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New Year’s Resolutions: Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet!


What are your plans to make 2011 better than 2010?

I love reflecting back on the previous year, and anticipate the upcoming year and all that it has to offer.

My New Year’s Resolution List consists of the following:

1. I will take care of myself mentally,  physically, spiritually, and financially.

2. I will continue to balance work and motherhood and spend quality time with family and friends.

3. I will volunteer by mentoring children at the Boys and Girls Club of America.

4. I will schedule speaking engagements.

5. I will continue to write, blog and publish.

6. I will continue to travel.

7. I will continue to educate myself.

Wishing you and your family the best New Year ever!



About Sojourner Marable Grimmett: Married with 2 Boys. Stay-At-Work Mom. Sister. Twin. Daddy’s Girl. Best Friend. Sorority Sister. Writer. Speaker. Poet. Activist. Registered Organ Donor. Super Nice. Likes to Give Hugs. Visit her blog: sojournermarablegrimmett.blogspot.com follow her on twitter and like her on Facebook.

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Sojourner Marable Grimmett has a BA in communications from Clark Atlanta University and an MA in media studies from Pennsylvania State University. She is a stay-at-work mom and her experience in higher education spans over 10 years working in student services and enrollment management. Sojourner previously worked at CNN, Georgia Public Television, and as an AmeriCorp member at Harvard University’s Martin Luther King Jr. after-school program. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Roland and two young sons, Roland Jay and Joshua. Visit her blog sojournermarablegrimmett.blogspot.com.




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    • Your family is beautiful! Well, i try not to make New Year’s resolution, but if i must make one then is to become more patient. That is an acquired skill, i know, but it’s doable. How do you plan to accomplish your goals with those two adorable boys?

      • Tiffany – Thanks for the message. I think that’s a great New Year’s resolution. You’ll go so far in life by being patient.

        As far as my resolutions, I rely on my husband and family for support. I’m so appreciative of them and thankful. Be blessed!

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