Jaden Smith,12, and Justin Bieber,16, perform “Never Say Never” at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 13, 2011.

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  • Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber perform "Never Say Never" at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
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  1. i think that jaden and justin both did a great job by the performence i think you are just jellous of them that you are not them and that you dont get that much etantion and be on tv or internet. let them do what they want you only live 1 time and in this live you can make your dreams come true and i think that you have you have to exccept it too and just make up things that you dont even know about them and if you are bored of them then don’t look on this site then you wont see them again !

  2. The Smith children are talented, but their parents put them out there a lot which leave them open of comments good and bad.

  3. Meh. Never cared either way for him (Justin), so I can’t say if he can sing or if he owes the Autotune gods his soul. His fans are some freaks, though. O_O

    • Interesting that you said that, since some people swear he can’t act a lick. Makes me realize all the more that the perception of someone’s (lack of) skill in a certain area is entirely subjective.

  4. Clearly you don’t travel much on the internet. The only reason Justin isn’t getting trashed HERE is due to his melanin deficiency; we wouldn’t even see him if black celebrities and/or their children weren’t beside him. He gets plenty of hate outside of BCK, believe me. Just Google ‘Anti-Justin Beiber’ and you’ll see what I mean.

  5. my boy got on leopard skinnys…..wow you couldnt see a boy wearing that here in my area, he would be a laughing stock, and get called names

  6. Call me a hater but Justin Bieber can’t sing.Thank the LORD.He did not win the grammys he was nomiated for.And Willow Smith sings better than Justin. #thatisall She needed to be up there not Jaden!But it was cute when Will and Jada were so proud and Will was like “That’s my baby!” I was like awww!

  7. I will be so happy when this justin bieber hype is over. That kid is talentless and so overrated. He’s just another MJ copycat like the rest of these entertainers.

    • Amen! He actually sounds worse now that puberty finally hit. Perhaps he’ll sound better when his voice finally settles (though I doubt it).

    • Yes!!!!

      When I sign on to AOl..he’s there. When I listen to someone singing a song on youtube…he’s there (well not really, but someone always has to post his name and how so and so is better than him- even if the song has nothing to do with him). When I turn on HLN…he’s there. When I take my 11 year old sister to the mall…he’s there (his song plays in the tween stores).

      I don’t listen to him and yet I can’t avoid him lol.

  8. If i could curse on here I would have some choice words for some of you adults!!!! You all must now have kids cause I’m sure you would not want people talking about your kids the way you talk about these kids on BCK!! Act your age please!!

  9. Yes keep posting pics of the Smith kids, maybe the haters will just stop coming to the website talking trash and get a life. If you are grown then why talk trash about a child??? People are so immature these days!!!

  10. Thank you sooooooo much BCK for posting more photos of the Smith family. Just can’t get enough! Keep posting them…My number 1 website any day!

    • Please, grown white women are doing the same thing, and black men. The Smiths put their kids out there in shows that are watched by adults…they need to be ready for the criticism. If all they wanted was for their kids to have an audience of other kids, they’d be on Disney or Nick.

  11. Justin! I’m so upset he lost last night.I was going for him or Drake. I wouldn’t have been mad if he lost to Drake but they both lost to a nobody….Weird.

    Lady Antebellum Won!!!

    Jaden know that those pants are not for him! Didn’t Willow have a similiar pair some time ago?

  12. In addition, The Grammy’s sucked, last night. I was bored out of my mind. Katy Perry and Eminiem, were the only ones that delivered a half decent performances.

  13. BCK, don’t start this again with everyday, there was a post of Will Smith’s kids. It was a nerve wrecking summer last year when you did this.

    • i think its soo freaking annoying how everyone thinks that its like always about will smiths kids and stuff and yet here u r making it about them if u dont like it dont talk about it i think ur just jealous ur not the one getting the fame plus the kids at my school dont even really know who they are. ill be like jaden smith theyll be like who im like the kid from karate kid there like ohhh and willow they only know her from her song thats was not even that big

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