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Bobby Brown’s oldest son has a child of his own! Landon Brown is the proud father of a two-year-old daughter named Nilaan, who he affectionately calls “Nini”.

Nilaan has a slight resemblance to Bobby Brown’s youngest son Cassius. What do you think? Click here for pictures of Cassius.

{Thanks Yani}

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  1. Bobbys son landon probably looks like his mothers family. However his daughter looks like bobby and his children. She is definitely a brown.

  2. I use to think that Landon look like Ralph too. But if u watched the reality show with Bobby and Whitney, you’ll see that Ralph and PopPoP Brown (Bobby’s daddy) look alike. I think Landon AND Ralph are both Browns! Besides Landon has got to be a Brown because his daughter looks like Auntie Bobby Krissy!

  3. NK

    The baby might look like an east indian but where did east indians come from? Indian majority of those people are black. Remember blacks are not just from in africa were all over the world. India had a huge amounts of african slaves also and the fact that it has been proven with genetics and Yemen is very close to India and the arab slave trade was huge.

  4. Bobby Brown is a grandfather? Bobbi Kristina is an aunt? Whitney Houston is a step grandmother? RIP Bobby Brown’s mother!

  5. I think Landon is Ralph Trevant’s son. He looks just like him, not Bobby. I think old girl might have been fooling around with both Ralph and Bobby and didn’t know who to pin it on. That’s Ralph’s son.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing for years… Landon is not Bobby’s son. Even when they did that show on VH1 where Landon was singing he sounded more like Ralph when he sings and looks like him. People see what they want and that lil girl does not look like Bobby at all.

  6. She is a beautiful little girl, but look at her forhead area she does favor her uncle up in there…Just look at his pictures and then back at her. Doesn’t take anything away from how cute she is tho…lol…

  7. i hope he doesn’t run around and impregnate various females and end up with a bunch of kids that he can’t support like his dad did.

  8. Landon has to be one of the few kids Bobby has that looks nothing like him but he’s very good looking though and his daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Landon Brown is handsome! His daughter is beautiful but she doesn’t look much like Cassius to me. Is her mom East Indian? The baby looks East Indian.

    • @JANE UH?Indian from Africa are u speaking of west Africa cos that would be mis info. if their is Indian in Africa is because of migration, and the term came from known the difference of the country India and the Caribbean Indian, which really migrated from India, which is totally diff. from native Indian(the americas mexico canada etc etc)

  10. She’s a cute baby, and I definitely don’t think she favors her uncle (Cassius) at all.
    Who knew Bobby was a grandad? Time flies—geesh!

    • It sure does (time). Grandpa Bobby. I feel old as heck now, lol.

      I do think she looks a little bit like Cassius, adorable. Her father is no slouch either. Landon looks nice here.

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