Halle Berry is set to take her ex Gabriel Aubry to court to fight for custody of their soon-to-be three year old daughter Nahla.  The Oscar winner has even pulled out of film, New Year’s Eve, so that she can act “in her daughter’s best interest.”

“Halle Berry was forced to pull out of a film production in New York this week due to pending custody litigation involving her daughter,” her rep explains. “She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention.”

So what brought on the custody battle?

“Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her,” her rep says.

Adds Berry’s rep,  “Halle has always made the needs and safety of her daughter her first priority and, both while Halle and Gabriel were a couple and since their break-up, Halle has only acted in her daughter’s best interest.”

On December 3oth, 2010, Gabriel Aubry filed papers asking a judge to formally recognize him as Nahla’s father and to establish shared custody.

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  1. If Halle wants her child in a less than secure home while she satisfies her right with her father so be it. If she want her in a more secure place she can create it. If not keep quiet. Last time I checked 7 million was plenty to raise a child. halle is no more qualified because she makes more money. If she want to fly away from were the daddy lives during his visitation guess she will have to do what all of us woman do and make arrangement’s for her daughter to get with daddy. Too bad for Halle. I don’t believe she will get her way on this one. Oliver Martinez will not be the next male figure for Nahla. Halle have at him by yourself and keep your confused daughter out of your mess

  2. It seems as if Halle has an axe to grind and she’s using Nahla as her means of doing it. If he was such a dangerous or unfit parent then why was she okay with him seeing her and spending time with her until now?

  3. Gabriel response to Halle’s allegations is very classy, at least one of Nahla’s parents took the high road.

  4. I HAD to comment about this!! I went through something similar recently and everyone believed my ex-husband because they were looking at it like “well he’s a man that wants full-custody that’s a good man” meanwhile were falling into his web of manipulation and deception! At the end of it thank God the truth came out and I got sole custody because he really was no good for my child. Sometimes people don’t know what’s going on so everyone that has something to say about Halle needs to STOP because WE don’t know the situation!

    • CHURCH! We don’t know the situation or what either of them are truly like. Things aren’t always as they seem. I just hope that Nahla wins in the end!

      • First of all the people of God need to be praying for this family .God knows the truth even when man does not.So let us as a nation lift this family up daily in prayer.Because whether you like it or not God is the final judge.And He is always right. God bless

    • @ Tiffany, you are right, we do not know what’s going on. This situation may not be similar to your situation, at all. Gabriel may actually be a good day, like the world has assumed for the past few years.

    • Yeah well Gabriel doesn’t want full custody, he wants half, it’s Halle who wants sole custody. And usually majority of people who are fighting for sole custody, isn’t doing it to be nice. So I guess in your situation Gabe would really be you and Halle would be your ex-husband.

  5. Excuse me but how is this man a gold digger?What?I just see him as wanting to be in his daughter’s life.He has his rights. Halle seems to be a very controlling person. She seems to just want Nahla to herself. Seems to me like Halle just used this man for his sperm, yeah I said it. Then she has her baby and wants him to disappear.Well too bad Halle!This man wants to be in his little girl’s life.LET HIM.Smh

  6. Halle, Halle, Halle!

    This may finally be her downfall!

    Skeltons will emerge from the closet!

    Strange that a woman who grew up with NO FATHER would take this away from her own child!

    I have never doubted that Halle has some deep seeded unresolved issues.

    Unless there is some evidence of sexual or physcial abuse there is no reason to keep a child away from her father!

    I suspect Ms. Berry is NOT as nice as she would like the world to think!

    She should watch her step because if that man ended up with that child she would be DEVASTED!!!

  7. Every one is trying to paint Gabriel Aubry as some gold digger and bad father that only wants money but he has never said anything but positive things about Halle as a mother, He only stated that he wants shared custody of his child, The man has his own restaurant and is one of the highest paid supermodels in the industry. He also did not grow up with a family and was moved from foster home to foster home as a child. Also every one know Nahla is bilingual and speaks french so if he is not spending time with her and ignores her when he is around how is she fluent in his native language. This is a classic case of the mother being bitter, I really believe Halle thinks she owns this man and he should be a good little boy and go sit in the corner. Which is a shame seeing as how she was raised with her father,she should encourage her daughter’s relationship with her’s especially since he clearly wants to.

  8. When she was pregnant she was on all the talk shows saying… Gabriel will be a good father. And if they broke up she knows he would still be in their kid’s life. Because that’s the kind of person he is… And now she has issues with it??? Oh Halle… this is not a good look for you.

    It seems to me Gabriel is only a good father when he is doing what she tells him to do. Now that he wants a life of his own.. Halle thinks something is wrong with his parenting skills.

  9. It really was, not trying to dredge up the past, but people were trying to use the excuse that it was all for the cameras and ratings, but I don’t care, it was disrespectful and nasty.

    • Many people have already summed up my thoughts or how I am perceiving this to be. Halle has some serious stuff going on. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved as peacefully and civilly as possible.











    • Did you really just try to pull the race card??? That is so played out! No one makes a better parent to any child just because they’re black or look black. At the end of the day, Nahla is not just black anyway, she is white, she has white grandparents, and a white father, and more than that she is a human being, a little girl, and she is his daughter, that trumps all. If a person saw these two walking down the street, looked at Gabriel and looked at her they wouldn’t do a double take and ask is that really his daughter or did he adopt her. And her life will not necessarily be harder just because she has black ancestry or her mother is a celebrity (though she will have less privacy)

  11. Too bad BCK doesn’t allow outside links. I have an animated gif on Tumblr that sums up my thoughts on this PERFECTLY.

  12. I think you guys here are way off base.
    Gabriel does not want Halles money.
    Lets be real here people.
    Pieces, you sound like a fool . Since when does joint custody equal money? Since when has Gabriel asked Halle to pay him?
    Yes, He does make less than her. Halle would have a hard time finding a man who doesn’t. That doesnt mean that he wants all of her money. The same way a woman doesn’t want all of a mans money because he has more than her.
    Yall are some really backwards people here.
    Gabriel wants to be in his childs life and just wants custody to be established for valid reasons. What’s wrong with that?
    Some males wouldn’t give two craps and wouldn’t spend two hours with this child but Gabriel is fighting to be with his daughter.
    he already mentioned that Halle was a good mom and he didn’t want the little girl to be taken away form her. He just wants his rights to be recognized also.
    What’s wrong with that?
    Halle is being selfish and shes made because Nahla will actually have two parents ..unlike Halle who didn’t have a father.
    She doesn’t know what its like for a child to have a dad because her dad is MIA and has been most of her life.

    Anyways…Pieces…is that your zodiac sign?
    two words for you..dirty opportunist.

    No wonder in why you think about the money!

    • Why the name calling, Bookworm J? I don’t come on here to argue or field off vicious attacks.

      Yes, I do LOVE money and I have some. Not as much as these celebrities, but enough such that I don’t have to work for the rest of my life.

      I can express my opinion, as I do, and I don’t mean to offend anyone posting on here.

      I’m not going to let you bait me to get off my line of thinking.

      Anyway Halle, I hope you encounter Elizabeth Taylor one day so that you can ask her how she did it. She had a lot of husbands and boyfriends over the years…some she had to pay, mostly she got paid. She’s doing it right in my book..Elizabeth Taylor, net worth $600 million dollars at age 78. Go girl!!

    • Awww. Bookworm, you wound me! I don’t try to make fun of you, do I? It’s okay. I’ll just pick myself up, dust myself off and pop my collar. 😉

  13. Halle’s stans need to stop playing “Leave Halle alone” [stuff]. Halle CHOSE to lay down with Gabriel, so how can he suddenly be an unfit father?! Also, [another site] says that Halle is pissy that Gabriel is sick of following her around the world like a puppy dog just to see HIS kid. Halle forgets Nahla is not just hers!

    • Thank You!

      Halle used to uphold him when he was being a good boy and doing what she wanted.Now that Gabriel isn’t accepting whatever she wants to give, she is getting crabbing and fighting him.

      Halle looks liek a fool. A good man wants to establish paternity and be in his childs life is being faced with custody battle? He never asked for full custody and just wanted joint.

      Why won’t Halle give Nahla FATHER that?

      I’ll tell you why…she won’t be able to have that perfect little girl to herself and she was hoping that Gabriel would take whatever time she gives.

      Nevermind that we see her hugged up with Olivier all the time! Shes always following him to Paris and dropping Nahla off with Gabriel when she wants to chase him…now Gabriel is unfit?

      Child Please!

      • Bookworm wrote,

        “I’ll tell you why…she won’t be able to have that perfect little girl to herself and she was hoping that Gabriel would take whatever time she gives.”

        In my opinion, BINGO!!!

  14. It’s amazing that that child is only 25% black and she looks about the same complexion as my 75% black child lol genetics is so random.

  15. Wow Nahla looks just like her mom.And why the heck is halle paying support for a child that’s not even hers.I have a hard time believing that she is paying her ex that much money still.No wonder she didn’t want to get married again.i wouldn’t either knowing that if it end I’ll have to pay the other person all that money.I’m pretty sure all Halle wanted from this guy was his beautiful child and nothing else.She probably would have liked him to stay with her and go out or get lost.Hopefully everthing goes well though and Halle get’s majority of the custody being the mom b4 Gabriel get’s ideas of taking the child to Canada with him or something and not telling her.Sometimes cops will give child back to mom and other times they’ll say you gotta get an emergency custody hearing which could still take time.

    • In California, majority custody generally always is granted to the mother. Here, women can be outright crack heads and retain full custody. Halle is FAR from that.

  16. You b****s are so stupid! How can you blame Halle when you dont even know the situation. Just like black women to not be supportive of each other.

  17. Halle to me seems very selfish. Gabriel is Canadian and so am I. The stories I hear coming out of Montreal his home town is crazy. They say that Halle was very controlling not allowing Gabriel to have any say in the upbringing of Nahla. Friends also say that she just used him for the baby and now she expects him to just go away. Gabriel is a very humble and nice guy his close friend says and also if anyone can’t live with this man they have problems. Halle should of went to a sperm clinic in my opinion and now I hear that she is pumping Oliver for a second child. This chick is crazy. Oliver better run now because I strongly feel that he does not know whats coming.

    • I admire Halle Berry for all of her professional accomplishments. The only fault I find in her as a person/female looking in from the outside, is her choices in men.

      A world re-known beauty such as herself should try to marry or co-habitate with a man who out earns her, can take care of her and she can get paid by HIM if they split.

      There has got to be some worthwhile sheiks, business men, pro athletes, even rappers, no matter what ethnicity, that can meet her standards and have a greater net worth than she.

      Get a clue, next time around, Halle. Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way, get a man to take care of you, emotionally, financially, etc. YOU get paid next time, girl.

      Not so easy to replace that lost income on ex-lovers as an aging actress in Hollywood, Oscar winner or not.

      • @Pisces-I agree 100%. Everyone is on here blaming Halle. She is in the public eye and technically speaking she has not been with alot of men compared to most in Hollywood. It is not her fault that Wesley beat her and Eric cheated. Men will be men. We should not blame her for being a victim to such treatment. Furthermore, someone claimed that Aubrey makes his own money about $700,000 a year. Well, if that is the case why did Halle have to pay his way to a film of hers in a different country. She also had to pay him to be a nanny. That is crazy. This man is broke and just wants her money. The same way K-Fed screwed Brittney over. I’m not doubting that he loves his daughter, but there are several benefits to seeking custody and MONEY is one of them! If Halle does have some issues, they are no different than the rest of us. Nobody is perfect.

        • @Shonda, but she’s picking these men. She picked Wesley, David Justice, Eric, and Gabriel. Some women have a propensity of picking men that aren’t good for them. Men will be men, but all men aren’t like the ones you mentioned. I mean, it can’t be all THEIR fault.

          • @ Victoria-lol..yeah you believe it. lol Everyone is looking at Halle like she is a bad person. We don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. Just because he is good looking and wants a relationship with his child, does not make him good father material. That being said, there are men that request relationships all the time and get the kids and leave them with a family member. lol Halle just picked the wrong men to have relationships with. Alot of women do, that does not mean there is something wrong with her. Hopefully, now that she has Nahla, her choices get better.

      • @Pisces, you are right in your assessment, but it had me thinking. Obviously, I don’t know Halle, and unfortunately for her, her life in so many ways is being played out for the scrutiny of the public.

        When I think about Halle, I see a pretty face, but it seems as though she has some issues. Remember the hit and run? Maybe Halle needs to deal with Halle before bringing a man into her life. She has accomplished a lot, and she now is a mother, which, to me, is a MAJOR accomplishment, but I hope that Halle finds herself so she can receive the right man for her.

        Again, my assessment only looking from the outside in.

        • I agree with you, Teri. Her reaction of fleeing from that hit and run incident spoke volumes of her judgment and/or illicit drug abuse or alcohol abuse.

          She’s always quick to settle with people as she did with that woman. I guess her earlier lover, Eddie Murphy, gave her some valuable tips on keeping your negative business out of the media as much as possible. Remember him and the tranny he picked up in Hollywood? :)

      • Pisces I disagree. A rich established man will not, I repeat will not put up with Halle’s bull period. Just ask Naomi Campbell. It is not just a coincidence that blackberry throwing Naomi has always had “no problem” keeping a man but Halle can’t. She even said on Oprah that she can’t tell her Billionare Russian boyfriend Vlad what to do. Halle is too bossy and wants to have her way and no man will put up with that for long.

  18. Not surprised about this. If you listen to statements Halle has previously said it does not take a genious to figure out she has major issues and this would be coming down the pipeline. It has always been obvious that all that glitters is not gold with her, but whenever anyone would make unflattering comments about her the black community was literlly up in arms. Wake up people.

  19. Far be it from me to judge what goes on in other people’s homes, but Halle comes across as a less than congenial kinda gal. She plays the “crazy woman” far too well in her movies.

  20. Jenn, I don’t think this is a question of people not thinking Halle has the right to protect her parental rights. But, it seems to be her who wants to prevent her daughter’s father from being part of his child’s life. Gabriel only wants shared custody (50/50). Why on earth would Halle have a problem with that? Easy, because she’s the “celebrity” she feels she should have full custody. And, of course her people are going to put it out there that this is all about money; I suspect she will use whatever means she has to trash her child’s father in the media. That’s her MO. While a gullible public will believe anything that she will put out there – “Aw, poor Halle.”

    As for comments that Halle doesn’t want her daughter around Kim Kardashian, you’ve got to be kidding. What about some of the guys that Halle has been messing with? Should Gabriel have a say in what kind of guys Halle has around his daughter?

    • According to another site all this is related to Halle not allowing him visitation when she is on location filming. For one movie he relocated but he wants to share custody. Halle wants him to follow her on location if he wants to see Nahla.Does anyone here share custody with an ex who lives in another state? I know in some cases the father gets the kid during the summer and school breaks.Nahla is only two ,anyone have a toddler who you share joint custody?

  21. I don’t quite understand all the negative comments or assumptions towards Halle. Granted I don’t follow the situation closely but I don’t see why it’s okay for Gabriel to go to court and file to protect his rights as a parent but not okay for Halle to do the same. I don’t know this just doesn’t seem odd and abnormal or crazy to me. Parents who are no longer together going to court to iron out a custody agreement seems rather common to me.

    • Because Halle has all the right already.
      She is being selfish because she doesn’t want to share custody of her daughter with the father.
      I’ve never had a problem with Halle but I think she is wrong. WHy are you stopping a father from having his rights.
      Gabriel always seemed humble and I think he went there as his last resort. I wont be shocked if Halle doesnt give the time he derserves.

  22. I hope the to of them can sort this out, because Nahlas’ gonna suffer in the end with not having her daddy in her life.

  23. Does Aubry sincerely want joint custody and all the responsibility it involves or is he just bitter because Halle moved on? Halle is not keeping him away from his child just making sure her daughter’s needs are met. If Aubry done not want
    to communicate with Halle regarding his daughter then he needs to
    address Halle’s concerns in court. Halle did give their child a birthday and Aubry once said she was the best mother any child could hope for.

    • You do recall Gabriel broke up with Halle Berry because he did not want to cheat on her?

      Then, when Gabe wanted custodial rights, Berry paid him to go to Africa instead of sharing custody.

      NOW he’s seeking legal custody because Berry has shown she does not really want to share that child with him. She has been throwing up roadblocks before they got to this point. It has been obvious.

    • Have a child to a beautiful woman that hits-and-runs in vehicles and then grow surprised she wants things her way?

  24. I agree with Rose Halle said before and after the break-up that Gabriel is a great father so why the change of heart now that he wants shared custody.

  25. Gabriel is no longer with Kim kardashians she with someone else now and there was never any photos of Kim around his daughter and the time they were together Nahla was with Halle. Halle boyfriend is none as a cheater and been thru many women, and I think Halle is doing this because she finally has the child she always wanted and doesn’t what to give up half her time with her child to Gabriel which is not right.

  26. When Halle and Gabriel got together, they seemed to be a picture of happiness – at least they seemingly did. I’m not saying that some couples don’t start out great and then everything goes south, but one has to wonder what lurks behind Halle’s pretty face. She’s had sooooooo many issues with men. There was a point when people defended her with their lives, but I’m thinking people are now wondering, “hmmmm, what’s going on here?”

    Anyway, for the sake of Nahla, I hope they protect this baby girl from the nastiness of her parents and get it together so they can parent this little girl.

  27. Why are people automatically putting the blame on Halle. You people don’t even know her. You people don’t even know Gabriel. If Halle wanted a baby alone wouldn’t it have been more simple to go to a sperm bank, then she wouldn’t have to go through this problem. I read in People magazine, Gabriel was find with their arrangement before Halle had a boyfriend and even stayed in her home up until September. Maybe all of this is because Gabriel doesn’t want another man around his daughter.

    • Nicee, I think it’s because if you look at all of Halle’s prior relationships, she’s the common denominator in all of them. It can’t be all the men’s fault, can it? I think Halle has a reputation for being a bit, shall I say, “unstable.”

      In truth, we really don’t know what’s up, but that’s why we comment on blogs. Just speculating.

  28. I’m curious to know what exactly is going on that has her concerned for Nahla’s safety?

    I wonder if it is a legitimate fear for her daughter’s safety when she is in his care? Or is it a case of “If it’s not my way, it’s the wrong way!”…and it just pisses her off that he won’t play by her rules?

    I see that one happen way to often!

        • IDT he and that girl were ever together anyway, were they??? All I know is that the press spread on picture of them sitting together on the sidelines of a basketball game, and all of a sudden they were dating, so I’m not sure if it was really true.

      • I heard she was still with Gabriel and they were told to keep it on the DL because of Halle. The “thing” with Kris Humphries was just for publicity.

        • Halle Berry is also dating someone and has had her daughter around the man. So what’s the problem. She did not want to get married again. She just wanted to have a baby. She should have gone to a sperm bank! SMH

  29. She doesn’t want Kim Kardashian involved. Have a baby and don’t stay with the father- deal with the girlfriend. Halle is super insecure.

  30. I hope Gabriel has the best representation possible because he is going to need it because I do believe Ms Halle is going to give the judge an Oscar worthy performance even if it’s lies and half truths.

    • Right, Halle is definitely going to put on a show for the judge! Gabriel better get ready because Halle has already tried to suggest that he is an unfit father with this statement, eventhough not to long ago she was prasing him as a father. Thus, Halle will show out in court.

  31. Halle wants Nahla to herself and she is made because her baby daddy aka Sperm Donor, wants to be in the little girls life and isn’t settling for the moments she spares him.
    I like Gabriel and he has always been so humble when it comes to Halle and Nahla.

    Halle needs to stop it right now.

    Why does she want to fight him for custody? He already stated that he doesn’t want to take Nahla away from her but simply wants to be recognized as her dad and have some rights.

    Halle is being selfish.

    • I agree. Halle is looking crazy right now. If she wanted Gabriel to be just a sperm donor, she should’ve let him know and had him sign something saying he relinquishes all his paternal rights, etc. I doubt he would’ve agreed to anything like that anyway.

      Halle is being unfair. This man should have the right be with his daughter.

      • Ditto.
        His her father and he has rights also. I don’t care who Halle is , that little girl deserves her father in her life and I’m glad Gabriel wants to be recognized legally as her dad and have some rights with her. Halle just wants Nahla all too herself.
        Then again, her dad wasn’t around during her childhood so she can’t understand a father-daughter bond because she never had one.

  32. All she wanted was a baby. She didn’t want a relationship. I feel bad for her because she has had some bad relationships with both, Black and White men. Honestly, the relationship with Gabriel, seemed short to me. It was like she just got with him just to have a baby and then she got rid of him, soon after. Maybe she should just be alone and share custody of Nahla w/ the dad.

    • I’m glad you said it Amy, and now I’m going to second it:

      Halle Berry’s net worth, $50 million USD

      Gabriel Aubry’s net worth, $4.5 million USD

      Eric Benet’s net worth, $28 million USD
      (after receiving settlement from marriage to Halle)

      When Halle Berry and Eric Benet divorced, she agreed to buy Eric and India a 5 bedroom, $4 million dollar home for them to remain living in a style that they had become accustomed to while living with Halle.

      Halle also agreed to pay Eric $20,000 a month in support. India wasn’t even her child!

      It’s a sad day, but I think you’re right, Amy. Gabriel probably does love Nahla, but he’s using her for leverage, I believe in this case. :(

      I hope she settles quickly for the child’s sake…if she didn’t fight Eric, even though HE cheated on her in the marriage, why fight the father of her biological child? Men can be gold diggers, too.

      Stay strong, Halle and give him what he wants..life is too short and you’ve lived a charmed one, may as well go on and share with him.

      Paying out at least 40% of your income is a lot for anyone to have to give to someone else.

      • And I agree with you! Men as gold-diggers? Yep! I think that’s why the majority of them seek full custody. So that they don’t have to pay child support or in the case of celebs like Halle and Anne Heche, it’s so that they can RECEIVE child support. Then they just hire a nanny or get a girlfriend in their life to take care of the child(ren). Just because a man donated some DNA doesn’t mean that he’s a good Daddy.

      • I’ve noticed quite a few comments that encourages making or allowing a man access and rights to a child simply because he donated some sperm. Y’all better get a clue and get your priorities straight! Sometimes we make huge mistakes in who we have a relationship with that results in a child. But don’t make your child suffer just because society is telling you that “it’s the right thing to do”. People on the outside, looking in, don’t know what you know about that man and exposing your child to him may be a big mistake. I knew that my ex had control issues when I was pregnant with my daughter and the Holy Spirit told me not to tell him about the pregancy. But, I listened to someone tell me that it was the “right thing to do” and now 16 years later, my daughter is afraid of him and questions why I let him into her life when she was a baby! Now he’s using the court system to control me and my daughter. I should have tuned out what society thought was proper and listened to the Lord who knew what my daughter and I would be dealing with for the next 16 years!

        • Amy, thank you for sharing such an intimate detail of your life with us. Beautifully stated, as well as astute, particularly what you said about people being on the outside looking in.

          God Bless.

        • @Amy, I agree that you shouldn’t let society tell you that you have to let your child see their dad. Sometimes, it isn’t neccessary if the father isn’t going to be a great dad. Only you know what is best. I know that if I am ever in that situation, I will ignore the dad and do what I think is best for MY child. I hope everything works out for you and your daughter.

      • why should he NOT want to SHARE custody of HIS child with halle???
        she is the one that is not thinking of the child by keeping him away just because she has no use for him anymore. she obviously thought she could get away with it being who she is but is now finding out he is not going to be walked on! “serious concerns for her daughter” in his care!! puh-lease. that ain’t nothing but the lawyer talking!!

        • Correct! His millions are in the single digits, her millions are double digit and at least 7 times the amount of his. She has far more earning power than him now and in the future.

          His picture is not in all those Revlon ads, hers is. Not to diminish his success in any way.

          People always want more. Her ex husband entered a marriage with her with less digits and left with more plus property as part of it.

          People always want more.

          • I guess we are supposed to assume that Gabriel is just a PUSSY(cat) with no ego or sense of feeling that he deserves at least what the men before him got out of her besides sex and hanging on her arm for photo ops. He wanna be paid, too, and California courts where she lives is a good place to start.

            Yes, his net worth is listed as over $7 million dollars, but that is chump change by Hollywood standards. He won’t even have to do a photo shoot to up his millions from single digit millions to at least double digit millions.

          • Shoot, Willow made $4 million dollars just from proceeds from “Whip My Hair”. She’s catching up with Gabriel’s net worth and, her bro’ Jaden, has surpassed him with Karate Kid at $8 million USD.

          • Robert Downey, Jr. bought a house for over $13 million dollars. I mention this to further illustrate that at his present calculated net worth, Gabe would barely be able to afford this house (really couldn’t) but Halle can buy 2 at least with no problem, outright.

          • @ Pisces, you seem to have some real issues. I would have thought this story was about you, the way you have your panties in a bunch over it!

      • What the…!! This type of info is nowhere on the web or ever spoken on any entertainment shows. U r making this ish up!!!

    • He wants 50% custody..so what money does he get…I thought equal shared custody meant no-one paid anybody anything.

      • I know..those people are ranting away for no reason.

        Gabriel stated that he wanted joint custody and thats all.

        You don’t get child support for that. People need to read over things.

        Halle is fighting for full custody so that his rights would be limited and she will have Nahla all too herself.

        I don’t think Gabriel is a male gold digger because never once did he push to have Nahla all to himself and make Halle pay. She knew what he was worth when she laid with him…than again, his good looks was what she really wanted him for afterall.

      • He has to legally establish custody to go after the money. Common law and palimony…very familiar terms used in custody and division of property, especially in California, between couples who co-habitate and never marry.

        • Gotta disagree with ya Pisces

          Common Law Marriages are not recognized in California, and in fact they are only recognized in 12 of the 50 states that make up our country, inlcuding: Alabama, Colorado, District of Columbia, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. You can only have a common law marriage if you lived in a state that recognizes common law marriages and were together for the maximum amount of years required, to be considered common law, and then move to California, but it becomes quite tricky if you ever want to go through “divorce” proceedings. Yes California does acknowledge palimony but in a Palimony or Marvin claim, a non-marital partner’s right to support or property is dependent upon the existence of an express or implied contract or some other legal or equitable basis for the claim.

          Not only did these two split in April of 2010 so I find it hard to believe that he would wait til now to bring up a contract problem they had about money or property that they acquired during their relationship, but not everyone claims a common law marriage, IMO I think a majority of the people in America would just get married if they wanted their relationship to be categorized under anything having to do with marriage. They most likely lived like boyfriend and girlfriend, he stayed at her house when they were in California, and I doubt they shared money the way married couples share money, and I don’t think they went half on anything but the baby.

          Someone put on here that his net worth is 4.5 million or something like that and her’s is 28 million. Oh wow Gabriel Aubrey, I scoff at your wealth. Give me a break 4.5 million is nothing to brush off, or claim poor with. Halle Berry was actually married to Eric Benet, so yes she had to pay out. But since California does not acknowledge common law marriage, unless he and Halle had some kind of contract or shared a house together or even had a joint bank account, she doesn’t have to give him anything. And last time I checked times are hard, but not that damn hard that you can’t live off 4.5 million dollars, he doesn’t need her money.

          Gabriel is not dragging his daughter’s name through anything, Halle’s the one that released the statement not him. Obviously if he feels the need to go to court, then the situation is not status-quo, and he’s not getting what he deserves out of the situation. All he wants is half custody of his daughter, then he should get it, she is his daughter. At the end of the day, as long as she is his daughter, he has the right to her. That fact stands on its own. And #2 he needs to know where he stands in the decision making process of his daughter’s life and so does Halle. On this site some were calling Gabriel a babysitter and broke for having Halle pay him to come to Africa. But I was reading on another site that he had apparently had jobs modeling set up and had to cancel them all. He did that for his daughter, so he’d know where she was, and could be with her. He shouldn’t have had to do that. It shouldn’t be her saying I’m going to Africa, I’m taking our child with me, and you have no say. He needs to know what decisions he can make in regards to her medical health, where she goes to school whenever she starts, and just how much visitation he can get. Also, he needs to get custody, because though we don’t know the full story if anything like the Africa thing pops up again, he won’t be backed into a corner because he’ll have custody of his daughter and she won’t be able to leave the country without his permission.

          I feel like every couple who breaks up or divorces needs to go to court and get everything in writing, pertaining to their kids. I don’t care how amicable the both of you are in the beginning. Everything needs to be finalized. Anything can happen in a minute, you need to be prepared and know what rights you have regarding such and such decisions pertaining to your child.

      • If 50-50 is so easy and no money is involved, why didn’t Gabriel stay out of court, dragging his precious daughter’s name through court, and allow the situation to remain status quo? Why file anything?

        • Most courts, even with married couples, do not order a 50/50 split of time because it can be hard for some children and can be logistically difficult.

          Gabriel wanted to get Halle into court. When she was done with Eric Benet, her ex-hubby’s settlement agreement, she ended up even having to pay his lawyer fees.

          It’s about money, to a degree. Emotions count, too, of course.

          • 50/50 Physical custody usually means the mom gets them the whole school year but spring and summer break go to the dad, also christmas could go to the dad, but I think alot of couples rotate on that one.

          • My other post didn’t go through but I’m going to repost but shorten it and say:

            Though I don’t know the whole story I don’t believe that money is the reason he’s taking her to court. Yes Gabriel Aubry is worth less than Halle, but less time I checked you could live and then some off of 4.5 million dollars (the networth that someon on here quoted). Halle Berry was legally married to Eric Benet, and the way everyone on her is talking about that settlement, had poor representation, so yes she had to pay him out. But California does not acknowledge Common Law Marriages and though the state does acknowledge palimony but in a Palimony or Marvin claim, a non-marital partner’s right to support or property is dependent upon the existence of an express or implied contract or some other legal or equitable basis for the claim. Only 12 states out of 50 even recognize common law marriages, but just because you can have a common law marriage doesn’t mean everyone claims one. I don’t believe that Halle and Gabriel had any type of written contract and had a boyfriend girlfriend type relationship, not that of a married couple. He stayed at her house when he was in california, and I don’t think thay went half on anything but the baby. Gabriel has a right to his daughter, and if he wants half physical and legal custody of her than he should get it, because that is his right. Them going to court is actually a bright idea so they can both find out where they stand when it comes to their daughter, legally and physically. Halle does seem like she wants sole custody it is rare that any court awards sole legal and physical custody of a child to one parent.

  33. Serious concerns for her daughters well being while in her father’s care…
    Inquiring (aka Nosy (LOL)) minds would like to know, what exactly is going down while she is with him then?

    I wonder if it is legitimate concern, or if it’s a case of “If it’s not my way, it’s the wrong way!”

    I see that happen way to often.
    (example: A friend FINALLY let her baby stay w/his dad for the weekend. He ran out of the diapers she packed so went and just bought w/e generic brand diapers. The way she reacted when she heard he bought *gasp* generic brand diapers, you would have thought the diapers were made of broken glass & nails!

    • Without a formal contract between them, one concern of Halle’s could be that Gabe may take Nahla across the border to Canada, or Mexico, or anywhere in the world and never bring her back to California, America.

      • I didn’t even think of that (I forgot Gabe was from Canada). I could definitely see how that could be a legitimate concern.

        That could get REALLY REALLY messy if it goes there, because now international laws also come into play.
        I remember that story of a similar situation where a mother just up and left her husband and took THEIR 4 year with her to “visit” her home country of Brazil and never came back. And it took the father years before he could even see his son, and 5yrs to get legal custody (even though the mother had passed away years prior).

  34. Wow, I thought they were all friendly and close still and worked that all out already. According to their recent statements. Now she has concerns for the child’s safety? Interesting.

  35. All she wanted was a baby. She didn’t want a relationship. I feel bad for her because she has had some bad relationships with both, Black and White men. Honestly, the relationship with Gabriel, seemed short to me. It was like she just got with him just to have a baby and then she got rid of him, soon after. Maybe she should just be alone and share custody of Nahla,with the biological father.

  36. why create a problem where a problem isnt there?

    I can’t stand women who try to keep their childrens fathers out of the childs life. If the father wants to be there and take care of the child. Why push them away? Wometo n are steady complaining about deadbeat dads. and here we have a dad who wants his child and halle wants keep him away.


  37. i think this is the part of parenthood that Halle didn’t anticipate. she thought it through as far as i really want a child, but she probably didn’t think Gabriel would be so adamant about equal time with his daughter. but she needs to realize she didn’t just get a sperm donor, she had a partner with whom she created this child with. you can tell she’s overly protective with Nahla, which i can understand since she waited so long to have her. but at the same time, don’t deny her a bond with her father. i question the statement about the well-being of Nahla with her dad. i think he’s perfectly capable of taking care of her. maybe not as hands on as Halle, but i don’t think he’d intentionally put his child in harm’s way. hope everything works out well for all 3.

    • Do u think Kim Kardashian will be a better mother. Gabriel has had his child around Gabriel and Kim Kardashian has stated, “She wants to be called step mom”. Good child-raising techniques.

      • Do u think Kim Kardashian will be a better mother. Gabriel has had his child around Kim and Kim Kardashian has stated, “She wants to be called step mom”. Good child-raising techniques Gabriel.

        • i never even knew they were together cuz i don’t ‘keep up with the kardashians’, but from what other bloggers have said on here, they are no longer together, so kim is irrelevant in this case. her sister kourtney lets her around her nephew mason, so she can’t be that hazardous to kids.

  38. Halle representative did not need to put out this long statment. Gabriel filled his petition with the courts on the low with out talking to the media, and Halle should have fought for custody on the low too.

    • I believe Halle has some serious issues too. If Halle solely wanted to be a mother without a relationship with a man, she should have went to a sperm bank or adopted a child. Halle is crazy to think “ol’ boy” was just going to have a kid with her and do as she says in regards to their daughter. Halle better tread carefully before Gabriel exposes some secrets about her.

      • Gabriel has issues. The courts needs to consider that Halle Berry loves her child and dropped movies to prepare for this custody battle. She will do anything to ensure the safety of her child.

    • ITA!!!! last year when she was doing a film in Africa and was going to take Nahla with her without even discussing it with Gabe he was quite upset!! he would not have been able to see her for weeks and he ended up cancelling all his modeling jobs and going with them to watch Nahla while she worked. i think that was the last straw for him. Halle seems to think that he is no longer needed – she got the child she always wanted and he can just leave but obviously he loves his child. Now she says that she is worried about the child’s safety. this woman has serious problems!

      • Your right about one thing. Ms. Berry wants her child. Gabriel justs wants child support and a some flings like Kim Kardashian to babysit while he sitting back like a fat cat off Ms. Berry’ millions.

    • Actually, Gabriel had plenty to say about Ms. Berry. He has hired attorneys in both Canada and California. Ms. Berry obviously loves her daughter. Gabriel thought it was appropriate to have his daughter around the Kardashians (was he even seriously dating Ms. Berry) and the taped phone calls he says he has of Ms. Berry can anyone say set up. Let’s let at the networth of Ms. Berry and Gabriel 50 million to 4.5 million. Gabriel is seeking full custody because he wants child support.

  39. I honestly hope this works out in the long run cause that beautiful child would be stuck in the middle as the adults war on.. im talkin from my own experience as a child when my parents fought for custody over me .. work it out halle and gabriel

  40. It’s a sad day when a father actually wants to be around more in their child’s life and it’s being complicated by the mother. I don’t know the true details of what’s going on and maybe Halle really does have good reason to be concerned that Nahla’s not in the best care when she’s with Gabriel but I really hope this is about Nahla and not some leftover bitterness over the fallout these two parents had.

  41. I am curious as to why Halle suddenly has a problem with Gabriel seeking paternal rights in regards to Nahla. I think that Halle is a controlling person, and likely feels that Nahla is solely hers. It’s interesting that Halle suddenly wants to paint Gabriel as a crappy father, I smell PR.

    • I agree! I love Halle, but I’ve heard stories about her…Like,she’s controlling and vindictive..Let him be a dad! Damn!

      • According to 95% of all American men, all women are controlive and vindictive. So, what are u really getting at. I don’t think she is a bad mother.

    • Better question. Why does Gabriel suddenly want to paint Ms. Berry as a bad mother and what type of person tape records his ex’ conversation…one who was setting up this custody battle from the very beginning.

    • I see this as a cautionary tale for women “purposefully” taking on single motherhood. You may be want a child so bad that you choose to create one with someone you’re just dating. But take in consideration who that person is before the child is here. What if he’s not someone you feel safe leaving your child with? That’s a question you need to ask before you wave off the condom. Because that person has just as much rights to the child as you do and a judge might not see it your way. Please choose your child’s father based on the love you have for him, his character and his ability to be a great father. Don’t choose a father based on the physical features you want your child to have. That’s just plain wreckless. You may get a cute kid but what if you are forced to leave him or her with an unpredictable biological father? That’s something to think about.

      • I agree with you 100%. Not a good idea to have children out of wedlock anyways,it is not God’s way. So please read and take heed to what this wise sister has written.

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