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Kenneth Edmonds (Babyface), his wife Nicole Patenburg, and their daughter Peyton Nicole Edmonds,2, attended the Kardashian’s Holiday party this past weekend. More pictures below!

Photo: Jake Holly/startraksphoto.com

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  1. I see he is happy again, I’m happy for them & hope to see more of them with that beautiful daughter, the gift he was missing! God is so good, Blessings always.

  2. Babyface was married before Tracey to a lady name Denise, and has dated several other beautiful females besides Tracey and Nikki. Unfortunately, he is not pictured with any of them on the internet. He and Nikki were dating before he was officially divorced from Tracey, and she is NOT his wife yet. They live together. Please check your facts Celebrity Black Kids before you print incorrect information. Marriage records are public record.

  3. Ummm, Nicole is Black, so people should check their facts before running off at the mouth. I’m beginning to think we can’t even tell our own kind now.

    Didn’t know they were married, love me some Babyface!

    • Why is it that black people like to claim others as black. Especially if the person looks even remotely mixed? Did this woman tell u personally that she’s black? Just for the record she isn’t black. Try claiming someone else. And I do agree with those who say that babyface has a type. I mean it’s kind of obvious and anyone who refuses to see that is just in denial. He like some dark skin black men would prefer to date woman who are a lot lighter than them if not white.

    • yes!!!!!!!!

      i couldnt put my finger on it. that’s exactly who she looks like. and both children are, half black, half latin.

  4. okay even if he was with a black woman what makes you think he’ll want you? i think black women should not feel rejected if black men date outside their race, get some Self confidence about yourseleves! but anyway the baby is so cute! i love her outfit :)

    • Say it louder. We need to stop getting butt-hurt every time a black man married/procreates with a non-black or very mixed woman, and start focusing on ourselves. He and others are not losing sleep over what other people think of them, so why should we let their actions affect us in any way?

  5. Yes sometimes I tend to feel that way too and I have to check myslef… but then when you express yourself with such words it tends to discredit us lovely black sisters.

  6. I know, I know.

    These feelings seem to creep up instinctively for us Afr. Amer. women, but we have to try to just see people sharing love. No matter how much we feel rejected at the sight of every black man with “another” woman, we have to tell the inferiority complex to stop breathing down our necks and just let people be.

  7. Peyton so pretty. She reminds me of one of her brothers. I just don’t know which name goes with which boy.
    And I love the pic of Ken, Peyton, Tracy, and the boys. BCK didn’t post those pics though.

      • Most definitely looks that way. I don’t know who he was with prior to Tracey or anything like that but yeah, he seems to have a type.

      • bck reader

        how can you 2 say he has a type?
        he was married to tracey from 92-05.
        this is the first & only woman he dated after divorcing.
        if he was dating multiple LSLH ladies i would agree.
        but he didnt.

        • not saying this union won’t work out, but if he got with another lady, pretty sure she wouldn’t be DSSH. just callin it like we see it.

  8. Peyton is a pretty name and she is a gorgeous baby!!! I use to love Babyface music when I was younger. I wish those days of good music could come back.

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