominated! However, if we didn’t all know that Halle is bi-racial, no one would even know what Nahla’s racial make-up was. Nahla is a QUADROON, just like little Julien, all 4 of Boris Becker’s kids (however,newest son Amadeus may be an OCTOROON), Kendra’s son Hank Jr.,Laura Dern’s 2 kids,Jaime Pressly’s son Dezi,Emma Bunton’s (Spice Girls) son Beau, and the pop/folk singer Carley Simon who is herself a QUADROON (her father was white,her mother was bi-racial), and way too many others to list at this time. Little Julien will likely grow to look more like his parents one day, but for now, he’s all Grand-Ma! Just like Nahla was for the first year.

    • Nahla looks so black! Are you serious?! Light(wavy/straight)brown hair, bluish/greenish eyes (last I saw at least), olive skin tone, and you think that Nahla looks soooo black! If we didn’t all know that Halle was her mother, we’d all be guessing IF she was partially black! Good grief!!!

  25. The baby is too cute! He looks so happy! I definitely didn’t think about him being so light as being anything weird because Paula is mixed….the baby is 75% white people. Most people don’t know that Paula’s mother is white.

    • Yes you are right. This is another one of those times when we all need to start realizing we are a part of the HUMAN race. There is NO “black” race or “white” race …. There are people …. HUMAN… Why don’t we question when a black dog gives birth to a white dog? When a brown skinned person gives birth to a white child, why is it all of a sudden impossible? Remember Biology 101. Google african american lives. See the results of many genetic tests of people across this country. Listen to white people talking about their ancestors from Africa as discovered on their genetic code. NO ONE is 100% anything. We are all of the HUMAN race. Let’s recognize people. Let’s stop succumbing to society’s divisive spirit. Human beings have created another human being and he is as adorable and as precious as a baby can be!

    • Wow KLS, you are kinda blunt with it, lol. I have to say Paula’s baby doesn’t look like I was expecting either. He is still adorable nonetheless. Much plumper and fairer than I had in mind. I don’t see Robin, Paula or even Grandma in him. Maybe later?

  26. That baby looks 100% white! I mean there’s no black anywhere,lol but thaat’s because paula has a white mother & black dad and robin parents is white.






  28. wow genes are funny sometimes. He looks nothing like either of them, but he is a cutie and looks happy and loved which is most important.

  29. Nice to see his eyes. First time he was on here he was sleeping.
    He is so cute! He looks like a happy baby. Love that pic of him and his grandma. I was looking for Alan. I know he’s on wife #3.

    • Grandma is on husband #3. Robin has had a lot of new moms and dads. Anyway, that baby is so cute. You can tell they love him to pieces. I mean can Paula smile any harder. I’m glad they are all happy.

    • I was looking for Alan as well! I heard he had some problems with Paula, I hope thats not true they seem like a very happy family. Julian is a cutie pie. Congrats proud Grandma=)

      • It wasn’t Alan. Paula’s father had problems with Robin b/c he was white. Which is hypocritical as hell since Paula’s mom is white. But Robin says as soon as they got married he was like “You are family.”

  30. Baby Julian looks like baby Amadeus, the son of tennis star Boris Becker and his wife Sharley. They could be brothers.

  31. Very nice family picture. Little man is so cute and chubby! I just want to pinch those cheeks! And yes, Grandma is very happy and loves her little grandbaby!

  32. Lol are they sure they didn’t leave the hospital with the wrong baby? I think he might have Robin’s eyes. The Thickes are a nice fam.

  33. That’s a proud grandma!!! My mom looks just like that holding my baby…can see every tooth in her head!! LOL! Sweetness!

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