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Actors Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance, and their twins Bronwyn Golden (in blue) and Slater Josiah(red), five next month, attended the Miami Heat vs LA Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles over the weekend.

It wasn’t a good game as you can see by Angela’s facial expression. The Lakers lost. More pictures below!

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  1. [...] PHOTO:Click here for a recent picture of the twins Deeply religious, the couple—who cowrote a new book about their journey, Friends: A Love Story—say they never wavered in their belief that they would become parents. “I had faith, so I never really got discouraged,” says Bassett. Meanwhile, Vance was ready to investigate adoption when a family friend suggested surrogacy, in which a surrogate mother would carry the couple’s own embryo. “My friend told me that Jesus was had by a surrogate, and I said, ‘Thank you for that,’” recalls Bassett. “It’s a story you have heard over and over, and to think about it in 2006, it makes sense.” ~People Magazine, 2006 issue [...]

  2. Amen Janet………yea we always need therapy when we don’t agree with others. Probaly because the only time their kids were dressed was in xmas pics,lol.

  3. this is one of the reason famous people should not have kids, let’s just tell the truth, those kids look neglected, number one, the girl’s hair looks like it has not been comb in three weeks, her outfit is not for a game, number 2 the boy looks like he is going to bible class, please stop it, wake up. Raising kids is hard work, so do it. This is for the mother, this is what happens when you have kids at an old age. And you people have money, stop worring about halle’s oscar. Stop being angry at halle, the b…ch can’t act anyway.

    • what does having a kid at an older age have anything to do with it? i see plenty of young people dress their kids like hot messes on a daily basis.

      i agree with PlainMean – you need intensive therapy!

  4. Shania you sound so dayum stupid. What does whores have to do with dressing your kids? If it was about whores, we can call all the cheerleaders those,lol. Her kids looks awfulllllllllll.

    • Reread what I wrote….”ATTENTION whores” are those that whore themselves out for attention. I dont know why that wasnt clear to you

  5. Some of u need to stop lying. What in the world would make her bring kids out looking like that? Especially to a lakers game. They all look horrible.

    • Sensibe people dress down at games. It’s the attention whores that bring out the 6inch heels to attend a basketball game, in which they’ll be SITTING the whole time. Her kids looks fine.

  6. I love Angela! She just looks so unhappy in this picture. Maybe the kids are getting on her nerves. lol I’m sure she loves them no matter what, but that doesn’t make them less annoying. lol I just hope all in well in her life. Her kiddos are adorable and her hubby is fine. So, many things to be happy about, why the frown? lol

  7. Beautiful Children! Beautiful Family! Bronwyn favors her dad and Slater favors his mom. He has Angela’s eyes and she has her dad’s. The twins are biologically theirs.

  8. They said they had a surrogate mother carry there embryo. The embryo was produced by Angela’s eggs and Courney’s sperm.

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