Comedian Dave Chappelle was photographed at a Miami Heat basketball game in Miami with his wife Elaine,  their  sons Sulayman and Ibrahim, and the latest addition to their family, daughter Sonal.

Dave and his family live a quiet life in Ohio.

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  1. When black and asian mix they tend to look more black. The same thing when whites and asian mix, they tend to look more white and sometimes straight up white. It’s just around the eyes you can usually tell they have some asian in them, that’s all

  2. They look about as asian as kimora lee and russel simmons girls and that is little. So how is it some of you can see the asian in ming and aoki but not in the chappelle kids? I know one thing if that is Dave’s wife, she is not completely asian. She looks as dark as Kimora and Kimora is mixed. I happen to think his kids are cuties.

      • I think I read before that his wife is either Cambodian or Filipino, both of which are Southeast Asian nationalities, so that would explain why she has a darker skin tone. Koreans, Japanese, and northern Chinese are usually (emphasis on usually) the only East Asians who have very light skin tones.

  3. Cute kids! For some reason, I didn’t think Dave was in the States. Nice to see him out…. That kinda sounds like I bumped into him at the grocery store or something. Lol.

  4. Why does the fact that they are black and asian even need to be brought up? In response to that though, asian genes do not ” trump” all other genes. Most mixed asians ive seen have the eyes, but thats about it. Cute kids.

    • It’s brought up because they are black and asian. Goodness it’s not like anyone was trying to be negative. It’s only natural to point out how their mixed racial background influenced what they look like.

      And I don’t know what other race the mixed children you’ve seen were mixed with. But from my experience most of the mixed asians I’ve seen in person are Afro-Asian. My friend *LA is half vietnamese and half AA, and she looks completely Vietnamese, my friend Peter looks mixed and my friend Michael looks mixed. No one can say for sure what any mixed person is going to look like, personal experience or not.

    • Rilz

      I completely agree

      Ive known over a Blasian people throughout my lifetime (celebs not included) and most of them look exactly like what they are… part Black and part Asian.

      I think people see “Asian eyes” and think they look full Asian. Understandable because Blacks and Asians share ALOT of similar physical features

      If anything the Black genes are the “strongest” because the Black/Asian and Black/White mixes tend to look a like (Tahj Mowry, Jade Cole, even Paul Wall’s baby girl are black/white mixes that could pass for black/asian). These looks producing similar looks just goes to show you how dominant the African genes are.

      I know this one girl who looks “Black” according to many people (she looks mixed to me) but her sister looks completely “African American” while her younger sister looks exactly half and half!

      To sum it up… I think “Asian eyes” are dominant but the African genes dominate over everything else

  5. nice fam Dave. Dave grew up about 20 minutes from where I am from. he’s a really down to earth guy. he came to a jayz concert in columbus ohio where i work and was walking around without security and people’s mouth were dropping open like that’s Dave Chapelle. it was too funny.

  6. DANG, he got some strong ass genes. His kids don’t look like they have a drop of asian in them, which is truly shocking. All the half asian people I’ve ever seen whether the other half was white or black looked straight up asian. Asian genes usually trump black genes too and the kid may up looking south/southeast asian(Malaysian,indoneasian, indian, ect.) at the most. Really amazed at genetics right now.

    • I agree. I’m always amazed at how strong the Asian genes are when mixed with other races. Especially when mixed with African American. But David’s son in the gray sweatshirt looks very Asian. I can hardly tell that he is Black.

    • @ wow: check your eyes: Dave’s kids def do have Afro genes. The son in the gray shirt ‘s complextion I think is from his Afro genes.

      • @lilkunta

        learn to read before you go after someone. I said the kids don’t really look ASIAN as in they look just black, which suprises me. nothing wrong with that The kids are all beautiful.

    • I have to agree too, I am half Filipno and half African American and no one can tell, everyone thinks I am full Asian. It is sooo frustrating!!! But I also agree that his son looks Asian and his daughter looks mixed. They are both cute!! But thats also like me I look Asian and my little brother you can tell is half African American.. genetics are crazy!!

  7. He has beautiful children. :)

    Ok, I can’t hold it in anymore: “I MISS YOU, DAVE! PLEASE COME BACK SOON!” *sobs*

  8. Cute kids. Dave Chappelle pleeeeease come back to TV! We need a funny comedian on tv right bc tv is dead.

    I think Kevin Hart should get a show.

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