Tami Roman's kids Lady Jazz and Lyric

The end of the year is upon us and what better way to round out the year than with some “end of the year” links. GO ahead: Click around!

Is this Jamie Foxx’ new baby’s mom? [MTO]

Nick Van Exel’s son confesses to murder [MediaOutrage]

Check out the Grimmett family photo album![SoujournerMarableGrimmett]

Everybody Hates Chris writer found dead [ShavarRoss]

Cause of death for Teena Marie is unclear [SR]

What’s wrong with Disney girls? [MrsGrapevine]

1 in 3 families is struggling [Momlogic]

Check out the Kardashian family’s Christmas album [GlobalGrind]

Khloe and Lamar have a reality show in the works [Wanda]

New parents Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz cuddle up in St. Bart’s [TheYbf]

Keyshia Cole talks about motherhood on Chelsea lately [NecoleBitchie]

Alaina Huffman knows how to multi-task with all four of her children [CBS]

Tami Roman’s daughter can rap[Bossip]

Man sued for rreading wife’s emails[BMK]

And just for laughs! Ten celebrities who look like animals. Some of your favorite parents made the list [RadomTandem]

Happy New Year!

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  1. About Tami, I meant to say I think she got the black male on the show kicked off. I think she accused him of being inappropriate toward her. On “Basketball Wives” she seems down to earth, unlike the other women. Especially Evelyn who doesn’t know her but the first thing she wanted to talk about is Tami’s weave and nails. She knew they were talking about her when she came back to the table and she jokingly made a comment about it. Lol. Tami is a natural beauty. Hope she and Kenny can improve their relationship for the sake of their beautiful girls.

  2. If that’s Jamie Foxx babymama on MTO what a “Hot Mess”…At lease get one that’s drop dead gorgeous since he wanted to go there. I bet Corrine’s mother probably looks like Debbie Rowe MJ’s ex-wife…another “Hot Mess”…UGH!!!!

  3. Tami became famous back in the 90s from MTV “The Real World”. She had an abortion on the show and I think she caused the black in the house to get kicked off. She married Kenny Anderson after the show.

  4. Can someone tell me who Tami Roman is?
    They say she was on Basketball Wives but that name isn’t ringing a bell and I don’t recall seeing her on the show.

    I hate to hear about what happened to the writer from “Everyone Hates Chris”. R.I.P

    Also rest in peace Teena Marie. Damn I’m still bothered over this death.

  5. SO THAT is why Lamar went to custody court for his kids with Liza. He wants custody so he may film them. I hope Liza says NO like Keith Sweat say no ti Lisa Wu.

    Lamar, Im sure the death of your son affected you. You shoulda got thereapy. Instead you abandoned you kids in Cali. Om really disappoitned in you.

    Your behaviour to your 2 older kids is why I feel Khloe is making sure she hasnt got pregnant yet.

    • Why didnt she make sure she didnt get married??? If her moral compass was that high, she wouldnt have married a man that abandoned(allegedly) his children.

      Funny how Tami’s daughters are the spitting image of one parent. Lyric, her, and Jazz is Kenny all day. Cute girls

      • Who is Tami? I keep trying to figure out who she is and what she did?

        As for Khole and Lamar, I think they are digusting together. I won’t be watching that show.

        • Christian, Tami was on MTV’s The Real World in the early 90’s. Thats all I know her from, she has said she’s an actress too though. Oh, and apparently she was on Oprah before to discuss her relationship with Kenny years ago.

      • The Kardashian sisters (and their mother) don’t have any morals! They just care about the man having ALOT of cash flow and that is it.

        I just read on MTO that Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye. I hope that isn’t true. She doesn’t have a good track record with men.

        • I heard she was dating Gabriel Aubrey, Halle’s ex-man/baby daddy. There are pictures of them at a Lakers game floating around. Then again, who cares who the flavor of the week is?

        • Ebony Starr. I had no idea her name was Kenni. That’s an interesting name for a girl. He’s disgusting to me, and poor Jazz, being his spitting image, and having to wear a “strangers” name

  6. LOL @ “Ten celebrities who look like animals.” The first time I saw a photo of Jay Z, I thought to myself, ‘Hey, he looks like that camel in the cigarette ad!’ Poor guy. I guess he can look on the bright side: at least he doesn’t favor a roach. LOL!

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