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Sean “Diddy” Combs was photographed getting some R&R with his on and off girlfriend Kim Porter and their twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie, 4, in St. Barts yesterday (December 27).

Diddy and his entire family are currently in St. Barts on a family vacation. More pictures below!


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  1. Funny how people ASSUME that the twins don’t see Chance. We don’t know. Maybe they do see each other, and there is no obligation to BCK readers or anyone else for that to be made public knowledge. It would be nice if Kim and Sarah could allow the girls to spend time together, but it’s not necessary. None of the kids are suffering, and as they get older, they can make that decision for themselves, if they don’t already know each other.

    Lastly, Diddy accepting Quincy does not mean Kim should accept Chance. Quincy was around BEFORE Diddy began his relationship with Kim. He made a conscious decision to be in a relationship with a woman who has a child. She has no obligation to accept a child that he made as a result of betraying her.

    • That’s right. I was saying to myself that I believed Quincy was before Diddy and he made that choice to accept him as his own. What does that have to do with him making a child while in a relationship with her as far as acceptance goes?

  2. Chance has a mother. Diddy, and especially not Kim have authority to make all decisions for Chance, that’s for her custodial parent to do. Sarah may have had plans for HER own child during the holiday season, is that far-fetched??

  3. The twins are adorable, but Kim looks TIRED!! How can you expect a man to call a child that doesn’t belong to him his and give him sweet 16 parties, but you don’t want to except the other child.

    • Agree..she was, is and will be always just a gold digger.Why isn’t she trying to be photographed on vacations with her other ex, Al B. Sure? He doesn’t have enough money or staus now, I guess.

  4. It’s hard accepting an outside child rather your in the lime like or not how do I know because I’m dealing with now.I have tried to a couple of times to be around the child but I can’t never seem to love this child.I know she is innocent and has nothing to do with coming into this world but I know in my heart I cannot love her like I would my own.Me and my boyfriend broke up and he got this girl pregnant I didnt know until the baby was born because we got back together.When it comes to this situation it’s real touching for me cause I know the feeling.The child is 4 years old and I dont have kids I want my own not no one else.My boyfriend is not in her life because he can’t get along with te child’s mother,but his mother helps with her.

    • I wouldn’t want to be with a man that doesn’t acknowledge his kid or kids because he doesn’t get along with the mother of his child. This is such a copout and looser status. When a man has that type of mentality he will do the same thing to you when the relationship go sideways. It’s sad that this dudes mother has to compensate for his ignorance. If you don’t have kids…make wise choices…You would want a man that loves his kids regardless of the circumstances and defiantly sured “Financially” is a major plus. There are too many young single black females receiving “Public Assistance” for having babies by these LOSER BOYS not MEN!!!! A lot of this drama can be prevented and it starts with you.

  5. I agree with this. That’s why I was like what are they doing? I don’t understand these dynamics. Too much going on for me. If they ever do move on or whatever they are doing in their personal lives, it’s not right or respectful to your new partner either.

    Victoria wrote,

    And I just want to add that who are these “family” vacations for anyway??? Quincy is 19 so he’s not grown but he’s legal and has taken vacations by himself I might add, Justin is 16 so in a few more years he’ll be legal, and Christian is 12 obviously not grown but he’s not a little baby, all of them are not babies and they know what the real deal is when it comes to the relationships between their parents. In 2010 how could they not??? So to reiterate, who are these vacations for, Taking vacations and trying to act like your family is something that it’s not is just pointless. If they have decided to be friends but nothing more, than I have to say Vacations with the ex are too intimate I don’t care if you brought the children along.

  6. is it just me or do the twins look just like justin?? they are the cutest girls ever.i totally agree that this whole kim and chance thing is childish.chance didnt do anything wrong and it truely breaks my heart that u dont see chance around diddy and having that bond like he does with the other kids

  7. The twins are gorgeous.

    I wanted to say they look like Kim, which they do. But, as the age, they look just like Chance.

  8. As a responsible mother she should encourage her children to have relationships with all of their siblings no matter of her feelings towards their mothers……………..sometimes its more important to big the bigger person to show your children how to coupe with diversity and overcome obstacles in life. My aunt almost started dating her brother without any knowledge of being related.

    Now as for the twins they look cute, and seem to be very tall. It might be the angel of the picture, not sure. I don’t care for beads in children’s hair but that just my personal preference. I’m glad they all seem happy for the holidays, very cute. =)

  9. cuties! all his kids are beautiful i could care less about they relationship i mean dang HE HAD WOMEN WITH FRIENDS so they’re the ones who are sad~

  10. Cute pics with the Justin and his friend/relative (?) and the twins. Misa said she didn’t have any problem accepting Chance, so I hope Justin at least gets to spend time with his sister. My sister was born when my parents were married and our moms had knock downs more than once but her mom never treated bad and my mom loves my sister the same as me (as well as her kids). Luckily after a couple years they made up and it was smooth sailing but the conflict never caused anyone to rebuff the kids (even the mistresses other child was embraced, to this day).

  11. The only reason Diddy doesn’t bring Chance is because, Kim doesn’t want either of her children near her. Like seriously Kim, grow up! Chance has done nothing, she didn’t … That man you’re all hugging on did while he was with you!

  12. Most of these commen ts are focusing on Kim’s relationship with Diddy and how she took him from Misa and karma’s a b@*#h, yadda, yadda, yadda. Once again, from my experience in the world, there are some women who do not feel badly about taking other people’s men, whether they are famous or just regular guys. Many women have no morals, they will sleep with a man if he’s married, has a family, whatever. When children are made out of situations like this, HOW realistic is it to believe that the mothers and kids are going to be one big happy family? You guys can keep saying whatever you want to say about Kim and what she did to Misa and whatever you want but the reality is, in ANY situation like this, you will probably see the same outcome, children who do not know one another or spend time with one another and mothers who do not get along. All you “karma” folks, I really hope we practice what we preach. From what I’ve seen, when a woman really really wants a man, even if he’s off limits, her morals and beliefs can go out of the window to get what she wants. I really hope some of you don’t end up eating your own words one day. It’s so easy to pass judgement when you are not in the situation.

    • I’m the one who brought up Karma so don’t be afraid to come at me (QUEEN). I said it sarcastic and not to put a hex on anyone. First of all she done her dirt as well as anyone else but she can’t and won’t play victim. Yes she did Misa wrong but who said she haven’t changed or could change. I seen the worst of people change. You said what would we do in Kim shoes as far as accepting Chance. My opinion is she should be fair and accept Chance just like Diddy accept lil Al B. Sure. Get it! No offense.
      Smile. Everyone is entitled to their opinion thats why its a blog!

  13. The whole point everybody makes a big deal about chance and the twins is cause the world knows how diddy love his twins.When chance picture get posted why can’t she get negative comments like the twins?It’s because we all know where diddy heart is,he love all his children but the the twins hold a certain bond with him.So just let it be and kim keep sending those pictures and videos of them.

  14. This don’t make any sense of how people carries on about this man and his children. If I got the child support they got I could care less what he do.

  15. Did anyone notice that Kim has on a wedding band? She only wears it when the family is together not when she is alone….what point is that proving? I agree…the twins are cute and the boys are fine as hell. Chance is just a cutey and I look forward to seeing her on the runway! What does Quincy do for a living? He is old enough to work right? I love Justin’s spirit…..he just wants to be a teenager!

  16. From day one diddy was never married to kim but he has always at knowledge and included quincy in things as if he was his real child.Why can’t kim at knowledge chance like he does quincy.Diddy gives quincy more than his first born justin,the sixteen party showed quincy getting two cars when the car justin was supposed to got wasn’t even his it was diddy’s.At the end of the day right is right wrong is wrong,but one thing we have to keep in mind he’s a grown man that do what he wants to do.

  17. Sometimes I get eye sores reading about Diddy and soo on… The twins.. Are soooo cute.. Growing up really fast.. Kim Porter said what she said and at the looks of things…she meant it.. It wasn’t just something she said in a little interview. Ms. Thing put her foot down. Now.. To the women who are grown women and see something wrong with Diddy spending time with his “family” and leaving little Chance out.. You’re right. When lil bit becomes of age.. I say by the time she’s 7..(things aint what they used to be) She’s gonna start seeing these photos.. And she’s gonna start feeling left out. As a woman with children by Diddy I can’t see how Kim would disregard Chance… she looks like her very own children…smh!!
    S/n:… I love that they have braids and beads..

    • Zogie you bring up a good point that I never thought about it, honeybunch isn’t going to be little and innocent forever, and we’re living in a one of the biggest technologically advanced ages ever. One day she’s gonna google daddy and see oh last week he was on vacation with his all of his kids, well I’m on summer break, I’m one of his kids, why am I not there? And if one of those moments ever occur, I feel for babygirl. Kim doesn’t have to accept Chance (but like I said in other posts I don’t see why she can’t) but All three of his little girls are beautiful and they deserve to know eachother, that is just their natural born right.


  19. i agree he should have left kim at home.its not like their kids would not survive with out kim their with them.he should have brought chance along.that is all.

  20. I love how those on the outside looking in on can always give advice about what Diddy or Kim should do in this situation. Unless, you have walked in their shoes, you can’t say what they should do. It takes a very strong woman to accept a child that was born outside of the relationship. Personally, I don’t know many women who have or could. Some of you who are screaming that Kim should grow up and accept Chance…I really wonder what you would do if you were in her shoes (probably the same thing that she is doing, LOL) It is so easy to pass judgement but what they are going through is happening all throughout the black community. How many children that are the product of multiple baby mothers spend holidays, birthdays, etc. together. It’s a problem and Kim and Diddy shouldn’t be the poster child for a problem that we see in our communities everyday and speak nothing about. But we wait to pass judgement on them, SMH!!! Some of you need to stop!

    • Sorry to bust in on your parade but you did forget that Kim got with Diddy while she was staying with him and Misa (justin mom) and had a child by him (Christian) and Misa accepted Christian even though she had left him for that! So Karma is a Biotch right! Now Kim has suffered the same thing she done to someone else with Sarah (even though Diddy said he had all the women at the same time on the view). So before you judge other people comments read the facts. Thank you! Don’t mean No harm!

        • And don’t forget that the fact that women in the African-American community having children by multiple men is not going unnoticed, untalked about, or unencouraged.

          And for the record I just want to say that I myself don’t try to use one couple as a poster child for any one problem. But just like what I say about any regular couple, woman, man on the street. I’m going to say the same thing about a celebrity man, woman, couple, if they’re going through the same (stupid) problems. No exceptions.

  21. They never clarify which twin is which. But they are so cute! And I have to point out that the Barbie doll one of the twins holding is pretty. I still have all have dolls. LOL. Oh and I love braids!

  22. I haven’t seen any pictures of any children other than Kims. Is Justin on this vacation as well? If not, then this shouldn’t even be up for debate. This would make this a vacation for Kim’s kids with him. Maybe he’ll vacation with the other kids later. Who knows, its really not our business. If Misa and Sarah are pressed about it then why should the posters on BCK be concerned.

    • Justin is on vacation with them. He tweeted pics of him and the twins yesterday and has been tweeting about the vacation all week.

  23. They should get married? For what? Diddy’s actions have proved he is not ready for marriage and not only that but he just recently stated “he hasn’t been ready”. I just saw pics of him and Cassie together, this month. I bet a lot of women who got married to their cheating boyfriends for the sake of children they created together, had hoped that after the marriage he would change. Sighs….

    She shouldn’t want to be with a blatant cheater and he shouldn’t want to marry any woman who can not except his child, no matter how it was conceived. Yes opening your front door to a child conceived by a cheating partner would be a hard pill to swallow but if you can except and forgive his purposely wayward ways then you should be able to except an innocent child who had no choice of its conception.

    All of his children are beautiful to me.

  24. teri, ur absolutely right about men with kids of different baby moms spending individuals time with each child. but besides “individual daddy time” my point is that the children get to know each other on a personal level as as well. like i said, maybe they are getting to know each but we don’t see any pics of it and they deserve that privacy (another great point u made about respecting their privacy). i just hope they know each now than at age 8, 15 or or 18.

  25. I agree. He needs to grow some…, b/c that other woman is no worse than Kim (i.e. sleeping w/ him knowing that he had someone else).

    That poor thing seems like she’s treated as an outcast. I don’t expect Kim to have to deal w/ the little girl, but Diddy should take charge of his family time and have all of them together w/o Kim, since she’s so uncomfortable w/ the little girl.

  26. Whew,33 comments after just posting this at 11am, that was fast. I think the twins are cute and I love Diddy.

  27. Shoot! I didn’t even post my original comment. The twins are beautiful. All of Diddy’s children are gorgeous in their own way. I remember when Kim gave birth to them. They were beautiful babies and now beautiful 4 year olds.

  28. To all the Chance cheerleaders: Sometimes men that procreate with different women spend a certain amount of time with each child. Diddy spends time with the twins, his sons, and Chance. Why do they all have to be together? Apparently, it bothers some people when he spends time with the twins as though Chance has to be in the picture. Why does she have to be in the picture with the twins, but not the boys?

    There are some people really obsessed with Chance. I expect it every time there’s a Diddy/twins post. We all have our opinions, and that’s fine, but it’s a bit funny. Unless you have personal insight regarding Diddy, his women, and his kids, I think making assumptions is very short-sighted.

  29. Awwww these two are just getting cuter and cuter and I don’t have ‘daddy abandoment’ issues but I would like to see him with chance as well as all the other kids. Not that it matters what i think but its just that u see him spending so much time with the oldest one and that one isn’t even his

    • Diddy seems to think that it’s OK to financially support Chance. He stated on the View, “I’m different, all of my children go to the orthodontist.” This was his response to having 6 children by 3 different women. So everyone needs to take the blame off of the women, because if they allow him to go between them, they can’t stop him from seeing all of his kids. That’s if he wants to. There are lots of beautiful children who don’t spend time with their daddies.

      • Thank u Ebony Starr. I’ve always express my comments stating that it’s not Misa, Kim nor Sarah’s responsibility to create this bond between Diddy’s blended family. It’s Diddy’s responsibility not the mothers.

        • @Keverno, totally agree. There are some situations where the mothers have some sort of communication with one another in an effort to bond the kids (whatever works for people) but…ummmm….no, that’s daddy’s responsibility.

    • Diddy is right to make sure they go to the dentist because they all seem to have inherited his mouth full of over crowded teeth.

      Thank God it doesn’t take away from any of their looks, including his. They are good looking people.

      Like the song says, “their Daddy’s rich and their Mama’s are good looking”.

  30. I agree too…I’m bringing up Chance also. Why everytime he has all his kids together Chance has to be put on a back burner! I wish all the adults would get it together and allow their kids to be apart of each other lives. Oh yeah the Twins are very cute. All of his kids are cute.

    • I agree with you. But do you remember when Swizz & Alicia got married & Kasseem wasn’t at the wedding. Everybody was saying they wouldn’t send their young child out of the coountry w/ their father if they weren’t there? How come this situation is different? Is it b/c a lot of people had dislike for Alicia for supposedly “taking” Swizz from Mashonda? Maybe Sarah isn’t comfortable sending her young child away w/ her father especially when someone going on that vacation already stated they don’t want your child around.
      IDK, i believe fathers should spend time w/ ALL their kids together. Not the best examples, but T.I & Wayne always have all their kids together lol

      • Trish despite what people who live in their small worlds think, America is a beautiful country with some beautiful vacation and hang out spots. At the end of the day the kids are not going to remember St. Barts, they are going to remember being on some beach with their daddy swinging them around, teaching them how to swim. He could’ve stayed his ass in the country and took his children skiing and snowboarding in the mounatins, ALL of his children. Truthfully there is nothing that you can do in St. Barts or these really expensive islands that you can’t do in America. Same goes for Swizz Beats when he and Alicia got married. Kasseem was young and I don’t have kids but if I did no I wouldn’t have sent him out the country as young as he was without me, and who knows if he was ready to leave his mother also. They could’ve gotten married in New York, just like Jay-Z and Beyonce did or on the beach in another state. But they didn’t, they decided to go out of the country & as a result Jr. didn’t roll with them.

        • And I just want to add that who are these “family” vacations for anyway??? Quincy is 19 so he’s not grown but he’s legal and has taken vacations by himself I might add, Justin is 16 so in a few more years he’ll be legal, and Christian is 12 obviously not grown but he’s not a little baby, all of them are not babies and they know what the real deal is when it comes to the relationships between their parents. In 2010 how could they not??? So to reiterate, who are these vacations for, Taking vacations and trying to act like your family is something that it’s not is just pointless. If they have decided to be friends but nothing more, than I have to say Vacations with the ex are too intimate I don’t care if you brought the children along. And you can show your kids that daddy and mommy may not be together but are still friends by just telling them that and showing it by acting respectfully and cordially towards one another, invite the other over for dinner once in a while. Don’t fly to St. Barts.

        • I would love to take my future kids on vacations out of the country. Yeah America is beautiful, but other countries/islands are beautiful too & would like to expose my future kids to it. I don’t see nothing wrong w/ Diddy taking his kids on vacations or Swizz & Alicia getting married out of the country. But Diddy & Swizz are parents also & should have the right to take their kids on vacations. Maybe they have a court thing or made an agreement w/ the mothers that they wouldn’t take the kid out of the country. They are too famous to kidnap a kid lol. But my whole point is BCK comments were saying they would never send their child off w/ their father out of the country & in this post majority is saying Sarah should have sent her child out of the country w/ their father. It seems certain things are only ok for certain celebs if you like them or not

  31. could be his entire fam cuz his other lil gurl isn’t there. just saying..being fair. hopefully the kids do get to spend quailty time with chance and we just don’t know about it. i’m hoping that thats the case. sibling relations are important.

  32. The twins are soooooo cute, I could just pinch their little cheeks….I love how they dress and fix their hair…beautiful little girls!!

  33. People needs to stop telling him what he needs to do or what he should do. It`s his choice whether or not he should marry Kim. It`s his life.And how do you know how he feels about Cassie. and what the hell is a jump-off.there is only hookups and relationships.he and Cassie have been on and off since 06 so obviously he has feelings for her to. leave him alone and stop putting marriage on people that are happy with the relationship they have.

  34. The twins are so adorable. I love their hair and outfits. What is Diddy and Kim doing? It’s clear that he’s not interested in settling down and being a family man. So sad.

  35. They are cute! I would love to see a picture of both of them smiling lol. They barely smile in pictures.

    I don’t see Diddy ever settling down and Kim is crazy for sitting around for years waiting for that to happen. The man has had other kids, dated numerous women, then goes back to her for a little while before finding another woman. At some point you got to say enough is enough

    • Who knows???…She might be dating or have a romantic relationship with a special somebody outside of Diddy. Plus they problem agreed to do a family vacation once a year for the sake of the kids.

  36. omg please do not bring chance into this post its about the twins! anyway the twins are so cute but not good pic of kim poter to me.

  37. Yeah I agree too, diddy seems hiself when he is around kim and the three boys and twins.I say to diddy is if kim takes him back he better not mess it up with no outsided women or baby,she has shown him more then enough years of her life to be an honest woman.

  38. They are so darn cute. I don’t see why people try and comnpare them with Chance (is that her name? idk) I think they are as equally beautiful as she. I luv how she dresses them too…

    • I agree Janay. Someone in the other thread said that Chance has them faded or some other crazy rhetoric was used. I was like wow, that’s mean-spirited. I don’t think so, but to each his or her own.

    • Has anyone considered that Sarah doesn’t want Chance around Diddy or those other kids like that? Kim gave an interview years ago in Essence and no one has let it go. Her own mother doesn’t cheer lead her like you all. People grow up without all their siblings everyday. She will be just fine. Why should Kim care about this child spending time with her EX-boyfriend? I wouldn’t. That’s between Diddy and Sarah. End of.

  39. I was just going to see if they were going to show the twins while on vacation.Diddy might as well marry kim because he is sick when he is not around her and those children.He needs to be with kim and stop messing around with cassie and these other jumpoffs.the twins are looking more like kim they and kim has a tan those outfits are cute.Kim’s has always been a pretty girl I can see why people think she is mixed.

    • Intelligent people on a Combs twin thread! What a breath of fresh air to not read the ignorance this time. Kudos y’all! :-)


          So eloquently stated! You are an absolute Einstein for concluding that I was agreeing with the last part of reese’s statement..
          Some of you “women” on here are astoundingly genius-like in your a.s.s.umptions.

          For the record, my original comment was intended for the first round of intelligent posters who commented..it appears that the goon gate has since been left open.

  40. There my Girls…I was just wondering about the Double Mint Twins???? I think Kim is beautiful..She reminds me of pretty Black Barbie doll.

    • Yes! They are my fave celeb-babies, I was waiting to see them too! Also agree w/you that Kim is beautiful, she DOES look like one of the pretty brown Barbies I remember playing with as a child.
      The twins are sooo gorgeous, they could model like their mom one day. :-)

  41. I think Diddy and Kim should just go ahead and tie the knot…Go ahead Diddy and marry Kim…I hope you not waiting on JLO…

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