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Grammy-nominated singer Kelly Price,  her husband Jeff Rolle, and their children Jeff Jr.,18, and Jonia a.k.a Nia,17, are pictured just before the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California on February 13, 2011.

Kelly recently spoke about wanting her kids to go to college.   She tells Urblife, “I do want my kids to be college educated. I always wanted to go to college and I didn’t. My life took another turn. I feel like who they are and what they’re supposed to do should always take precedence over any guideline. I just feel like that there is definitely something each of us was assigned to do with our lives while we are here. So if that means that you’re only going to go to college for a little while, and then you start to get driven to what your purpose in life is. If that means leaving school, then by all means I’ll never fight that”

She adds, “I’m an education advocate. I actually would love to go back to school. I’m saying that I would love to, but I am going back to school, even if that means one class at a time online to get my degree, because I always wanted to get my degree. I don’t think that a degree makes you, because there are a lot of people who teach music because they are educated and they have degrees. But they’ve never done what I [or others I’ve worked with] have done musically.”

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  1. Lovely family and good for her. She can do it. It is really a great accomplishment. I am always saying someone looks like someone else (lol), but her husband looks like Judge Greg Mathis a little.

  2. Nice looking family;-)

    I really appreciate everything Kelly has to say here. It would be great if everyone was college educated -but college isn’t for everyone,and those who are not academically inclined, should not be forced to take that path…they should, however, be thinking consciously and cautiously about their next steps.

  3. Kelly really looks nice. I thought she had gained some of her weight back after I saw Black Girls Rock but she looking nice. Lovely fam

    • I was thinking the same thing about not know who was mom and who was daughter. That young lady looks very mature for her age. Happy for Kelly. Lovely family.

  4. Glad to see they are still together after all those years and still look very much in Love. Black Love, gotta love it!!!!

  5. Her daughter is truly lovely! Kelly has really slimmed down and looks great; her daughter is bigger than her! I wonder how often mother and daughter get mixed up because look to be very close in age.

  6. Nice photo except for I think her daughter has much eye shadow and the lipstick is too bright. But the photo is still nice.

    As for education, I think education is important.

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