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Football Wives star Pilar Sanders strikes a pose with her sons Shilo and Shedeur; and daughters Shelomi( wearing glasses) and Deondra(back row).

Together Pilar and her husband, former NFL player Deion Sanders, have five kids, two of whom are from Deion’s previous marriage.

Below are more pictures of Pilar and the kids sans Deion Sanders.

The sanders were once featured on the 2009 reality show Prime Time Love.

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  3. All five of Deion’s children are cute, but the last two (SHEDEUR / SHELOMI) didn’t get names to match their beauty. Does their names mean something? ’cause sometimes names that sound “different” like Suri mean something beautiful (Princess HEBREW or Red Rose PERSIAN).

  4. Maybe I’m having a slow day but how do you pronounce these two names Shedeur amd Shelomi?

    I think I have an idea but it doesn’t sound right when I say it in my head lol.

    anyways nice looking family I liked the show back then

    • tina:
      good hair? you gota be kidding.
      please stop that! good hair is healthy hair.
      good hair is HAVING HAIR PERIOD! ask any kids with cancer or an kid with alopecia.

      all 3 of them are wearing weaves/wig!
      and shelomi(what a name) is TOO YOUNG for that wig. She needs to be wearing braids or twits and beads. That wig is too grown for her.

    • the eldest’s name is spelled deiondra.

      IMO shelomi should only be wearing a wig for dress up.

      on your show you claim “i’m always in the house whipping up something or sorting laundry” so why cant you do your daughter’s hair?

  5. I love Pilar on Football Wives…the other girls are just jealous of what her & Deion have. Anyways ALL the children are beautiful!

  6. They all look good. The boys favor Deon alot. The girls are beautiful and have grown. Why did they cancel their reality show?

  7. Oh that’s a nice looking family,I think they have two children in their marriage and the older ones are from his first marriage.Anyway it’s a beautiful family!

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