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Former NFL Player Emmitt Smith and his family are featured in a Land O’Frost ad to promote this year’s Land O’Frost Hall of Fame Instant Win promotion.

PHOTOS: Check out more pictures in the gallery

Pictured are(L to R): Skylar, Patricia, Rheagen, Jasmine, Emmitt, and Emmitt IV. Emmitt and his wife, former Miss Virginia USA beauty queen Patricia Southall, are parents to son Emmitt IV,8, and daughter Skylar,7. The couple have two children from previous relationships: Rheagen is Emmitt’s daughter by his ex-girlfriend Hope Wilson and Jasmin Lawrence,15, is Patricia’s daughter from her previous marriage to comedian Martin Lawrence.

Photos: LandOMom

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  1. Beautiful family,but his wife didn’t really blend into the photo. Everyone else was casual and cute and she look like a black barbie doll all dressed up.

  2. I didn’t know anything about Emmitt being married to Martin’s ex wife but it’s nice to see pictures of Jasmine happy and fitting in with both families.

      • They are referencing Martin Lawrence and the sexual harassment Tisha said she was subjected to, which led to the final season of them not being in the same room together.

        Martin Lawrence then married a woman that looks EXACTLY like Tisha. His second wife does as well.

    • Gonna have to chime in. The pic made me think of Tisha! I know about that difficult last season as well on Martin.

      They do favor, but just a tad, it is more so in the coloring and perhaps their mega watt smiles.

      Nice family pic here.

  3. OMG Vee thank you so much! You are a life saver!!!! Where did you find this out at? I have looked EVERYWHERE for this infor! You go VEE!!!!!!

    • I just Googled it..lol. I think I typed in something like “Emmitt Smith baby”. I’d give you some links but I don’t think I’m allowed to put links to other sites on here. Go to Google and put this: Elijah Alexander James, born September 22, 1010. Some articles should pop up. :)

  4. Pat was pregnant again during Emmitt’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech last year. What did she have???? Please research for me cause I tried and could not find out anything. I am in fear that that baby may have died. Please BCK find out!!!!! Please??

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