Tween star Willow Smith was featured in Uk’s newspaper The Sunday Times last month. Below is a snippet from the article feature, in which a journalist who works for The Sunday times recounts meeting Willow Smith for the first time:

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That Willow was born to be a star isn’t really in question. Fame is written into her DNA, because the family are not merely stars, but their own constellation Luckily, Jada is there, direct, connected, maternal, milling among the team, walking Willow’s dog, Lil’ Homie, who has accompanied her on the shoot, or preparing a plate of food for her.

Mummy and Daddy Smith, though, have copped some flak, in between the ooohs and aaahhhs over their delicious children, for having taken the concept of hot-housing the showbiz gene and stepped it up a whole new gear. She’s accused of being the ultimate pushy showbiz mum, but I’m impressed by her warmth, her manners and her connection with Willow throughout the day.

How ya feeling, Jada?” someone asks. “Oh, crazy,” she replies, fluffing her magnificent mane of ink-black hair. “Like I do every time she does something.”

Because I’ve been told not to talk about it, school is the first thing that comes into my head when Jada steps over to introduce herself. She doesn’t miss a beat. “Every day she’s learning something that’s not on a specific curriculum,” she replies carefully. Normally, she assures me, Willow’s tutor would be right by her side all the time, although how any 10-year-old can learn their times tables in between recording pop videos, I don’t know. But Jada assures me that both Willow and her brother, Jaden, who is an actor, are learning about life — the kind of life they will lead — all the time, and she has a point. “It’s all a learning experience. Being part of the family she’s from, and working in the industry she’s chosen, she needs some guidance. So I’m here to teach her how to look after herself later. I mean today is school, right?” Anyway, as a Smith, does Willow actually need to know her tables, to be able to spell?

We watch as Willow poses, dances and smiles at the camera. When she passes for yet another outfit change, Jada grabs her, and Willow shakes my hand and smiles again, a big bubble-gum smile that looks well practised. Any parent who can get their child to shake hands and make eye contact with a new adult will know it’s not an innate quality, but one that has to be learnt with repeated practice and hefty parental prompting.

I’m impressed, I tell Jada. How do you get her to obey the rules? Jada looks surprised. “Rules? We don’t have rules,” she replies. “We come up with agreements. Kids are little people, and we’re in life to guide them. Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it’s no different with children.” Jada and Willow don’t fight, but they have altercations, like when Willow made herself a Myspace page. “I’d told her not to, so I was so mad. I said, ‘What do you think I should do now?’ So Willow said, ‘Mom, take my computer away.’ And I said, ‘How long for?’ She said a month. So it’s negotiations. I’m not saying it’s always perfect. I have my bloops and my blunders. But I’m doing my best.” This all sounds like clever parenting, the kind of stuff any parent who has argued with the iron will of a young daughter will understand.

During the long shoot, Willow does four big outfit changes, transforming from ghetto girl to rock’n’roll kid, preppy punk to romantic princess. That’s a long day, a lot of pressure for a little girl, I say to Jada. It must be quite a thing, preventing Willow from getting exhausted, from crashing and burning before she’s even hit puberty. “Willow isn’t the breadwinner. Most times in this situation, a kid is supporting herself and an entire family,” Jada says, looking straight at me. “She’s not doing this to support a family, so she can do as much or as little as she wants to. When this shoot is finished, we’ll go straight home, then Willow can do exactly what she wants.”.

The entire interview can be found in The Sunday Times newspaper(December issue)

Source: The Sunday times

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  3. I read an article a long time ago where Jada explained that her children are all religions. They are Buddhist 1 day, Muslim the next, Christian the next etc etc. That is so ridiculous! It now seems that the only thing they are teaching the kids to value is show business. Its a good thing that God takes care of babies and fools as my mama would say!

  4. Go to Harvard, spend 160K plus and make a little over $130K year. The “education” system really has pulled the wool over most of your eyes. These children will be trust fund babies of an entertainment empire, they will undoubtedly become a product of creativety and imagination. They will major in Social education, financial education, and business and it will supersede learning algebra and world history any day. The interest on the money that Will and Jada have can cover the salary of thousands of Harvard grads and neither of them attended Harvard. Choices! Go to school to get a job and work for someone else or learn how to leverage other people’s work ethics and degrees, work for yourself and become rich beyond your dreams. I chose the latter; and most people don’t.

    As far as punishment. Smart children are really small adults. Their minds work in astonishing ways. I believe in what Jada is doing. Too often, we’re given rules and it stifles us to make up our own minds at our free will. This leaves many teens and adults making silly decisions because all of their lives, everyone else made decisions for them and ruled them as dictators. We are all born under God with one right; the right to choose, if we don’t allow our children to choose early on, they’ll be underdeveloped mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    I have a son and I promise you, he asks for everything he wants, and it’s because he knows my reaction will be an agreed upon action where he has input. Cookies or brownies? 15 minute play time and 15 minute Spanish lessons or 15 minute play time and 15 minute exercise? When they have choice of more than one, we manipulate them into choosing one of the two decisions we came up with for them. Or, you didn’t obey mommy, do you understand what you did wrong? yes or no? Explain. What do you believe I should do about this so that you’ll learn. My son at 4 years knows the severity of an action. He’ll put out a hand for a smack, he’ll hand over the candy jar, he’ll hand over his favorite toy when he did something that wasn’t good. Try it. Need to raise smarter and richer children into smarter and richer adults.

    • It does not sound like Jada is using the approach you use with your 4 year old at all. What you do is common sense. Its how I taught my students before I became a 6 figure attorney at the age of 26. Now that I have children I use the same approach.I am disturbed at the bigger picture. Our children are entrusted to us temporarily. We have to prepare them for more than life on this earth!

  5. Did she delete the myspace page. I guess when she is 15 and wants her boyfriend to stay over and they so no she will go ahead and then decide her punishment. Just asking and I don’t care if people get pissed with this post. That is the problem with children these days they are given too much leverage and can’t even fend for themselves.

    • you’d have to assume she violated the rule anyway, that renders your argument negligible, but let’s say she actually disobeyed their rule or “agreement.” Then yes, she should discuss her behaviors and discuss the appropriate punishment, mom will always have the last say though. Make no mistake, Jada doesn’t play

      Strong holding someone doesn’t mean that they will be prepared to fend for themselves. It’s quite the opposite actually, considering you’re choosing the punishment and not allowing the kid to really understand their actions.

  6. Anyway some of these comments make my stomach turn. I’m so glad Will and Jada are very protective of her, Willow is not allowed at all to go on the blogs or even on Youtube without her parents consent.I’m glad some of these comments are disgusting and I’m straight sick of people saying horrible stuff about this little girl, doing nothing wrong. She’s a great girl,well behaved, and has good manners. It’s always “Yes ma’am, please and thank you ma’am.” They are very respectable children.So keep up the good work Lo!

  7. My daughter goes to NVLA, the school Will and Jada started and it’s an excellent school and does throw religious views and is nOT Sciencetology. How do you know the Smith kids don’t go?Because Jaden graduated from there and whenever Willow is in LA, she goes to school with the rest of her peers and friends. Just sayin.She’s been more busy, but she tries to come as often as possible.

    • i thought the school went all the way to 12th grade, so how did Jaden graduate from there already? even if it stops at 8th grade, that’s 13 or 14 yrs old right? is he even at that grade level yet?

      • The school only goes to 6th grade.Jaden graduated last year.My daughter is in 2nd grade there and Willow is in the 5th grade there, she still has one more year.

    • How do we know this post of yours is not a lie? We don’t. Just sayin’. I don’t think you are totally familiar with the school’s history.

      • Sorry. My last comment about her post being a lie was meant for Kami, not bck reader who I agree with.

      • You can believe what you want. I really do not care. I was just stating a fact because someone mentioned Will and Jada built the school, and the kids never attended.Which is not true, because I have seen both Willow and Jaden there, in the classrooms. A lot of the Smith’s family attend that school and family friends. They are some great kids and I wish them well in everything. Will and Jada visit very often and are very invovled.

    • Educational methodologies used by the school (New Village Leadership Academy) include “Study Technology” developed by Church of Scientology founder L.RON HUBBARD.

      Just Google the information.

      Anyway the school was built primarily by the Smiths for their children, Willow and Jaden to attend.

      • They do not throw any Scientology at the children. I am Christian and we go to church every Sunday. So am I a Scientologist?The Smiths are a great family and they are very invovled with the school (Will and Jada), it’s an great school really. My daughter is doing great, she’s in the 2nd grade.The Smiths are Christian. Sheree’s husband is a pastor. The Smiths attend church with them and it’s quite ridculous that people claim they are “Scientologists.” Is it because Tom Cruise is one?Because I have friends that are atheists, does that mean I’m one?No.

  8. Willow sure is going to be illiterate. Poor thing. Like Beyounce – no education. Glamour and fame is not cool. They need to look at the Obamas and the Clintons. Chelsea grew up amazing. Then if they want to get into the fame and glory of education so be it. Not cool.

  9. Considering formal education has massively influenced the ability of Will & Jada to become the wealthy celebrities that they are today, it absolutely stuns me that they are placing so little emphasis on their own children’s education. Knowledge is power!

    There is no greater gift (besides your love) to give a child than a good education. Maybe it’s because I’m a graduate student myself, why I find this complete lack of regard for education to be appalling. Their stance on education is just so hypocritical since it was education that has allowed Will & Jada to get where they are today.

    • I agree! Even though he chose not to attend M.I.T, Will Smith’s parents still helped to guide him to ultimately have viable options that included a college education. He has even stated that with his mother being a school board administrator, she had connections to help him attend any university of his choice.

      Willow and Jaden have to think about how they are going to get at least as far as Jada made it…graduation from high school.

      I do commend this family for remaining scandal free, so far, in terms of “Hollywood” standards.

    • I don’t think it’s hypocritical, I just think it’s a different approach to it. Sitting in a classroom doesn’t always mean that they aren’t getting a “formal education.” There are different ways and different approaches to learn these same rudimentary elements.

      Take a look at MJ, that was a SMART man, and he had nothing but tutors, plus it’s been established that home-schooled children are usually ahead of the pack anyway. It isn’t as if our education system is world class. It’s failing our children, so on all levels Will and Jada are probably doing their kids a favor, lol

      I am very much a proponent of getting an education, but who are we to set the standards on what’s the appropriate way about going about it.

      There are a plethora of educational methods. I actually like some of the approaches that Scientology uses which is just a composite of other methodologies and theories. For example, there is a strategy where a child doesn’t move on to the level until they’ve mastered the one they are struggling with. Regular schools do not do this, they just keep moving usually…

      People need to be a little more open when it comes to HOW people learn their “times tables.” lol

      Would you disagree with the “Singaporean method?” As we use the “Saxon” method in the U.S., which sucks btw.

      • I was not referring to just public or private school education, I was referring to their disregard for education as a whole. At ten years old, Willow should definitely know her “times tables” & I believe the child herself has stated that she is behind her peers in math. That is not a good sign at all.

        I personally am going into my seventh year of college & I am working on my doctorate. I am the product of a public school education, it wasn’t the best school, but it was a good school & the teachers did what they could for the kids. Parents need to start stepping up to the plate a hell of a lot more than they are, because if you don’t have expectations for your child to do well in school, then the teachers sure as hell won’t be able to instill that into them. The first thing I hear from my international friends is that their parents, not the school, had high expectations of them & they were expected to work their hardest towards their education. It starts at home.

        And as for home-schooling, I am not against it, but just as many things (if not more) can go wrong with home-schooling as a classroom education. When I arrived to college, I was FAR more prepared than most of the kids I knew who were home-schooled. I have encountered many, many home-schooled children who received huge shocks when they got to college simply because they were not prepared for the competition of their peers & the real-world environment that college often thrusts you into. This especially applies to the larger research universities where you are EXPECTED to be able to navigate & survive in a (as my profs like to say) real-world microcosm.

        • I don’t think they disregard education as a whole. I think they approach it differently. They don’t think sitting in the classroom all the time is necessary to learn, And it’s NOT,lol. And I think that’s where it gets misconstrued that they have some massive disregard for education as a whole, when they don’t! I learned my times tables playing hop scotch! I was not home-schooled, but since I wasn’t getting it the traditional way, my mother was like play hop scotch and learn your times tables, lol. It was fun and I learned them! Many of you equate “formal education” with sitting in a classroom, that’s not always conducive to having a great education. You’ve been conditioned to think that. There are varying ways of learning the same things.

          They know education is important and Willow will learn her times tables, she’s just being lazy like most kids who don’t want to do school work at that age. Plenty of kids who are in traditional schools are behind her, so I say she’s doing just fine. She’s a smart girl. The Smiths are doing a great job IMO. Different strokes for different folks.

  10. Actually, this is great parenting, many of you need to take note. You’re allowing the child to REFLECT and consciously think about the choice they have made. Allowing them to come up with an appropriate punishment for themselves actually provides the stability for self-regulation in the long run and also great confidence! Hence, they are less likely to proceed into action without thinking things through.

    Like someone else mentioned, it’s all semantics. What one person deems an “agreement” someone else sees it as a “rule.” Jada is right though, we’re not here to RULE someone. We are here to GUIDE THEM, much like when you tend sheep, you GUIDE the sheep in the direction you want them to go.

    You can strong hold a person and will your power, but it really doesn’t make them THINK about their actions.

    If Jada had said, well you’re grounded, sure Willow’s first reaction will be sadness, but that in no way allows her to think, right then and there about her actions. At that moment it’s just a punishment (there’s no thinking involved, so self-reflection on what she did), and guess what, that punishment will probably not deter her actions later on. I GUARANTEE you, next time around she will NOT be thinking about a punishment or her actions, only if she can get away with the deadly deed! lol

    Whereas, in the moment if you ask a child what their punishment will be, and YOU DISCUSS their behaviors, she will more than likely THINK about what she does in the future and weigh the pros and cons of her decisions and make a decision based upon her previous responses to her self-imposed punishments! I like this approach actually. Spanking should be a last resort (if you’re into it) but you don’t need it if you parent with less reactivity and more DIRECTIVITY; you’re still the one in control, but you’re allowing the child to self-impose their own restrictions. They will truly understand the phrase “actions have consequences” then! lol

    Jada’s stance on school reminds me of the Reggio Emilia style of learning, more of holistic type of learning; a school of thought that suggests that children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing and other philosophies. These kids are smart, very bright. Willow is learning the basics, and as far as Trey is concerned, totally different upbringing, but he also has a totally different PERSONALITY. There’s a reason he’s not into acting. He’s shy and probably not interested, lol

    • @ApLMACLady (cool name by the way) – People are not mad at how they are disciplining Jaden or Willow. If you read the comments people are upset with Jada response to her view on education. It is quite disturbing about how they view education.

      • You’re right, Jasmine. I just want to add that it is a bit hypocritical for Jada to more or less denounce formal education for her own kids, when a core formal education, coupled with talent and skills, has brought she an her husband so far in life.

        To kiss up to Tom Cruise and to gain his friendship, she and Will founded a school which champions methods of Scientology that they don’t even send Willow to, who is still elementary school age.

        Schizoid principles.

        • I was gonna bring up the whole Tom Cruise thing yesterday…happy you did…I totally agree. This is what happens when you hang out with the “likes of him” Hope they are encouraging education with their daughter

          • Agree with you Dizzle, too. The so called Hollywood Education Literacy Program (HELP) which the Smiths have made donations to, is based in Scientology and focuses on supporting home schooling, which the Smiths seem to adhere to.

            Further reading of Willow’s bio states that she and her brothers are youth ambassadors for Project Zambia which helps children orphaned by AIDS in Zambia.

            If they are active as Zambia youth ambassadors, I say kudos to the Smiths for attempting to balance Trey, Jaden and Willow’s glamorous lives with the stark reality of seeing and knowing how kids without parents navigate their way through life without the guidance and benefits of loving, caring parents or lots of cash.

            Nice chatting with you Dizzle. Take care.

      • I still don’t agree with ther education stance… but they’re pretty much on point with their method of guidance and discipline you can totally see these are confident, well behaved children.

  11. No Jada, you are the illusion. A black woman whom tries so hard to be white that you have lost your brain and morals. When did 10yrs old become a tween?

  12. Based on Will and Jada’s backgrounds, I always thought they were a couple that valued formal education, at least to an extent. Will Smith’s mother was a School Administrator with the Philadelphia school board. Will Smith turned down a scholarship to attend M.I.T and was admitted to a pre-engineering program at M.I.T. His father was a refrigeration engineer.

    Jada went to Baltimore School of the Arts, graduated, and enrolled in North Carolina School of the Arts and dropped out after a year.

    Jada has donated over a million dollars to her high school alma mater which she attended along with Tupac Shakur.

    Will and Jada founded a private elementary school in Calabasa, CA, the New Village Leadership Academy. They’ve donated to the Hollywood Education Literacy Program which focuses on home schooling.

    Formal education played a big role in forming who Will and Jada have become and it is perplexing as to why they don’t feel it necessary for their offspring to have the same core foundation in life.

    Will hasn’t always had the “Midas Touch” in his career. He went bankrupt in the early 1990’s and lost a lot of his possessions at the time. Of course he’s been mega successful since then.

    It doesn’t hurt to have an education to fall back on.

  13. I agree. It’s not about having to HAVE an education but about having one. If my child were rich, boy I’d be happy : ) but it would deeply sadden me if they were rich but didn’t know what 12×12 was. However they are not my children & I wish them nothing but blessings. She’s a beautiful & talented child but in this pic, her eyes look so sad.

  14. Besides Willow’s sadden face in her photo…I can’t believe some of the things that comes out of Jada’s mouth! Sometimes she need to stop takling!

  15. IMO, whether or not you agree with the reporter it seems like he or she had an issue with Willow from the start, I notice other bloggers commented on it as well. But I also don’t care for the British press, so maybe my own bias is coming through. I read the interview in it’s entirety and I didn’t like the overall tone of the interviewer, like she felt she needed to swoop in and save Willow or something *eyeroll*.

    I agree that unless you can see into the future you don’t how Willow and Jaden will turn out I know plenty of people that had ‘normal’ childhoods who grew up to be adults with serious issues because of their own choices. I say let Will and Jada raise their kids how they see fit, they’ve already managed to raise three kids into adulthood w/o major problems as far as I know.

    There’s obviously some kind of structure in their family/household or Willow wouldn’t have gotten punished for doing something she shouldn’t have.

  16. All I want to say is that it is the LAW that all children living in America receive formal education. I’m not knocking homeschool. But, working in the school system, I do know that there are ways around homeschooling. Not to say that all homeschooled children are examples, but there are children who are being “homeschooled” on paper, and are sitting up in the bed watching tv all day. Then when the kids gets older and go to “real” school, they crash and burn, fall behind, or are already behind. I don’t care who you are, or who your parents are, we all need to be educated! Yeah, the Smiths always mention that the tutor is there, but what is she really doing? Guess we’ll never really know…

  17. I think it is important to have life skills (as Jada puts it) but it is also important to get a formal education and stress that to your children. I use to like Will and Jada but now I don’t know what to think about them after all of these off the wall interviews. What if Willow loses her voice and cute girlie look and start changing (like we all do) most ppl move on to new artists anyways after awhile. She would at least have an education to fall back on. Same with Jaden. This interview was an eye opener and confusing.

    • To me, it seems like Jada is saying, they are making sure Willow & Jaden have so much money throughout their lives, they won’t feel the consequences of what it’s like to be an uneducated adult. We broke souls need an education but when you are a billionnaire, what is a mere college degree? Why waste time securing a HS diploma when you can spend it securing millions? Why waste time on college when you can get an honorary degree like Mary J Blidge & Sean Combs?

      I’m just saying.

      • @Shirley, yes I agree that that is what Jada is saying. But I still think it is wrong. Kids today think that you can’t become a millioniare through education and that isn’t true. There are lots of millionaires that earned their money by obtaining degrees and their careers. Society and tv just don’t tell them that. I have three degrees, own my own home etc and is doing well. When Jada said that statement (and I remember Will said he didn’t need education along time ago) is the wrong message to send to kids that are reading and listening to them. Not everyone will get famous and earn millions. As for Jaden and Willow, I hate to say it but I don’t think they are all that talented. They are cute and have money they will be ok, I guess.

        Anyways, I hope they are right but I don’t know. Those skippy outfits she wears, weird hairstyles, and these photos and interviews just seem so odd and distrubing to me. But I wish them well.

  18. I really don’t find an issue with their children being allowed to fulfill their dreams. My issue is how nonchalant Jada is about the importance of education. If Jada felt secure with her reasoning/descions she makes/has made regarding her daughter’s education then why would she feel the need to state ahead of time that that subject is off limits? Why not talk about it as freely/proudly as she does that she’s not pushing them into the limelight or that they have no rules pursay? Hmmm

  19. I agree you guys must live with the SMiths and see into the future because you ALREADY KNOW HOW THIS GIRL WILL TURN OUT?WOOW!THAT IS AMAZING!Sit down!Smh let Will and JAda raise her and worry about yo problems and yo kids!You guys better all be parents who have PERFRCT CHILDREN because the way you are bashing the Smiths is CRAZY. What works for them,works for them.And obviously Jada gives rules. I just think Will and Jada don’t want the kids to think they are being “Controlled” and blah blah.She said no Myspace and she told Willow NO.Well hello that is a rule. I just think she’s wording it differently.Anyway while you all hate Willow is making more money than you ever will!NICCEE WIllow!Whip your hair at all your haters boo!

  20. For all the commenters that are bashing Will and Jada’s method of punishment/discipline I am curious to know what type of punishment you wuld give a child who went against your will and made a myspace page even though they were told not to? Is not taking away the computer for a month appropriate punishment for such disobedience??? And if she was given a direct order by her mom which is you are not allowed to be on myspace.. is that not a rule or a guideline??? See what I see happening here is people are caught up in semantics.. just because Jada decides to use the word agreement rather than rules does not mean the children dont have guidelines and limitations because clearly they do.. I am a firm believer in that children should be treated with the same respect we give adults and I do the same thing with my children. If they do something wrong we discuss it, explain why it was wrong and then punishment is determined… what is so wrong with that I just cannot see it. The only thing that concerns me here is her nonchalance about formal education.. to me that should be first and foremost riches don’t matter fame does not matter but as someone said Knowlege is power. She can lose her voice, they can, like other child actors become irrelevant, no one knows what can happen in show business so they need something to fall back on. But from what i have seen these are well adjusted happy and well mannered children so they should be fine. To me though formal education is never an option.

    • I’m commenting on your quote of children being treated with same respect as adults. Children are not adults..they do not have the same responsibilities are adults do..the same experience, education, etc as adults do. When a child under 18 gets caught doing something, two things happen..the child looks to their parent to bail them out & the responsibility gets put unto the parent/guardian of that child. Therefore, unless you are an adult & have proven to me that you should be treated with respect, I will not give you any. My son is a responsible 14yr old. I have respect for him compared to other 14yr olds, but not as much as I would have for an adult.

      Children are not mini adults..they should be treated like children who parents are raising to be adults. Just my opinion.

      No comment on the Willow issue except to ask, why does she look so sad in the pic? Not her expression, but her eyes.

      • Sherley, I wish BCK had emoticons because you’d get a big ole hand clap for that, girl. I, for the life of me, don’t understand why some people think children are adults. They are children. They are trusted in our care to love, nurture, and guide them. They are not capable of guiding themselves. They look to US, and they want guidance. This whole, “Children are little adults” is absolutely ridiculous.

        That said, Will and Jada will have to deal with whatever fall out happens with their children. I won’t be anywhere around, if and when the, “you know what,” hits the fan. Hopefully, all will turn out for the best.

      • @Sherley and Teri I hear and respect your opinion.. a lot of what you are saying especially the part about children looking to us for guidance and that they are not adults, you are absolutely correct I am not refuting that. However the fact that you can say you will not give a child any respect because they do not have responsibilities or have not proven anything to you is just outrageous to me. All human beings adult and children alike deserve the same respect… I do not believe children need to be belittled in order to be controlled.. It is my experience that you can talk to them reason with them and discipline them and it is just as effective. I am testament as this was my parents method and so are my kids.. Everyone is different and everyone has different methods of raising their children, whatever works for you works for you and we can all agree to disagree.

      • Sherley, there are plenty of people just like you, child molestors and killers come to mind. All human beings deserve respect. When an adult doesnt think one of the most vulnerable of our population(children&elderly) deserves respect, they are dangerous. I hope your son has better role models in his life.

        • @Shania AMEN!!!! What also puzzles me is how can you teach children to respect adults and their peers if you show them none…truly mind boggling..

    • I agree. People are all up in arms about Jada’s statement about not having rules but one definition for rule is “an arrangement” which is the same as saying an agreement. She’s wording it differently but it’s the same. According to this interview, these kids have boundaries like other children. And those boundaries are set by the parents. And there are consequences to crossing those boundaries. All of that is right there in the interview. They seem to like to use different terminology but when you read between the lines, it’s pretty much the same.

  21. Lol Some of you should be more concerned with the future criminals in YOUR home, extended family, and neighborhood. Will is Trey’s father, and Jada is his step-mom, they both had a hand in raising him, and he seems to be doing well……right? I think too many parents think of their kids as property, instead of smaller people with valued emotions. Time will tell with Willow and Jaden, but they seem to have the essentials going for them, love, support, and guidance(whether it’s the type you’d use or not)

    I appreciate that Willow isnt just left with “handlers” too!

    • @Shania, ya know. As far as Trey is concerned, he isn’t in the business. I think Sheree, his mom, is one of the reasons he’s so grounded. That’s just my take on it. When I saw Will, Jada, and the kids on Oprah, Trey stood out to me. He’s the one in the background. There’s not a lot of hoopla surrounding him like there is with Willow and Jaden. He seems very content with playing football, and his mom and step-dad probably keep him under wraps too. Just an observation.

      • Teri, I think all adults in a child’s life that are closely involved with the child’s upbringing should be credited(and sometimes blamed), as much as Will and Jada have been involved in Trey’s life, it wouldnt be fair to give only 1/3 all the credit. The comments that bother me arent the ones that are opposed to them being in the business, its the ones that belittle Will and Jada’s parenting style. I understand that a lot of us grew up with that beat em down type of discipline, and as far as we’ve come, a lot of us still dont see that as the abuse that it is.

  22. Oh well, I guess we now have the poster family for how not to raise your kids. This is so sad because Will and Jada appear to be (from their pictures and appearances on tv;don’t know them personally) nice people with cute kids. But, this could backfire on them badly. And, no parent or child deserves this. But…its their life, their kid and their problem. Parents beware! Buying into this act and anything associated with this family with this lifestyle will only show to your kids that you think this sort of thing is ok and that doing anything you want to do is ok as long as it makes a lot of money. And, it will come to life in your homes right under your own noses. There comes a time when we will have to look deeper into what is presented to us as entertainment. Because even as good as it seems to be, it may not be good for you and what you are trying to do with yor childs life. Love yo Will and Jada, but I will have to sit this out.

  23. Where Jada and Will messed up on is by not being in the Interview with her when she go on the show or radio. They should be sitting next to her. They exposed her and now she is being slammed for lack of education.

  24. I don’t think it’s wise that formal education doesn’t seem important to Jada. Yes, our kids need to be savvy about life but that also develops from their experiences in life. A child should think reading, writing, multiplication and division r important. There are skills that children learn in school and other academic environments that they need to survive in life regardless of who their parents r and have much money they have. Also, I don’t think that jada is saying that her kids can do whatever they want. I think she’s saying that ppl use rules to control ppl and that even children cannot be controlled by rules. It seems like the children r made aware when they have done something wrong and r apart of the determining the consequence. I think the example that she gave is reasonable.

  25. I don’t really see a problem with how they are raising their kids. The only thing I disagree with is the nonchalance about education. The child will suffer if she doesn’t understand at least the basics. She is ten. They don’t have to have her in an actual school but the child has problems reading and to me that is not good because knowledge is power. The more you know the less people can take advantage of you. Other than that I say no one perfect and the kids seem to be well adjusted. So they must be doing something right.

  26. I dont think that Jada is saying not to parent the child..what she seems to be saying is that she gives her kids some freedom and choice in what happens to them instead of ordering them around all their lives..Trust Jada is from Baltimore and is not someone i can c be a pushover when it comes to her children..These children seem well mannered.r definitely talented and will have challenges just like any other child..Her children will feel more freedom to come to her and let her know whats going on in their lives..instead of being afraid of a parent…Jada is real, she was raised by her grandparents because of her mom’s early addiction problem, but she is a testimony and an inspiration to her hometown..Baltimore is proud of Jada and Willow is a Star!

    • I agree with most of your comment. I respect different parenting styles as long as it works for said family and kids aren’t being abused.

      I also get to a certain extent that Jada doesn’t align herself with the old mind-set of “children should be seen and not heard”. She allows her children a certain measure of self expression and individuality and that can be healthy if tempered with proper guidance.

  27. It’s amazing to me how many physics are on BCK. Everybody seems to know what kind of a person this child will grow to be or what her life will be like in 20 or so years. Based on what? The very little that we see of her in magazines, tv and radio interviews? That’s ridiculous.
    Having a normal childhood is not a recipe for success and stability as an adult. There are many messed up adults that have had “normal” childhoods. And while there are many child-star horror stories, there are also many that started out in the industry at a young age and have done well: Mowry twins, Raven Symone, Jurnee Smollett, KeKe Palmer, Keisha Knight-Pullium and I’m sure I could name many more though I don’t care to. The point is, we don’t know the kind of person Willow will be as a result of her being in the industry at a young age. You hardly know what her life is like now, but you are sure of how her story will end? You actually SEE the end of Willow’s life, a child YOU DON’T KNOW? Amazing! You must be physics.
    Let this girl live. Unfortunately, your disapproval of Will and Jada’s decisions for their children don’t matter. You have no control over how they raise their children or what and who they allow into their lives. So either support the kids or don’t but for you to be an adult and continuously speak negativity into a child’s life is beyond sad to me.

    • 100 percent correct..people try to critize will and jada kids but i think they sould take a look at there own kids

    • yep and raven symone jurnee smollett and keisha knight etc.All had something that will and jadas kids dont have and thats structure rules and somewhat strict parents.Will and Jadas kids have no discipline and are allowed to make their own punishments..what is the point of them even having parents they are raising themselves.

      • so amerie are you in will an jadas house do you live with them are you with them everyday? so you dont know what goes on..the reporter could have taken her words out of context or twisted them like what the media lovessss to do..so untill you have lived there life nobody can say how they raise there kids

        • if her words were taken out of context then every single reporter must do this because this is not the first time that she has been quoted as saying the kids have no rules and do what they want.She says it in almost every interview where the kids are mentioned…

    • You really had me confused as to why you were proclaimming the other posters to be physics?! I think you meant to type psychics. This, one word, changes your entire post.

      • Ha Ha. No. Ebony Starr was right. I actually meant psychics. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. That’s what I get for trying to be a [smartalec]

        But basically what I was trying to say is that we don’t know what these kids’ home life is like. We have no clue because we see so little of them. What we do know is that Will and Jada know this industry. So this being their life for so long, they should be able to navigate their children through all the craziness and protect them from the pitfalls in this industry better than anyone. We hear negative stuff about celebrities every single day, but I can’t recall hearing one single negative thing about this couple. They seem to make really good decisions for themselves and so I find it hard to believe that they are just going to let their children be out of control. All I’ve ever heard Will say is that he wants his children to be good people who make a positive contribution to the world around them. I personally think they will be that. But none of us can say that we know how it will end. But why try to write her life story, with so little facts, before she’s even had a chance to live it. *shrugs*

    • Do you mean psychic? Listen, I hope they turn out well, but the entertainment industry is hellified. Ask someone that has been there. And all the people that you mentioned as child stars have had their battles, trust me, maybe not out in the open, but sit any of those child stars down and ask them about their experience, and it won’t be the pretty picture that we all want to think.

      My criticism is simply this, there is no reason she needs to be in the entertainment industry. Her voice is average. Her parents have been there and done that, they made their money, why would they put their child through that kind of scrutiny, that type of stress, and that type of life, especially at 10 years old? And why do they feel the need to put their children out there as products for public consumption?

      There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye here and it’s troubling to me. And I mean as someone who is their market, as someone who they are trying to sell this image, sell their child, as an educated consumer, I have some concerns because they should know better.

      • I don’t know one person who has never had a battle of some sort. Every person that I know has had their own personal struggles. I work with youth and trust me, those kids have battles as well. I don’t know anyone that’s protected from “battles” in life. I don’t get your point.

        • My point is this: We all have battles, sure that’s a great way to generalize it. But when you do certain things, you raise the chances of having the issue/result occur. Analogy: Everyone knows it is dangerous to walk in the street, but we all have to do it occasionally and there is normally a stop sign, a street light there to control traffic and minimize danger. HOWEVER, you up the ante if you walk out in the middle of the street in middle of traffic. NOW, there’s a chance that you can still make it without getting hurt, but you have increased the risk of something tragic happening.

          What any of us is saying is that why would two very wealthy entertainers put their child through this at such an early age, when there is absolutely no reason for them to do it? From the outside looking in, they wanted it to be a family legacy thing, which is not necessary with the type of money they have made. They have enough money to create a financial legacy. There is no reason to put a young child through this type of scrutiny and stress, they are missing out on their most formative years. You can definitely tell that they came from humble beginnings and have had their mind twisted by so many different people, that they have lost their wisdom and street smarts. It is not necessary to put either Jaden or Willow in movies or music careers so that they feel they are part of something; I mean at the end of the day who cares about that, isn’t there a bigger lesson they should be learning about humanity?

          The top 1% of the ruling class of people will never have their children running about in an industry that is all about smoke and mirrors. This industry is about producing lies and creating products (people/images) to create funding for people that live behind the scenes. Will and Jada are not the ruling 1%, not even by a long shot. They are poor colored black people who caught a break and they are being manipulated by those behind the scenes to their children’s detriment.

    • I agree with your statement. However those child actors that you mention ;Jurnee, The Mowry twins and Tajh, and Keisha Knight Pulliam,all received an education throughout their careers and ALL of them went on to graduate from college.

      I don’t have a problem with being in the entertainment world as a child in music, movies or tv. Because I would let my child do it, if he/she had the talent and opportunity. However, I would still make sure that they got a good education (because not all kid actors/musicians make it as adult actors or musicians). I would stress education and ensure that they got a good education and went on to college.

      I think alot of people don’t like it how The Smiths don’t care about education (and I remember when Will Smith said years ago that education wasn’t important). So I think alot of people are upset with their take on education, not so much with how they are discplining their children (which I think is ok).

      As far as we (the public) opinions don’t matter, it actually do matter. Because if we (as adults and parents) don’t like what is going on with Willow, then we won;t buy her cd for our kids, and then she won’t have a career at all. I wish that they would let her look like a child and not an adult and stop marketing her to adults. I think alot of people would like her more. Either way, I wish her well with everything.

  28. willow and jaden are both going to crack under this pressure.Its to much wait until the first time one of jaden’s movies dont do well or willows album flops…all hell is going to break lose.Yes their are child actors who turned out ok like raven symone ect but the difference between raven and willow is raven had structure went to regular school and had structure and rules to follow her parents didnt allow her to run wild..you know whos parents allowed then to do what they want as teens..lindsay lohan brittany spears and miley cyrus..will and jada should be ashamed of themselves wonce willow and jaden’s childhood is gone thats it.

  29. well i guess it works for them..i think they are good kids and everybody raises there kids differently so if that is the way they raise there kids then we cant criticize because that is what they choose to do..not what i would do but hey it is what it is

    • Yeah, it might be working for them now. We’ll see what happens several years from now when these kids are into their teens. Good luck, Will and Jada.

  30. Sorry, but you can really tell their roots here. It is very obvious that the “ghetto mentality” that she was raised with is easily manipulated by the Scientology factor. There is absolutely no reason why Willow can’t just be a child. There is no reason why she needs to be in this business at all. It’s evil, it’s stressful, and it’s very demanding. She knows how much her and Will have given up to be in the entertainment business, and they know EXACTLY who runs it and who they have to worship. For her to even consider her child into that just boggles my mind. Ghetto-minded and still haven’t really learned the most important lesson. This will not end well.

    • @5420 I agree with your first comment completely. I’m always telling my siblings that the entertainment industry is not a business they want to get into and it’s in no way the type of environment a child should be in.Even though it seems glamorous it isn’t, the things that go on behind the scenes are sickening. I know people who have left the industry mentally scarred. I just hope Willow & Jaden don’t turn out badly, I really want the best for them, but I won’t be surprised if the worst happens.

    • I don’t understand the “ghetto mentality” comment. Can you explain that to me. Will comes from a good backgroud. Although Jada is from the “hood,” I don’t think she has/had the mindset as the typical “hood” person.

  31. I just don’t like it. It puts me in mind of a Geisha. And you know what they are known for! She is too young for a photo shoot like this!!!!

    • I’m assuming that what you are insinuating is that geisha are known for prostitution. It’s a common misconception, but wrong all the same. Geisha are are entertainers, in fact the word ‘geisha’ literally comes from the words that means artist in Japanese. Anywhoo, most geisha considered sleeping with the men they entertained distateful, and accepting money for those sort of things was out of the question. Now, that’s not to say that some geisha didn’t sleep with patrons for monetary gain, but that was kept under wraps. Read a bit on the subject not too long ago and thought I would clear that up for you.

  32. WOW so basically willow does what she wants and comes up with her own punishments and makes her own rules and jada’s idea of school is her learning about the business and doing video shoots whic..smh…this is not going to end well.especially the first time Willow is told “no”

    ok let me get ready for the “hater “replies…lol

    • No HATE here.

      I agree with you.

      This all sounds REAL stupid. I too don’t think it will end well, but I hope it goes well ’cause these Smith kids are in for a harsh reality when mommy and daddy can’t bail them out of a situation. Please believe just cause they (Jada and Will) don’t enforce rules the rest of the world has rules, regulations and legislations that we all must obide by. Life is not a “free fall” and children shouldn’t be given too much control…you ease up or let go gradually until they’re an adult and then given an opinion on their choices, which they may or may not care to hear… they’ll blame you later for not guiding them better, in my opinion, of course.

    • i’m with you guys. You only get to be a child once, for a very short time. These kids need structure and EDUCATION> SHAME ON YOU WILL AND JADA.

    • Jada said that she is preparing Jaden and Willow for their famous celebrity careers, well how do they know that their kids will be in famous or a celebrities forever?

      Without a lack of education, that is how Will Smith and other celebrities ended up losing all of their money (millions) and had to file bankruptcy. I guess that is the path they want their kids to take too huh?

      • “Anyway, as a Smith, does Willow actually need to know her tables, to be able to spell?”

        what!!!!!! SMDH! i can not believe this person said that – that is the problem there. and you notice the person said “they were told not to talk about school.” this family is the perfect example of what Scientology is and believes!

        ““Every day she’s learning something that’s not on a specific curriculum,”

        chile please!!! jada knows how to talk that ish.

        • Hmmm, I had some issues with the article, but the statement regarding the discussion of school stems from all the focus on it lately. People have been focusing on her (willow) statement about not knowing multiplication, that they ask about that first. That’s like when someone interviews a celebrity believed to be pregnant, they inform the interviewer before hand, not to inquire about it.

          I, seriously hope, that the smith kids are being educated (as they should be).

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