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Do shows like MTV’s 16 and Pregnant glamorize teen pregnancy and abortion? Some critics say Yes while others say “No”.

Tonight MTV will air an episode featuring young couple Markai and James, both of whom were once featured on a season 2 of 16 and Pregnant:

Markai Durham blogs about her new MTV show ‘No Easy Decision,’ which centers on her decision to abort her pregnancy.

After chronicling her ups and downs as a teen mom on MTV’s wildly successful reality show 16 & Pregnant, Markai Durham will take viewers with her as she decides to abort her second pregnancy in a special episode on the network called No Easy Decision.

In advance of the show’s Tuesday premiere, Durham opened up about the controversy surrounding the show on her Facebook page.

“My motive for this episode is to not say ‘hey look at me I got pregnant again.’ But to encourage you all to stand up for each other. To respect one another to feel each other’s sympathy and pain. One thing we can all agree on is no one is pro-abortion! (no one with a heart at least) No one wants to have an abortion or even go through this type of procedure,” Durham wrote Read More.

MTV will air it’s special episode, “No Easy Decision”, tonight at 11:30 p.m.

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  1. Wow! This can be one particular of the most helpful blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Magnificent. I am also a specialist in this topic therefore I can understand your hard work.

  2. Hmmm… I think the question is moot. 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom are actually products of teen pregnancy and an oversexualized culture- not the other way around. If there weren’t so many teen pregnancies, no one at MTV would’ve thought the show was a good idea. Does the show glorify teen pregnancy? Hell yes, for many people, it does. But do I blame MTV? Hell no. I mean, why not? Teens are going to get pregnant anyway, might as well cash in on it. They are a business, not a philanthropic organization.

    What the emphasis really needs to be placed on is the sexualization of kids in a consumerist society. From 5 years old, girls are wearing bikinis, being told that they’re pretty princesses and little divas. When two friends bring their boy and girl together to play, they tease the kids about how they are boyfriend and girlfriend, or will be (I’m talking even babies here)… Girls are conditioned from very young that they are cute princesses who deserve princes that will give them a life of “happily ever after”, and are conditioned that way from very young… so when they feel they are old enough (i.e. puberty), they start looking for that… what they fail to realize is that puberty doesn’t make you an adult. Oh, and income levels are irrelevant here, because everyone does it. Little boys are encouraged to chat up little girls because it’s the “manly” thing to do. ?????? The line for what is appropriate adult behavior is blurred time and again for these kids, until they don’t know that WANTING to be like an adult and ACTUALLY being one are two different things. I’m 32 years old, and things were MUCH clearer when I was growing up. So don’t blame MTV… we have no one to blame but ourselves. We glorify sex and condemn it at the same time. And mixed messages always make for solid mistakes.

    And as for the people commenting on Black women “liking” to get pregnant young and out-of-wedlock… ????? Have you watched the show? The vast majority of those girls are White. And middle to lower-middle class. Teen pregnancy more affects people of certain income levels, not of a certain race. And people exhibit what they know.

  3. Amber Portwood on Teen Mom had to disclose her income recently and revealed that she makes $140,000 for a six-month contract with MTV. If she works the entire year, Portwood said, the 20-year-old makes $280,000 annually. Now that some serious cash for a teen mom but I guess its close to what Bristol Palin made on Dancing with the Stars.

  4. I see SEVENTY SEVEN comments,(at the time of writing) so there’s a strong likelihood that someone has already said – better than me – what i’m about to say; but i don’t have the will-power to read all the comments, not just yet anyway.

    In my humble opinion, i would say: Shows like these probably won’t influence/affect those who are not apart of the more “vulnerable” members of the adolescence population.There is a element of sensationalism, but to me (no longer a teenager) there seems to be more cautionary tales. All the episodes i have seen, which clock in about 10, everybody seems miserable and overwhelmed.

    Those individuals, if they exist, that are influenced by this program alone, are probably already on the “cause for concern list” and I say this with great sadness and sensitivity because i understand that there can be a plethora of problems that could contribute to the over-riding sense of wanting a baby,or the promiscuity of a baby’s conception. Either way the baby comes about, i sure hope that there is more lessons learnt and more love distributed out for all those involved.

  5. There is a misconception on the money the girls are recieving. It’s the TEEN MOM series girls that make a grip of money. The girls who do an episode each of 16 and pregnant and not making nearly that much. One girl from the first season said she recieved a few hundred dollars. 16 and Pregnant is a spin-off, not the same show.

  6. Believe it or not some girls think it’s cute to be teen moms i’ve seen pics of girls and their baby daddies kissing their pregnant belly, guys with shirts made with the baby’s ultrsound sayin “daddy lil man”. A senior i knew already had 2 kids(twins)and she would come up to me talking about she may be pregnant again smiling and stuff, i looked at her like she was crazy, that mess is not cute!!! I don’t see how girls put themselves through that, i had one of those mechanical babies for a weekend for school and almost had a nervous break down lol that thing drove me crazy i could never imagine doing that 24/7.

    I love babies and would like to have one one day but not at 18 but when im older,married,and have a career.

  7. The Black Abortion Rate is worth taking a look at because it is being imposed on the African American Community by elite population controllers….see the documentary Maafa21 for proof of this eugenics plot: go to http://www.maafa21com for a preview.

  8. I hate this show. I was speakin about it to a friend of mine. I can’t get with the fact that many African American girls have been becoming pregnant for so many years and it was looked at as taboo….when society found out that Fantasia was a teen mom they wanted her to leave American Idol. Now that there are so many girls of a certain race having their babies they get a show and to thing these girls would have learned from the first season!!! I am a educator and it is so hard to try to speak to students about this issue and to motivate them to stay in school, but when you have shows like this that show kids give up scholarships, don’t graduate, can’t get a GED, but are on covers of magazines and have their own shows. Who do you thing the student is going to listen to. Not to mention these kids are living together!! I don’t care if I would have had a baby by someone my mother WOULD NOT have let them stay in the same house with me her words would have been if you want to do grown up things get your own place and do them. It is about respect. This show is a JOKE!

    • This show is not a joke.I think it serves as a deterrent because of all the problems that the teens on the show have.You can’t blame these teens on the show for the problems that today’s kids have.The parents are to blame.Some parents are not as involved in their kids lives as they should be,and are not disciplining them consistently and setting boundaries.Since the parents aren’t doing their job,the kids don’t have respect for authority anymore.That’s why it’s so hard for teachers,principals,and other school officials to get the kids to behave in the classroom.

      The fact that there are very few black families on these teen pregnancy shows is a testament to the fact that most black parents,whether single or married,take parenting more seriously, and really make the effort to raise their kids to the best of their ability.Black parents simply will not tolerate the tantrums,attitude problems,backtalk,etc.,and they make sure they nip this behavior in the bud.You hardly ever see any black families on Supernanny, Nanny 911,or any of those other shows that teach behavior modification either for the same reason.You illustrated this point when you mentioned that your mom would never have allowed any of the things that the parents of the teens on these shows allowed them to do.My mom would never have allowed any of that to go on in her house either.Our generation and the generations before us got good solid discipline,and our parents were not afraid to put their foot down and set limits.Today’s teens and young children are not getting proper discipline because some parents are too busy trying to be their friends.Even on the talk shows I hear parents saying how they let their underage kids drink and do drugs in their house,and so on.Some of these parents are just as irresponsible and reckless as the teens nowadays.So how can we expect the teens and young children to make good decisions when the parents aren’t making good decisions,and they are not setting a good example for the kids.

      • I agree with you. I have a 14yr old son & outside of educating him on safe sex & how to be a man (as much as I can). My fav saying is..”I wish you would…….(fill in the blanks)”

      • Well said @JB Orange I have seen the show and the parents of MOST of these children (not ALL) are in no better of a position to discipline these children either because they were teen moms themselves or are single parents who are too busy working and just simply have no time for these children. One of the mothers had her teenage daughter move out to go live with the boyfriend of her family and didn’t even take the time or interest to support or be involved in her teen’s or grankid’s life. It is truly sad, but I always say this and sometimes I catch backlash for it, but I blame the parents.

  9. What happened to, “I want to be a doctor/teacher or lawyer, when I grow up”?

    Now, it just seem like all kids want to be are actors, athletes, rappers/singers, or a teen mom.

    This is sad. These kids have no true role models and they don’t even respect their own bodies.

    Have any of you heard of A.I.D.S or H.I.V??? Yes, those diseases still exist.

  10. HA HA, so funny!! You posted this before and it was funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. You make it sound like it is the end of the world or something. I just keep reading your post bc its so funny (and I mean it not trying to be funny either)

  11. I have never seen this show nor do I want to. There are so many teenagers having children, one does not need to turn on MTV to see it being glorified. What bothers me is that they get paid for it, $25k or more & they are not doing anything worthwhile with that money. Most of them run through that money in less than a month, return to being poor & looking for another way to make a quick buck..like being featured on the show..again.

    My main issue is that the teenagers are not learning the most important lesson of all..birth control. If you do not want to have a child, if you do not want to go through the difficult decision process, if it was soooo difficult for you; why in heavens name are you not doing something to prevent it? Birth control has been around as long as sex has been..come one people..get a clue.

    • Are you there accountant? How do you know what they are doing with their money?

      But I do agree that it is very disappointing to see that one of the girls has gotten pregnant again and another had a pregnancy scare after having gone through teenage pregnancy the first time. But we can’t make the assumption that other teenagers are not using birth control or abstaining just because these two girls and their partners chose to not to.

      • Sweetie, what ever it is you are drinking, put it down..it is not that serious for me ok? I did not say every teenager featured does not use birth control. I said they are not learning the most valuable lesson..which is pregnancy prevention.

        I am not their accountant, that is my side job for people with really money, but I know what they are doing with their money as they have stated so in all the interviews they have been doing since the show.

    • I’m sure that some of the teens are using the money they get from the show wisely,and putting it towards their babies diapers, formula and other needs.And hopefully they are putting the rest into a college fund for the babies.The teens who are squandering their paychecks from the show,and whose lives continue to go downhill obviously don’t have proper parental guidance,and that’s probably why some of them ended up pregnant in the first place. But this is what the teenage viewers need to see.It seems like the message gets through to them more when they see people their own age or close to their own age in this predicament.So if it takes programs like these to get teens to slow down and keep their legs closed and their schoolbooks open,then so be it. Hopefully these programs will also encourage those parents who aren’t attentive enough to get more involved in their kids lives,so that the kids will not run into the arms of their boyfriends or girlfriends looking for attention.I hope it also helps parents realize that they need to give their kids more guidance and discipline,and that they must talk to their teens about safe sex and why they should wait,so that they don’t end up in that situation.

  12. I don’t know who you are but you are HILARIOUS!!! So funny. Are you serious or is this a joke? Anyway, you always make me laugh.

  13. All these opinions are valid, but MTV was recognized in a report by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy for their job in helping teenagers realize and understand the struggles of teen parenthood. Also a study by the government, revealed a MAJOR DECLINE in teen pregnancy since 2009. Ultimately, I think there is a certain glory for any circumstance documented on television, but the reality is that this show is doing an awesome job in educating, not only teenagers, but people all alike the realities of unplanned parenthood.

    • If they are educating these teenagers, why isn’t a segment of those featured teenagers getting birth control & therapy being shown? Are they going to document what happens when they get herpes, clamidia or AIDS as well?

      • I’m not referring to a formal sense of education when I say education. And the shows are “16 and pregnant” and “Teen Mom” not “16 and HIV Positive.” All though MTV has made other efforts in those efforts(prevention, protection, awareness, etc.), and I can’t speak as to what other issues they will be documenting, but if teen pregnancy is declining dramatically that CLEARLY reveals that preventive measures are being taken by teenagers. It would be awesome to have documentaries on teenagers with STDs, though :)

  14. As a 16 year old girl, I think it discourages girls to get pregnant, girls see that being pregnant or raising a baby isn’t fun nor glamrous like they think it is. But for the girls who are already set on having baby because they want to,their doomed like someone else said. I never want to be pregnant before i’m ready, and I want have a husband and sucessful career, this show is just more back up why I shouldnt.

    • I may not agree with your comment, but I applaud your logical & intelligent thinking. Keep it up & you will go places further than these young ladies will.

  15. I think that the show is discouraging girls from getting pregnant, because they get to see what the real deal is.In the beginning of the program,the pregnant girls talk about their fantasy of what it will be like when the baby arrives,and how they and their boyfriends will handle parenthood.They think that their future will still work out the way they planned it before they got pregnant,and that it will be easy to incorporate the new baby into their life.But when the baby arrives,they get a rude awakening.

    They realize how hard it is to care for an infant,and how much more of a responsibility it is than they originally thought.And in some cases,things don’t work out the way they planned.Some of the boyfriends leave,and the girls end up being single parents. Some of the girls end up not graduating on time because they’re so busy doing childcare that it cuts into their study time.Plus the high schools that some of the girls go to may not have daycare facilities on campus,and both the girls parents and the boyfriends parents are working.So no one is available to watch the baby while the girl goes to school,and she ends up missing classes because she has to stay home and take care of the baby herself.So the teens who watch the show get to see what the consequences are when someone their age gets pregnant and has a baby.

  16. The show doesn’t glamorize teen pregnancy at all. These kids have it tough on this show. It shows the struggles of finishing school with a baby; employment; housing; the strains it puts on relationshps and on family. I think it’s a great show and great for kids of both genders. Anyone who watches this show and WANTS to be a teen mom was probably as smart as a bag of rocks in the first place and was already going to get pregnant anyway.

  17. In my PERSONAL opinion this show has run its course and needs to be cancelled, the first season was enough. BUT…whether or not MTV has a show called 16 and Pregnant, teen girls will continue to get pregnant. It has been happening since he beginning of time and will continue to happen until the end of time. MTV nor the media cannot be blamed for what PARENTS are supposed to be doing, which is teaching their teenagers the value of EDUCATION, ABSTINENCE and SELF RESPECT. I believe the show is an honest depiction of teen pregnancy and and all the issues that comes along with it. To say it glorifies teen pregnancy is quite a stretch, it neither glorifies nor deters.

    PARENTS need to take responsibility for their children, MTV cannot be blamed for that.

  18. YES, YES, YES, it is!! What are the qualifications to be on the show? To be a teen parent, or a pregnant teen! It’s no longer a negative thing to be pregnant teenager! And shows like this just makes it seem all the more glamorous.

  19. this girl should be ashamed i dont even think her first child is
    even a yr old yet.even if the baby was 1 this is just sad.these young girls should not be out their having sex but the reality is young people are.they should know how to prevent pregnancy.now she have the audacity to have a episode about her abortion.if you dont know how to prevent pregnancy then you should not be having sex plain and simple.

    do you people know abortion kills more black americans than the seven leading causes of death combined. :(

  20. When I first began watching the show, I didn’t get the sense that it was promoting teen pregnancy. It showed the girls struggles and ups and downs with their kids dads, family, and school.

    BUT NOW…when you look at the MTV website, girls are all over there trying to figure out how they can get on the next season. These girls want to be famous like Maci and the gang and be in all of the gossip magazines and websites.

    This school is exploiting those poor girls and their parents should steer them clear of being on that show because absolutely nothing good will come from it (see Amber or Farrah).

  21. I read that these girls make $30,000-$35,000 per episode. The station is getting hundreds of videos a month from pregnant teens trying to get on the show. Everytime you turn around one of the girls is on the cover of a magazine. So basically they are becoming rich (well not rich but well paid) and famous for getting pregnant as a teenager….smh!

      • i think when the show first started out they were not exploiting the kids. they were just showing how hard it is to be a young mother and showing the young girls journey through motherhood .now its all about ratings. some of these girls are making more money now because of the drama in their lifes and their popularity .tv station love ratings.why do you think the station brought back amber,farrah,maci and catlin. for the drama ratings and their popularity.same reason why the magazine put them on the front cover because they know it will sell

    • Bristol Palin. Teenage mom..no real education..no father figure in her son’s life..just brought a home in Arizona for $172,000 cash paid on demand.

      What lesson are the teen mom’s suppose to learn because I do not see it.

      • AND when she was on Dancing with the Stars I’m sure she took home close to $200,000. Part of her celebrity is because of her Mom but also being a single parent.

        • She took home way more than that. My point is she is making money from being a single parent, as the 16 & pregnant girls. Pay attention to how things connect to the topic.

  22. I think the show documents teen pregnancy TRUTHFULLY.

    To show teen pregnancy/ parenting SOLELY as being the worst decision you could ever make, that their is no possible way you will now be successful or achieve your goals because of it, that it is nothing but hard work, would be a lie!!!

    That’s the way those critics would probably like it to be portrayed to deter teens from get pregnant, but the wouldn’t be documenting the reality of it!

    The show documents it the way it is. The sleepless nights, the crying, friends drifting away, struggling with keeping the relationship together… the “hard part” stuff. But the good stuff too…the smiles & coos, the love for their baby, the missing their baby when their away, etc.

    That’s just my opinion.

    • So many single mothers want ppl to feel sorry for them and want assistance because they have made poor decisions (like Diddy-well at least he can afford his own kids!).

      Single mothers are always crying because they are struggling or upset with their circumstances, well YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF. I don’t care, you made your bed and now go lie in it.

      So many Black women are against waiting to get married before starting a family. They would rather get pregnant at 16 and keep on having kids with men that have NO interest in them. Then go get on aid because they never finished school.

      Keep your legs closed, finsih college, get married and then start a family. It works for every other culture except ours beause Black women think less of themseleves. Its sickening.

      WHenever BCK post a woman that has chosen to wait until she is financially secure to have a child, the wievers negatively rip her because she has chosen to do it the correct way and yall chose to have five kids out of wedlock and struggled. Blacks need to change their views on education and family rearing. It is crucial.

      • <<>>

        Can you give an example of a woman who has been ripped for doing this? I personally can’t recall seeing posters here rip a woman for waiting until she was married or financially secure. All I see is the opposite, every time someone “dares” to have a kid before they are married the morality police, who expect everyone to live according to their belief system, come in and start talking about how bad it is and how awful these people are for having kids and not getting married.

        • How are they learning from the show when girls are still getting pregnant? Then two of the girls on the show have gotten pregnant

          MTV has not saved any teen girl nor stopped her from having sex and getting pregnant. The show is a bust. MTV just want to get paid. Do you really think that MTV cares about any of these girls ? Do you think they care about the lil ghetto teen girl that is pregnant? Not at all.

          Why are Black women so naive? Why do Black women not respect themseleves and wait to get married and have a career before having a child? Do they like living in poverty with their child or struggling just to make it? I think so

      • I don’t see how anyone can say it’s encouraging girls to get pregnant when the show highlights the struggles and stress these girls face. A number of the girls (and their boyfriends) have been shown to struggle with money. Some struggle to find a place to live. Some have to drop out of school or transfer to a different school away from their friends or settle for a local college instead of going to the one they wanted to go to like all their friends etc. The show shows them waking up in the middle of the night for feedings and having to miss out on a number of activities that their friends take part in. Plus half the episodes end with the girls being dumped by their boyfriend. So I don’t see how anyone can watch it and say it’s encouraging teen pregnancy or how any teen could watch it and say “Wow that looks awesome.” I’m not saying it’s definitely decreasing teen pregnancy but it’s certainly not encouraging it or causing the numbers to go up.

        As for the fact that some of the girls have received fame and money, any girl who would watch the show and then intentionally get pregnant because she thinks she MIGHT land on a tv show and might get fame and money out of it is a complete idiot and has issues that go way beyond the show.

          • She means Montana Fishburne wanted to become a pornstar after being “inspired” by Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, which made her famous, so she hoped the same thing can happen to her.

          • That puts Montana Fishburne in the category that I mentioned above in my second paragraph. A complete idiot with issues that go way beyond the media and Kim’s sex tape.

      • what kind of ingnorant post is this?
        first of all…nobody gets ripped if he gets married before she has children……second….being married doesnt keep u from ending up as a single mom with baby daddy who doesnt care about his children….
        sorry….your post just made me incredibly mad and sad that someone thinks like that

  23. I don’t believe the show promotes teen pregnancy. I watch the show and it is like another form of birth control for me. I see what the girls go through especially with their relationships and I don’t want to go through that. Now the people who watch the show and still want to get pregnant on purpose already have issues that have nothing to do with the show, just like the little girls on Maury that say they want to have a baby to have someone to love and someone to love them. You can’t put the blame on the media is basically the point I’m getting too.

    • This show is NOT working and it isn’t serving as a warning to young girls bc girls are still getting pregnant and two of the girls from the show has already gotten pregnant TWICE and one didn’t know if she was pregnant or not. How dumb? This show need to be canceled.

      These girls are seeking out fame on MTV, interviews and magazine covers. They get paid 50K to do the series and that is all they care about. MTV dosen’t care bc all they want is high ratings.

      Abstinence is the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

      • So you expect the show to single-handedly stop all teenage pregnancy in America? Uh, okay.

        But you are right that all pregnancy is preventable. During each episode MTV airs a little PSA stating that teenage pregnancy is 100% preventable and referring young adults to a website where they can go for more information. They can’t force teenagers to go. They can’t force people to use protection. There has always been unplanned pregnancies, and really I think there always will be cause some people are going to ignore the warnings or choose to not take the necessary precautions. You can’t blame MTV for that. Teen pregnancy existed LONG before this show ever aired.

  24. These girls are now becoming celebrities and making it seem that parenting is easy when it is NOT especially when you’re single and doing it alone. I know seeing is believing but MTV is glorifying teen pregnancy and the show sometimes goes a bit too far. We need to continue to preach abstinence period.

      • They do indeed make it look pretty easy. If you watch that special that aired the other night, some of the girls are married and the boys are still in their lives when they should just face reality. Those couples are not going to be together in a year or 3 years. They will continue to face low-paying jobs with only a high school education. Not to mention they are still very young. True, many couple get married young and stay together, but I highly doubt these couples will last. Especially when they are facing domestic violence, jealousy and infidelity already.

    • They make it look easy! No they don’t. I seen that show before. They make it look very hard. Getting up at all hours of night, loosing the rest of your teenhood for mommyhood, going through labor. Stuggling to make ends meet, dealing with the father of their kids who doesn’t want the baby(some not all). What easy part are you talking about?

      • I seen the show also and I think those girls are stupid and hard headed. I don’t understand why this issue contiunes to exist when it is 100% preventable…ABSTINENCE!!! Please young girls try doing it, it will make your life easier until you can support yourself.

        This show is stupid and a waste of time. I think alot of these girls are seeking out quick fame and trying to make some fast money bc they pay them 50K to do the show. Why not glorify kids that are excelling academically in the classroom? I know why bc MTV is selfish and only care about high ratings.

        • As for quick fame, most of these girls fade away not too long after the season ends. Some of them have twitter accounts and facebook pages etc. where people who like them can follow them but most of them aren’t really famous. The only ones who are famous are the four who were chosen to continue their stories on Teen Mom.

          As for your asking why doesn’t MTV focus on students who are excelling academically, what do you want them to show exactly? I’m just curious as to what ideas you have for a tv show. It’s easy to say “Show kids who excel academically” but they can’t have a 30 minute show where students sit quietly in the library reading or typing a paper.

          For the record some of the girls who have been on 16 & Pregnant were/are good students. Being a good student doesn’t mean your entire life is perfect in all areas or that you always make the right choices.

      • To me, it does may parenthood at that age seem a bit easy and I’ll tell you why. How many of those teens are *really* out on their own? They’re living with relatives who are footing the bill. One girl had her mother watching her baby 24/7 while she went partying with her friends every night. To me it makes it seem that everyone will come rushing to your aid when you have a baby. I haven’t seen one of those girls run down to the state office for WIC and other government assistance or wonder where the next meal was coming from or how they were going to pay the rent or where they were going to stay. Mommy, daddy, and grandma always comes through. It’s unrealistic.

        • You must have not seen the show, bc four of the girls are on public assistance and it might be more. MTV did show that on tv. As far as regular teens go, alot of them are on public aid as well as their mothers bc they had kids they could not afford. Thank You!

          • I have seen the show. Please point out which four girls are on public assistance and/or live on their own in poverty. Thank you!

        • That’s very true! Now if they want drama, find some girls who don’t know where their next meal is coming from

    • sorry…preaching abstinence? sorry that was teached in 50s and 60s and 30s and whatsoever….it did not prevent teenagers to have sex….what has got to be done is tell them that the best prevention is of course staying abstinent….but that there are condoms, birth-control …that those children will be taught to be responsible about sex….dont rush it and stuff……but teaching and preaching abstinence is bull…because it will make sex even more interessting

  25. its not encouraging, any teen that thinks its fun to be in these girls position after looking at the show is doomed anyway. These girs are struggling. I have been watching since the first season. The girls struggle and the boys are jerks.If anything i wish it was out when I was a teen, it would have made me think twice.

  26. This is not a question that has 1 answer. It really depends on the intelligence of the viewer.

    So kids will watch it and the drama will make them nauseated while others will watch it and only see the unconditional love the babies have for their parents while completely ignoring all other heartaches that come along with early parenthood.

    One thing is for sure, TV is garbage. Serves only the purpose for advertisers and wannabe starlets.

    And I can’t see how anyone would let their children watch MTV giving it’s programing history

  27. Hmmmm…Idk what to say about those shows. I’m a little older than those girls. But I don’t care for those shows. I’ve seen them but…it’s not encouraging me to do anything. Just because it’s on TV some think its encouraging? Teen pregnancy is going to happen whether it’s televised or not! I’m just stating a fact.

    • Yeah, i’m 20 & watch this show every week but not once did i thought to get pregnant b/c these girls on tv did. TV shows & music don’t encourage me to do anything b/c i’m my own person. Parents need to stop being scared to talk to their kids about sex. They need to face the fact that times have changed & teens do have sex. Put your daughter on birth control, tell your son how to put on a condom correctly. My high school had a G rated sex ed program where we spent 2 days on sex. They didn’t even teach how to put on condom like they should.
      Seeing all my friends that had babies in my school is enough birth control for me, I remained a virgin b/c being a college student & having a baby is 2 full time jobs. I rather have 1 of those jobs for now, thanks. I have a friend that is 21 & has 4 kids smh

  28. I’m so sick of this show and this girl. The other girl Amber, just got arrested in Indiana for beating up her kid father, in front of their hild. She now faces three years in prison and has lost custody of her child. She has felony charges on her record and never graduated from high school nor has a GED.

    As for the girl above, I think it is pretty pathetic that she has gotten pregnant again. How dumb? I do believe that this show is having an negative affect on some girls, that might be missing something in their homes.

    I don’t understand(and never did) why low income teen girls get pregnant when they already poor. Now you are going to go run and get on government assistance, so we the public can take care of your mistake. Please girls use your brains. It is better to wait. Graduate from high school, get a college degree and a job so that you can take care of yourself.

    I’m sorry, I am just tired of seeing this and reading about it. When I was in high school, girls would get pregnant twice before graduating (and some never graduated).

    Pregnancy is 100% preventable through abstinence (or other brth control methods)!. So I see no excuse, other than pure stupidity, as to why girls and women continue to have unwanted pregnacies or kids they can’t support financially, on their own.

    • I completely agree.

      Being seventeen I wouldn’t say it’s encouraging but I will say it’s starting to become like every other show MTV has aired in the past years. Teen Mom which 16 & pregnant is the spin off of was good and so is 16 & Pregnant. Farrah had an attitude problem and needed a major reality check and yes we all know Amber is now facing jail time, but overall the girls weren’t trashy or anything. Maci and her (cute) son Bentley and Tyler and Catelynn and their baby (and a few other couples) were the best because they stood up and took care of the responsibilites they’d created for themselves. That’s why the show is now terrible, because they’re starting to air all these trashy ass teens who have no goals, no plans for the futures, morals, etc. I mean who gets pregnant AGAIN after already having a baby you can’t afford but wait why am I asking that I see and hear about it all the time.

    • MTV + Pregnant teens= Cachingggggg. Point. Blank. Period. The show is a HUGE hit. It gets over 4 million viewers per week. Mtv is banking big from shows like 16 and pregnant and more so from teen mom. According to figures that were released the girls from ‘teen mom’ are getting paid $60,000 per season. They do 2 seasons per year. So the girls on teen mom are making $120,0000 per year from doing these shows. So much for a realistic portrayal of teenage struggles. Like most ‘reality shows’ a lot of this crap is staged. These teen moms are not struggling. How many teen moms do you know that are getting paid 6 figures just for getting knocked up. Most working adults dont ever make that much money. Such a damn shame.

      MTV= the end of all civility in America. I hate mtv with a passion.

      Good going MTV. Good going.

    • I think we need to look at this objectively and not call out any particular group of people.
      1. I do not believe the show is intended to promote teen pregnancy. But I think what the adults who produce the show fail to realize is that teens don’t view life the way adults do; they are not often mature enough to know and understand what they are really seeing (I know this sounds crazy but take a few minutes and think about when you were 16 and how you viewed life versus how you view life now). For this reason, all teens don’t always see it as the sad drama that we adults see, especially if teen pregnancy is not abnormal to them, which is sometimes the case and brings me to my second point.
      2. When you are raised in an environment where something is normal and acceptable it is not an issue of stupidity, it is not an issue of morality, it is not an issue of poor decision making. When all you know is a certain way of life, and we can judge that way all we want, you are making the decisions you know to make based on the examples you have. So let’s be thankful that we had a different example and not look at these children and judge, which brings me to my final point.
      3. At 16, no matter how grown you wanna be, you act and no matter how much you have been exposed to, you are still a CHILD. Children, and many adults, do not know enough about life to make the life impacting decisions that they are making.

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