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  1. I’m tired of hearing about myself,it should not be a problem with kim or sarah.They both are grown and the most important thing is they both have his children.Life is too short for the foolishness,I don’t see lil’wayne’s children mother’s acting like this,rather who did who wrong these kids are siblings at the end of the day and their to love one another not hate.Yes I agree diddy was wrong for having chance on kim but,if you choose to see him you got to accept the child or just leave him alone all together.You have to treat people like you want to be treated,this chance doesn’t know why certain people don’t like her it’s not her fault.

  2. When chance gets older she’s not going to want to have anything to do with her half siblings I believe.Alot of kids that are left out either want to belong or just don’t care about and with the love shehas around her she won’t suffer she is will be fine.


  4. Is this “black celebrity kids” (as in black kids who are celebrities) or “black CELEBRITIES’ kids” (as in the black kids of celebrities). I wish you guys would feature more up and coming black “celebs” who parents ARENT famous. Diddy’s twins and Justin (who isn’t even perusing an entertainment career, but in sports) are famous for no reason when there are many young black talents who are hustling and working hard and are overshadowed by these kids who get it easy.

    • i think bck does a good job of featuring both. obviously we will get a bit more of black celebrity’s kids moreso than up and coming black kids. not sure how, but i think you are able to submit info on any young unknown talents out there to possibly be featured on the website.

      • valid points, but on the other hand, this is their site, not ours. so they are allowed to feature who they want, when they want, and as often as they want. if you have a problem with it, i’m sure you can take it up with the webmaster personally, don’t visit the site at all, or create your own site that you feels caters more to what you consider important. that’s all i can really say about that. the things you may find dumb and pointless i would think are why most people come here. there’s plenty of celebrity baby sites out there right now, but this is the best one i know of that caters to those who are minority.

        • I totally agree with you. You make brilliant points. It just sounds to me that someone is a little “salty”….

      • Sounds like you are talking from personal experience and you seem angry at BCK for not featuring you? Someone you know? But perhaps they don’t have the talent? Sorry, to be rude.

        It’s just that i think this site does the best that it can at entertaining and educating. There aren’t many sites like this and they feature celebrity kids, upcoming kids, and teen/child teens stars. And this site has only been around three years.

        Perhaps someone you know should take their anger elsewhere.

        • I just thnk its so dumb now. I do have a friend that’s an artist they didn’t’ feature and its whatever now cuz that friend just got signed and is doing pretty well w/o them, but its not really why i posted and im not “salty” over it. But its just so stupid in general the type of things blog sites feature now a days or whats considered a celebrity or talent now a days. The day i posted that i just felt “salty” cuz it bugged me and i felt like posting for some odd reason. lol. but really, Kim Kardashian is coming out with a music career? why? cuz she had a sex tape which entitles someone to be famous? We see random posts about kids doing nothing special on new years why? cuz their parent(s) is(are) famous? idk something hit me the other day and it just really bothered me. I think its cuz how pointless this post is. Why not feature some young, black talented kids like Jessica Jarrell, Aaron Fresh, Nesa Kovacs, Kemistrie, Terrence Hardy, Jazzlyn Marae, Marisa Lander, Kiersey Clemons, and more? They’re part of the next generation of TALENT and deserve some spotlight. Its just really bugging me how we put some people on a pedestal and they didn’t even work for it, or theirs no point in the attention on them since they aren’t even seeking a career that requires it.

          Willow Smith, Skye Townsend, Chani Christie etc…those type of Kids of Celebs make sense to feature since they DO seek out a career in entertainment. but going through the posts, like 80% of the posts deal with kids who don’t have any type of entertainment career. I personally would rather see 80% of the posts be about aspiring entertainers (or philanthropists, clothing designers, maybe a feature about a child who graduated early or is excelling in college,etc) and 20% be posts about things like a celebrities child turning 7, a celeb being spotted out with their child(ren) (um it should be NORMAL for someone to spend time with their kids. That shouldn’t be a news story), a family outing, or a celebrities child had a fun new years. Those type of things are SO pointless to me, but it seems its consuming about 90% of the media now-a-days. And although i expressed my feelings on here, it applies to more than just BCK. But BCK just happened to be the one site i was on where it just frustrated me and I wanted to post.

      • Sorry Abbey, but I always interpreted the site as being about Black celebrities’ children more than about child celebrities.
        In any case, posting about up and coming child entertainers would not exactly for the bill either. They are not celebrities yet.
        If the site is not fitting your needs, then you are free to start your own. They can feature all the folks you want.
        I don’t take anything away from Willow Smith or Diggy Simmons’ talents just because their parents are talented. There are plenty of celeb kids that don’t do anything but spend their parents money.

    • Man I never noticed that, always assumed it to be the kids of black celebrities not kids who are celebrities. Wonder if that was just bad titling or if it is suppose to be about celeb kids.

      • It’s noth. it’s actually good titling. Per their definition:

        “Blackcelebkids.com is a pioneer in providing news and tidbits on celebrity kids and babies of color. A celebrity kid is defined in two ways.

        1) He or she can be the offspring of a celebrity

        2) He or she may be a celebrity kid in his/her own right”

    • That’s not Misa, and again I say how do we know Sarah wants in? It’s so easy to assume things about people we only see from a distance.

    • @ abbey you must be new to the site, why why abbey if you don’t like go to another site that caters to your needs..so in hindsight bck should overall change their BRAND because it doesn’t suit you..wow never seen no1 complain before..

  5. omg, that vid was too stinkin cute! they are such little ladies now. speaking in complete sentences. i hope they keep this childhood innocence for a long, long time. i think that is Jessie on the left, little miss talker lol! and D’Lila on the right, chillin wit the elf hat on and her fingers in her mouth lol! and yeah, Justin does sound like daddy Diddy.

  6. I see they left St. Barts today. Chance would have had so much fun with her brothers and sisters…the saga continues

    • Why does someone always find a way to mention Chance is MIA, and how do you know rather or not Chance’s mom wants her child around them or not?

      We can say a lot about Diddy but it’s obvious he is in these kids life, and Quincy not even being his by birth, isn’t treated like a step son so I don’t him tossing her to the side. Even if Kim found a problem with things I don’t see him putting up with that when they’re a couple anymore so….bottom line we don’t know their business like that so unless Chance’s mother gives a story saying she’s left out, there isn’t away to prove that and even if she did, still would be no way for US to prove it.

      • Thank you. Justin and the girls are from different moms and yet they still hang. It may be that Chance’s mom prefers to keep her distance. At the end of the day, we can only speculate.
        Chance’s absence shouldn’t take away from the fact that these children have bonded beautifully.

        • While the comment above has NO RELEVANCE to the topic

          Its not sarah who wants to keep chance away from the twins , its Kim. She has said it and Misa (Justins Mom confirmed) Kim doesnt want chance around her girls because she wants to feel more important to diddy and have his only girls and act as if sarah and chance never happened. knowin that cant be done because diddy wouldnt allow that , she simply just rather not have her around. Yes its childish and pretty sad , those are her children. and those are her wishes. It will all turn bad for her in the end when the twins realize what she has done. she basically wants to be Diddy first and last chick but that cant happen , beecause misa was before her , but diddy so stuck up Kims but so smh . I guess she is the winner hahaha

          Anywayy Justin is so levelheaded and smart && a great brother to ALL his siblings, good to see && fine lmfao (Im only like 2-3 yrs older- I can say that)

  7. Opera won’t let me see any videos, and Firefox crashes faster than an O.Ding crack head whenever I try to open BCK.

    My browsers are acting a fool. >:/

    • Hello, Leo. Does this happen often? Does this occur when you visit any other sites? Any answers you can provide will be of great help! Thanks!

      • i also use Firefox, and mine does the same thing. crashes all the time. either when i click on “read more”, flip through the pictures, or submit a comment. basically anytime a new page or new info has to load, it usually crashes. not sure if it has to do with the java compatibility or some other issue.

      • Sorry for the long gap in replies. Got a free day today. :) I find it works on Firefox if I scroll sloooooowly, and don’t use tabs at all. I haven’t experienced any problems with other sites and Firefox – at least not yet.

  8. Isn’t this video precious! She sounds so cute telling her little story and the other one looks so cute when she keeps saying “huh” to Justin. I wish I knew which was which.

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