Starr Andews is a 9-year-old figure skater whose on-ice performance to Willow Smith’s hit  song “Whip my Hair” has gone viral.

Watch the young figure skater’s performance below:

What do you think? Does Starr have a future as an Olympian?

Starr Andrew’s YouTube channel

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  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC! Parents don’t be afraid to put a site up and do some fundraiser for her skating career if you need to! I’m sure myself and others at the Howard University community would be more than happy to show our support for such a talented young athlete.

  2. I cant believe she become known through mainly dancing to willow smith.
    But.good on her anyway.and she has already got sites reporting her news and sites of her own in just a few days.wow she is lucky.

    • I was thinking of Debi Thomas the ice skater from back in the day. I don’t know who Tai Babaloni is, but will research up on her. Thanx.

    • I know right?! Black = biracial = Black….same difference!
      so I dont get why ppl put “biracial” on such a high esteem. *shrug*

      • But I don’t get it, one of my best friends is half-Irish & half-Japanese, yet she calls herself biracial to honor both her Irish mother & Japanese father. What’s wrong with doing that? You’re simply honoring or acknowledging both parents or both sides of your heritage. You can’t just erase one side of yourself.

        • Its cool to call yourself biracial but you are still black (because black includes biracial- its more based on appearance). Most black american are mixed with some european and for some of us it could be even 50%. There is no way for us to tell though. Back in the day even if we had a drop of black we were considered negro.

          • Not true. Just because someone is biracial, mixed with Black, doesn’t make them Black. They self identify how they want. These days most biracial people want to honor both parents. What you’re talking about happened during Jim Crow (one drop) and those days are LONG gone!

  3. I think the black female ice skater in the 80’s Christian was asking about may have been Debi Thomas. Remember her?

  4. aww, look at lil bit workin it on the ice! i think she definitely has potential. with more practice, i hope to see her at a future winter olympics representing the USA. :-)

  5. I can appreciate this. I used to be a figure skater and had a routine to smooth criminal.’I was the only black skater at the time 80’s and 90’s but had a lot of talent and rhytham. Go star. Stick with it.

  6. “Does Starr have a future as an Olympian?”
    She definitely has potential. Cute performance. I especially liked the ending.

  7. She did so good. I can barely stand up on the ice lmao. I watched her videos & she gets better in each video. Her video’s been on youtube since ’08, baby girl should have been noticed long time ago lol

  8. Beautiful!!! Finally, we get to see some culture on the ice! Will be watching for you Star! Keep up the good work!

  9. GO HEAAD LIL MAMA! “Whipping AND Skating”.. she is waay to cute and got TALENT. She def has a Future BCK! (= I cant even stand up &dance with skates ON! LOL..

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