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  1. Although Jaffar is a handsome young man,I don”t see Micheal in him at all.Its Tito’s second born son Taryl who is the spitting image of Michael.

  2. Hee hee…he is wearing loafers and white socks. That’s very uncle of him. I like seeing “untouched, original” Jackson genes.

  3. he is dating a singer called alyssa shouse
    he like ppb not coz of who their dad is
    prince has a gf named niki berger

  4. He has that California Raisin thing going on with his forehead, just like his Dad.

    All in all, he’s a handsome fellow. I hope the cousins are nice, friendly and loving to Michael’s kide because they like them. And not because they know the kids are sitting on a lifetime of fortune.

  5. jaafar is 14 turning 15
    and he posted that pic on his twitter we follow each other on twitter
    and Kenya is a family dog so they all share him he was at the hospital a few days ago bt now he is ok and he lives where jaafar lives rite now coz the kids dont live together anymore prince paris and blanket aka ppb are at another house while hayvenhurst is being remodelled so yeah

    am a jaafar jackson and ppb and jackson family fan

  6. Handsome boy! Looks like the magazine twerked Jermaine’s look in those pictures. Airbrushed maybe? Well, Jermaine always looks airbrushed so maybe they didn’t do anything…

  7. he’s actually 14…he turns 15 this year in the summer. Kenya was a gift from Michael to his kids, Paris mentioned that in the oprah interview

  8. Jaafar is a mix of his dad Jermaine and his uncle Michael. I saw a vid of Mike at 15 and he and Jaafar look alike. Jaafar is a good looking kid.
    Miss ya Mike! I’m tearing up!

    • Jaffar holds the strongest resemblance To MJ than anyone else in the Jackson family.. Its crazy how Genes can make a child look more like their uncle than their father.

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