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  1. What you said is not a truth, a fact or hilarious. It’s nothing but your opinion like everyone elses here. Who said these are “post-racial” times we are living in anyway? I know President Obama has not declared it so.

  2. What does the year have to do with it? Racism and oppression exists her in 2011. Save the “holier than thou” attitude.

    • Give it up. The perfect world that you think or want to exist, will NEVER be. So just let it go. And actually its not us causing race issues,check out other “groups” and see what they have to say about us. It isn’t so nice. We as Black women, are taught to just “roll with the punches” and be nonchalant about everything. It is sad that we can’t express our thoughts or even joke around without someone condeming our opinions. Its like being oppressed all over again.

      • Agree, Christian. Look, even on this site featuring Black people, Black women are are being discouraged to express their thoughts and feelings.

        • Its nothing to deal with it, just everyday life for me. My BF is white/hispanic and I’m half white and half black.

          I still don’t care if someone say something that is funny. Heck, if it’s funny, then laugh. But it is also ok to state your opinion, without ppl condeming you for your thoughts and opinions.

          But, as far as race issues and racism, that will NEVER change.

  3. Is that necessary?! Always some black women saying that…cant we just comment on the children…who cares if hes with a black woman, white woman, asain woman ect ect….lets do better in 2011!

    • Remember that everyone has the right to say what they want, so someone said “jungle fever” and they are right. Folks are ALWAYS hollering for black women to bite their tongue in many situations!

      Anyway, the oldest looks like dad while the youngest looks like neither parent.

      • the problem with this jungle fever comment…..it comes off as hurting and almost racist….I dont like this bull “oh, why aint he with a sister”…..who cares…therefore robin thicke is with a sister and noone complains about it.

        love not color counts and he just met that woman and fell in love with her instead of a black woman…..lets just be happy for them to have this little family instead of dwelling on the color of his wife

        • Like I said black women are always told to not express their opinions! Also, you took “jungle fever” comment and turned it into something else. Save the “love knows the color” talking point. I guess Spike Lee was “almost racists” when he named a movie “Jungle fever.”

          • why should I save the loves knows NO color comment, when u cant save the other comment…..honestly…what does that have to do with sisters always being told what to say or not? this has nothing to do with being a sister or not….this has to do with being jealous for no reason…..ever been thinking that people in the show biz just meet much much more people “outside their race” as I read so often on this page? could that be the main reason for so many mixed marriages in showbiz?
            I personally am very happy for every couple that finds love…and couldnt care less if Melo is with an hispanic woman, Tiger was married to a white woman or Snoop who is with a black woman….it dont matter….most imporant is that people love each other….

        • There is a huge difference between “expressing your opinion” and using that opinion to club other people over the head.

          It’s 2011, not 1911. Not only in terms of the rights black women have, but also in terms of responsibility/accountability.

          Be blessed.

          • It doesn’t matter if it is 2011 or 2020, things will NEVER change. It hasn’t changed in all these years, so why do you think it will change now? Give it up. That perfect world that you think or want to exist, will NEVER be.

  4. I never liked Byron Allen. He was just soooo corny to me. Byron Allen, Wayne Brady and Cuba Gooding, were just so lame to me.

    Aside from that, cute girls.

    • I never knew who he was until I started to come to this site. One night by accident, I caught his show. One word: horrible! But he does seem like a well put together and smart man. Yes, his girls are cute.

    • @ Christian, you sure did catch all of them! agree with every single one you called out. and yes, i catch his show late night sometimes by accident if i’m too lazy to change the channel lol! or i’ll watch depending on what comedians he has onstage. but his little bit that he does in the beginning of the show is sooo not what it is lol!

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