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15-year-old Noah Gray-Cabey, best known for his role on television series My Wife and Kids, poses at the 4th annual BET Honors on January 15, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Since My Wife and Kids, Noah has appeared on a number of television shows, including CSI and Family Guy.  He is also featured in the 2010 film Pizza Man.

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  1. Oh wow! Every time I see him on My Wife & kids (And the episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or not” with Noah and his dad playing the piano. Has anyone else seen that episode? lol), I wonder what happened to him. And here he is, still as cute as a button.

  2. he was my favorite character on my wife and kids!he was smart,talented,cute,and funny!now hes jus plain gorgeous!!keep doin wat u doin,cuz u doin it well.Peace!!!

  3. I think him & Katy ( Parker McKenna Posey ) , should date now . They would be the cutest couple ever . Everyone go look up what she looks like now , she’s gorgeous and perfect for him !

  4. i cant believe just how much Franklin has grown…didnt even realise it was him until they mentioned it.i always thought he was way younger than me

  5. he probably will cut/change it eventually. even Corbin’s hair isn’t like this anymore. i think it looks nice on him though.

  6. Noah Grey-Cabey is a very handsome and talented young man. I would love to see him in more movies or on tv. I loved both heroes & my wife and kids. They were both great tv shows.

  7. Wow, I was just watching Wife & Kids last night and it’s so crazy to see him that small last night and so big and grown now (since I really haven’t seen much of him in between.) I think he kinda favors Corbin Bleu now.

    • OMG – FRANKLIN!!!!!!!!!
      i loved that little boy. i thought it was a great show and i hate that they cancelled it!! he has mad love for ms katy!!!

      • A million years ago, I had a Patty Play-Pal doll. I wish they made a doll of Noah when he was on “My Wife and Kids”. He was so adorable.

  8. He was also on the NBC hint tv show “Heroes”. I liked Heroes and My Wife and Kids. He is still a cuitie and has grown uo to be a handsome young man.

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