Jamie Foxx totes his baby girl while chatting on the phone on his hotel balcony in Miami Beach, FL yesterday(December 29th). Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon was the first to announce that Jamie had fathered a daughter last year.

She revealed on the Wendy Williams show in April of 2009, “We saw each other Easter Sunday actually at a friend’s house and he came with his lovely daughter and he told me that he had a new baby. I said, ‘Wow, Jamie do I know the baby mama?’ and he goes, ‘ No.’ Then I go (jokingly,) ‘Do you know the baby mama?’

Jamie also has an older daughter named Corinne Bishop,16.

More close-up pictures below!


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  1. Why do all his kids look thier mixed with either white or hispanic. Does he only date woman that are white or hispanic?

  2. I agree with Christian.

    The vast majority of other races prefer their own kind or simply put any other race BUT Black………..Black people are the only ones denying this reality and insisting “love sees no color, blah, blah, blah”, and prefer mixed/interracialness to their own skin and features!

    Anyway, she is a cute little girl, who looks like a light skinned Jamie. I have also heard her momma was a White undentified woman just like the eldest daughter’s mother. I personally don’t believe he’s ‘dating’ the mother either……..

  3. This will ALWAYS be an issue. So it doesn’t matter if its 2011 or 2020. Race issues for ALL groups exist and will always exist. Asian don’t like it when they marry outside of their race and Indian/Pakistanian people try to always marry from within and they rarely marry outside their race. I know some Latino motehrs that don’t want their kids to marry tor be with others who aren’t of Latino background.

    So you see, its NOT just African Amer. women or men that might have a race issue. It is a universal issue that will never stop being an issue.

  4. I say that because he have been in enough relationships with beautiful sistahs. They still look black Jamie and like you!!!!lol.

  5. It’s obvious that Jamie only want to have babies with white women and they still come out looking like him, lol.

    • Are both the mothers white? Cause both of his daughters look mixed to me. Jamie doesnt come off as the type to date white women or at least I thought he didnt.

      • Right! Shocking isn’t it. Yes, they are both white. lol I guess he has a “certain people” he sleeps with and another to breed or give money too. lol

  6. I wonder why Jamie won’t marry non of his kids’ mother? Having all these kids and no marriage isn’t good for girls to see. It teaches them that they should just be “Baby Mamas” as well. I see this stuff happen all the time. The cycle just keeps repeating itself.

    • Your making it sound like he got 5 kids. These are the only 2, unless he got some other ones that are unclaimed for. Plus they’re yrs apart. He could have been or still is in a serious relationship w/ the this baby’s mom. No one knows

      She adorable. She looks like him around the eyes

        • Its not like he had the kids back to back. They are like 16 years apart. He had his 1st daughter young so he probably was being young & stupid. For all we know both of these girls could have the same mother or he could be in a serious relationship w/ this childs mother. I honestly don’t know why it matters who the childs mother is, he likes his privacy or he would have been showed off this baby. When he has another one by another woman yall can start complaining.

    • trista:
      Please dont start that.
      we havent seen him date multiple ladies who look a certian way so you DONT know if he ahs a type

    • both mothers are white-it is on MTO..so he could very well have a type..but be careful there are angry people on here so use choice words. lol

    • Trista, when i saw these pics the first thing i thought was: he has a type, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad b/c you point out the obvious.

  7. Isn’t she half Armenian? I always wondered how a half Black/Armenian baby would look like. But, she’s adorable!

  8. Its very interesting that no one knows either of his daughters’ mothers. I think there is more to the story than we will know for right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gay or something and he made arrangement for a surrogate or a “girl” friend. Its just rather odd.

      • I’m with you KeKe. Celeb have the right to be private and not all celebrity Z”baby mamas” are attention whores.

      • Its not that I’m nosy I could care less about his baby mammas. Its just rather odd with all of the celeb paps that follow their every move and I haven’t and it doesn’t appear to many folks have ever seen at least a picture of the mothers nor their names. I mean a good friend of his Gabrielle didn’t even know the baby mother. Its just seems a little too private like its a cover up for something.

  9. Dang I forgot just that fast that he had another girl.She’s so cute.It shows how private he is.I have yet to know who his oldest daughter mom is.I think at times it better this way because some of these babymama’s milk these kids for everything.Jamie’s genes are really strong,lol!

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