Russell Simmons hopes that his daughters Ming,11, and Aoki,8, grow up to use their celebrity status to give back to the less fortunate.

The mogul tells Mediabistro, “I tell them that their job as they become more famous is to use their celebrity to help others, use their good benefit if it’s money to benefit others. And that that’s gonna make them happy, and that any hoarding, holding onto anything will result in sadness and they believe me, I think. So, that’s a constant discussion.”

Russell adds that the girls are in good hands when they are with their mother, Life in Th Fab Lane star Kimora Lee Simmons.

“But I think that Kimora is such a good mother and such a good disciplinarian – I know; I was disciplined for many years, kept in order. So, I know she’s good at that… I was under a good thumb and the kids are under the thumb now. So I know they ain’t doing nothing wrong, ’cause I could NEVER do nothing wrong.”

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  1. I think the girls are well grounded. I watch the show, Kimora Simmons:Life in the fab lane and when she takes the girls somewhere they are always polite. Even when they are with Kimora’s assistants or friends. Aoki wasn’t mad that she shared her birthday with two girls from make a wish foundation and they did a couple of other charity works. They are beautiful inside and out.Btw, Kimora is smart for having friends around to watch the kids when needed instead of having nannies.

    • People keep saying this but it’s not really that strange considering they share a mother and though Ming looks more like Kimora, and Aoki more like Russell when you look at both kids you can still see the opposite parent in their features. Aoki does favor Kimora, and though some people say that Kenzo looks like Djimon, I’d have to disagree, IMO he looks just like Kimora. So that’s why he and Aoki look so much alike.

    • On a side note I think it’s great all the things they do for charity and all the of the lessons and values Russell and Kimora are instilling into Mingy and Aoki and in the future Kenzo. I know that alot of their birthday parties are in junction with charities. Like yes they teamed up with Make A Wish on Aoki’s bday, but on Ming’s birthday Kimora did gift bags for not only kids that were invited to the party but for Audrey Hepburn foundation and Aoki’s 2nd or was it 4th bday party was also in conjunction with a charity, but I don’t know which one it was.

  2. Its funny how Aoki looks just like Russell and acts just like Kimora and Ming is just the opposite looks just like kimora and is calm like dad.

    Love this family and the values they are instilling in their kids. All kids need boundaries and discipline even rich kids like the Simmons-lees kids and The Smith kids.

    • OMG, I used to say the same thing! Aoki looks like Russell but has Kimora’s mouth, attitude, and personality. While Mingy looks just like Kimora but has Russell’s calm personality. It’s so funny.

  3. Russel is actually on my college campus today doing a book signing. To bad I’ll be in class, cuz I know he’ll probably give out some good advice

  4. It’s nice to know that their Dad ($325 million) tries to have meaningful life conversations with his daughters. There’s more to life than money and glamor.

    I agree with Bookworm, Aoki looks dead on her Dad in this picture. Still cute, though.

  5. Embedding that type of mentality into them at an early age will keep them more appreciative and grounded. Kudos to Russell & Kimora.

  6. I love Aoki and Ming. I agree with Russell and think Kimora is a great mom to her three kids. Giving back and helping people do make you feel good on the inside.

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