Austin Williams,20, the son of actress Stacey Dash, is the latest celebrity kid to hit the runway. In this picture, Austin walks the runway for clothing line Kid Dangerous’ Holiday/Spring 2011 Collection.

So far, Austin has done several campaigns for different clothing lines, but no word as to whether or not he has been officially signed to a modeling agency. What do you think? Does Austin have the potential to become a big-time model?

More pictures below!

Photos: HannahLuxDavis

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  1. Someone said that I made the island people look bad. No I do not because I know many island folks that agree with me. yes my grammer is not the best but I am haitian english is not my first lanuage so who cares.I am doing better then many people who have english as they first language. I am just a very honest person period I do not care if blacks get pissed because I know many blacks that would agree with me. I know white cubans who have african ancestry and told me about colors of they family.So those people should not claim they african ancestry because it was long ago? That is what I thought certain kinds of blacks are in denial they know they have white blood but would like so think they are pure black lol. I know many africans that have talked to me and made fun of people like you and many tribes would not want to merry blacks in the americas.Because our blood line is not pure african. Do not shoot me because that is what I have been told by many. My son will be raised to be called mixed that is what he is and he is not black nor white get my point.

    Yes stacys son my have so called black parents with european ancestry nothing wrong with that. It just means he has a very mixed background like majority of so called blacks in the americas. I mean he could be 60% european and 40% black he might not be that. Since I am Haitian I look black but how do i know that I do not have european ancestry even the blackest americans have some european mixs same goes for Haitians also.

  2. The first thing I noticed was wow, this boy took all of his white/mexican genes..even though genetically he is around 50% black( african descent whatever)..you can’t not, notice it espeacially if you know who his parents are..But I think he’s a cute young man with a potentially great career in modeling. (does look slightly “sweet” though..hope not)

  3. I think he would make a great model, his face is very unique, and I believe he would stand out in a crowd. Remember the modeling world is about unconventional beauty not about commercial beauty. For example I rarely see Alek Wek mentioned as a sex symbol but she is huge in the fashion industry.


    My above statement is not hating on Alek just pointing out that high fashion modeling is about having a very symmetrical and unique look =)

  4. No Stacey is not half Mexican anything. She is African American, Jamaican and British. She has never said she was Mexican and has only listed her ancestry as that above, regardless of what someone wrote on the internet.

    • So you know this for a fact? Then when you see Stacey Dash tell her she’s not half Mexican because that’s what she told Wendy Williams.

  5. He has good bone structure, and seems very femme, i think he could do well in the male modeling world.

  6. PlainMean,I saw when she said that on wendy too,but wendy said that Vh1 stated stacey’s new show was a lie it never was going to listen.

  7. He looks alright. He looks kind of awkward to me. If I didn’t know who his parents were I wouldn’t think that he belonged to them not because of his color but because he doesn’t favor either of them.

  8. No Stacey Dash is not half Mexican that was posted on the web but she denied it. She has Jamaican, African American and British ancestry, hence her green eyes. She is the first cousin of Damon Dash.

    • He’s born to 2 half-black parents. Yes, Stacey is half Mexican. He has his dad’s complexion, and both of his parents have the same hair texture. Why try to make this about MJ’s kids when it isn’t? Crazy Stan!

      • Christopher Williams IS his dad and Stacey Dash IS his mom! Who even cares about his completion? Why are you hung on his completion? Clearly, you have some major issues and you need help. Let it go!

      • @Plainmean, you tried. You cannot argue with stupidity. Its obvious that she has major “issues” with herself. Just leave her alone…

      • Bck #1 fan…Have you ever seen Christopher Williams before or perhaps you have some weird strain of color blindness? Which is it?

  9. Why do certain kinds of black americans are so igorant? I am from the caribbean it does not matter how dark we are we can still have european ancestry tht is where he got his looks from. I guess people who are in shocked did not read about slavery? because I sure did and I know for a fact majority of blacks all over the Americas are mixed some more then others just get over it. That is why many africans and other blacks all over the world laugh at you americans because geneticaly we are not black but some of us look more black then others. So for those of you thank that he is full black you need to read your own histroy our ancestors were slaves remember that. Just like northern africans and arabs and southern europeans have african ancestry in them but that does not make them black but mix. I have known of and are friends with some white folks in canada that hav african ancestry they are “white” but have african ancestry. Just like blacks all over the world and the Americas we can still be “black” but in fact we are mixed.So in my eyes this young men is black but has afican ancestry that can make him look more black or mixed looking.

    By the way my son is black me and his father is white he looks like a southern european interesting how genes can make a person look more european or more african. My son looks nothing like me I was shocked that he would at least have something of me.

      • I was thinking the same thing after I read it, too. In addition to the errors, this person has the audacity to try to be insulting. It’s just not effective if the grammar is incorrect and rambling.

    • Hey Jane, I have caribbean ancestry also and you’re making us look bad. We all know that many black people who had enslaved ancestors in the Americas have mixed ancestry but it’s unrealistic for us to go around calling ourselves mixed when the world sees us as black people. There’s not a darn thing wrong with being black. Period. People like you always want to claim some other race even when the other race was several generations back in their ancestry.

      You sound like you have real racial issues. I can’t even imagine what you’re teaching your son.

      P.S. Please learn to proofread before you hit the “Submit Comment” button.

  10. I didn’t know Europeans had a look. Is there any particular country in Europe where it looks like he might come from?

  11. Austin and Qunicy kim porter’s son are 2nd cousins on their dad’s side.They both are handsome young men,I wonder if they hang out?

    • Hi Reese,
      Christopher WIlliams and Al B. Sure! are not cousins.
      Chris was on Al’s radio show a few years back and the 2 laughed about folks thinking that they are cousins because they are both light skinned with curly hair.
      But, they both stated they are good friends but not related.

  12. I like the message on his shirt :)

    I think people can do anything they really want to accomplish with time and commitment.

    Austin has beautiful eyes!

  13. “Does Austin have the potential to become a big-time model?”

    Hm…maybe. I don’t know what criteria modeling agencies look for apart from height. Either way, I’m sure his mum’s name will help.

    • How is Stacey Dash’s name going to help him? It’s not like she has a poppin’ career anymore. Agencies may not even know who she is. I believe this kid can make it on his own without name dropping.

  14. He’s Cute, I love his eyes!

    Would have never guessed both of his parents were black. I would have thought he had a white father like his sister.

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