Siblings Jaden, 12, and Willow, 10, have both been nominated for the 2011 NAACP Image Awards. Jaden is up for outstanding actor for his role in the The Karate Kid, while Willow is nominated for best new artist as well as outstanding music video for song “Whip My Hair”.

Check out the complete list of nominations.

Other nominees include Tyler Perry, Rihanna, Kanye West, Sofia Vergara, Nicki Minaj, and more.

The Image Awards celebrate and honor the accomplishments of people of color in the fields of television, music, and literature and film.

The 42nd NAACP Image Awards ceremony will air live on March 4th on Fox at 8/7C.

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  1. The people hating on Jaden never saw The Karate Kid because if they had, they would have seen the fantastic job Jaden did. The stunts and Kung Fu alone should have gotten him a Golden Globe or Oscar nomination but I really don’t get how Tyler Perry’s movies could receive so many nod yet the KK only got one for Jaden tells me the NAACP has turned into the white award shows…show me the payola.

  2. It would be nice if the award show also focuses on Willow and Jaden’s roles as Youth Ambassadors to Zambia, highlighting helping kids orphaned as a result of their parents dying from AIDS.

    These kids seem to live a balanced life despite the glamor and Hollywood prestige they were born into.

    Love them!

    • They are little kids and you have a lot of hate for just children doing what they love.I hate when people say these kids aren’t talented.Because mommy and daddy weren’t helping Jaden act in Karate Kid, he did it all himself and he was awesome. I don’t Will and Jada were on Willow’s song or performing with her when she was on Ellen (etc).So give them the credit they deserve it

      • Chill out, it was her opinion and she didn’t say she hated them, she just said she didn’t think they were talented enough.

    • this will inflate their already large ego’s even further!! they have done nothing worthy of getting a nomination! if their names were not “smith” they would not even be a blip on the screen!

  3. As a parent it’s good to encourage children to be proud of their hard work and achievements. Congratulations again to Jaden and Willow. Keep up the good work kiddos!!!!

  4. So proud of these kids and shout-out to their mom for getting nominated for Hawthorne!I really think Willow will win for Music Video not New Artist, she’ll cop that next year 😉 But mom and dad must be so proud!

  5. Congrats to all of the nominees! I believe that the NAACP awards are important because it allows People of Color to be recognized for their outstanding work. No other awards show recognize us, so I am not sure why ppl think that it isn’t important. I believe that alot of ppl think that the other awards shows are important (such Academy Awards etc…) because it is produced by white people. If that is the reason, then it is sad. I will watch the NAACP awards show and support the show and all of the actors, actress and musicians of color.

  6. Well congrats to everyone nominated. I don’t think the NAACP awards is a joke. Why do so many Blacks assume that anything that Blacks are involved in is a joke. The NAACP do alot of positive things. I will watch the show whenever it airs on tv.

      • Maybe he’s an Honourary POC or something. He did make a Vibe cover once, if my memory serves me right. I guess he needs to have a Jet cover, and then he gets an Official POC upgrade.

    • This is a good question. I wondered the same thing when they nominated Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie in the previous years. Still trying to figure it out…

  7. People are talking about how the NAACP Image Awards is a joke, but look what they have to work with, these “artists” are a joke. Do I think Tyler Perry is going to win all 19 awards he’s been nominated for, yes, because black folks LOVE Tyler Perry no matter how repetitive his story lines are.

    i.e. Pretty light/brown skinned woman get’s mistreated by attractive dark skinned man (we know nothing about his past other than having a lucrative career), woman meets equally attractive light skinned man with lower paying job, they go on dates/walks in the park, they kiss, insert pointless “other characters” that have no effect on the story whatsoever other than memorable one liners, some big fight when ex hubby finds out about sexy light skinned brotha, light skinned saves day, and they get married, THE END.

    The only exception I would make is “For Colored Girls”.

    • I guess I can see what you’re saying. Daddy’s Little Girls is another exception.

      And you’re right. For Colored Girls was not his “creation.” He simply turned the play into a film. I’ve read the play and he does a pretty good job of capturing it in the film. He’s gotten a lot of flack behind that one, but it’s technically not even his.

    • that example sounds like it was pulled straight from The Boondocks lol! the Pause episode where they basically bash Tyler Perry.

      i’m not gonna say that all his plays and movies are pure genius, but at the same time i’m not gonna knock the man for trying. i say more power to him.

      • Well that’s what black people do; We bash other successful blacks. I love Tyler. If for nothing other than how many black actors/actresses he’s put to work. Look at all the simple movies white Hollywood puts out. GO MADEA!

  8. Yeah, I agree, NAACP awards is a joke. Not so much because of Willow and Jaden, but…Why Did I Get Married Too for best motion picture? Are you serious? That’s like nominating He’s Just Not That Into You for an Oscar.

    Should they be there? Well, Willow’s video is definitely a contender, I think; but for Best New Artist, I don’t think she even comes close to Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj. For the acting award, Jaden does not even belong in the same category with these actors.

  9. I wouldn’t call this an honor seeing how they nominated Nicki Minaj for an ‘Image Award’… like seriously? The NAACP is a joke

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