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An anti-abortion billboard put up by a group opposed to abortion is stirring a lot of controversy.

A billboard that reads, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb,” has been placed in the heart of SoHo by Life Always™ as a part of a new national campaign to expose the truth about how Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods as they perform over 300,000 abortions a year. This particular billboard is about half a mile from a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Life Always board member Stephen Broden said that Planned Parenthood has had a devastating effect on the sustainability of the African American population.”

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What do you think? Is this billboard a little too much or does it make a point?
Source: ThatsAbortion.com

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  1. Sorry,I made some mistakes about was one ,and I was trying to say that black men aren’t marrying us anymore.It’s not all of them,also alot of them r in jail!

  2. C-Sassy

    “We as African Americans, get such a bad reputation in our society and I am sick of it. We contribute to out society in a psoitive way, we are educated and hard working people! Stop this”

    I agree with majority of all the comments on here. All these false information how blacks have the most abortion is so not true. I live in Canada and I see so many white women having abortion and I have read it is not always the poor population that has abortion. It is the women who are in university or colleges and want to forther there careers and they see having a child will sent them back. People always targeting blacks for everything I am so sick of this because everyone knows every race has abortion. Lets see lets count all the white countries (europe. eastern europe) abortion rates and everyon knows white women are not having many children at all. Lets count the asian countries like china, india and Japan that have abortions. Lets also count the african countries and tribes those numbers would be so low compared to the average around the world of other races.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with abortion, as long as you don’t use it as birth control. I’m pro-choice. Many of these kids would have been born into very dysfunctional situation. Best to make sure the situation is right before you decide to give birth.

  4. Honestly, I do not feel any emotions when I read the billboard. I do not take other people’s opinions/comments too seriously. Just because one says it & puts it up for the world to see does not mean I will allow it to affect me.

    That being said, I am so tired of hearing about glorified sex & abortion being an option. How about glorified protection? No one is saying do not have sex, but come on, birth control has been around as long as abortion has.

  5. I really wish they would have left it up. The message was raw, but truthful and it atleast got people talking about the issue again. Taking down the billboard does not make the issue go away…

    • Taking down the billboard wont let the issue go away but it takes away the awful msg that it sends. Abortion is not an easy decision for any woman… African American or otherwise and all the billboard does is simplify the issue.. it does not educate.

  6. Update: the billboard came down today. The ad agency that took the money for it in the first place couldn’t take the controversy and took it down. The issue is so loaded and controversial. The term pro-life irks me because it implies that the rest of us are pro-death. Though some pro-lifers do indeed care about quality of life, the right wing pro-life legislators are hellbent on cutting social programs that help disadvantaged persons so to me that is a disregard for quality of life. Pro-lifers who choose to hunt down and kill abortion providers in their homes and churches are absolutely appalling and hypocritical. As are protestors who stand outside clinics and on highway exits with poster board sized images of aborted fetuses, images no doubt obtained illegally. On the flip side planned parenthood needs to do a better job of communicating to the public, all the women’s health issues that they provide care for, including cancer screening for those exposed to HPV who cannot afford healthcare. I know they do safe sex education and i hope they also discuss adoption and foster care. The nation needs to do a better job of prosecuting rape and not re-victimizing women on the witness stand. Women are still made to believe it is their fault and that reduces the immediate medical care they may receive to prevent implantation. Finally the image of the woman using abortion as birth control is just as strong as the image of the welfare queen, and just as false. Sure some women are more reckless than others but I would venture to say that for the majority of women who choose abortion over other options, it is a well thought out decision, a physically and emotionally painful process and one that stays with them for decades. It is not easily forgotten. But the thing is women have been terminating pregnancies since the dawn of civiliazation. Whether it was drinking poisonous herbs, swigging alcohol, sitting in a steaming hot bath, hurling themselves down stairs or back alley hanger jobs. I hate to be crass but we will go back to these far more dangerous tactics if safe and sanitary abortions are not available to all women. I personally would not choose abortion for myself but I certainly will not deny it to another woman.

  7. I disagree with this bullentin! I believe that a women should have the right to choose to have an abortion or not. Regardless of race. Women of all races have abortions for various reasons. It is none of our business if a women decides to get one or not. This bulletin is misleading, in that it is trying to state that its just African American women, when clearly that isn’t the truth.

    We as African Americans, get such a bad reputation in our society and I am sick of it. We contribute to out society in a psoitive way, we are educated and hard working people! Stop this

  8. A lot of the responses to this here on BCK makes me think there are too many uneducated folks. Seriously, it says that Black mothers are a threat to their own child in their OWN bodies. It is telling us that we are unable to care for and be responsible individuals.

    The sentiment is that as uneducated fools, we are having abortions willy-nilly cos we can’t stop ourselves from getting pregnant. But how much is birth control for a month? It’s more than it needs to be. Even the middle class struggle to pay for it without insurance(if it is even covered).

    We aren’t arming our community with the kind of information they need to make informed choices. A lot of people say abortion are done like it is an easy decision. It is not and never will be an easy thing.

    I agree with *candyisdandy*. What is the sense to bring a child into the world when the paternal half won’t be around for support? So many things go into a sexual relationship. You cannot always *make* a man use protection. But if he is someone who you lean on for a little bit of support(whatever you can get when you are poor or disadvantaged) you don’t feel it is your right to deny him sex if he doesn’t use a condom.

    Things are not so black and white here. Please review ALL sides of the coin before you go off agreeing with this blatant racist nonsense.

    • I agree with what you’ve said. This ad campaign makes us all look like we’re stupid and ignorant, as though we have no clue whatsoever what options are available to us. Abortion, if you don’t have health insurance, is actually more expensive (varies between a couple of hundred dollars to close to a thousand dollars) than buying over the counter contraceptives like condoms, spermacides, or sponges. I think too many women and girls solely rely on guys to use condoms to prevent pregnancy when they could just as easily use a sponge, for example.

      Although I am pro-life, I do not go around telling women what to do with their bodies. It’s their choice and they will have to live with the consequences. I firmly believe, though, that men should STAY OUT of women’s reproductive business. It’s our bodies, not their’s.

  9. I would love an AA male’s perspective on this topic. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Maternal Child Health (MCH) programs. An exceptionally large number of the young AA ladies coming through the programs are having babies not because they don’t understand or won’t use birth control. They have babies to keep their “man” in their lives by any means or to satisfy their “man’s” request for a child, whether either has the means to take care of the child or not. Some have even been pushed by their parents for grandchildren. You’d be surprised at some of the stories you hear. Having said this, the abortion option or decision to become pregnant can be largely influenced by others in the mother’s life; others who she allows to have a say in her life and the life of her unborn child. This is the root we have to address. It’s fine to have options to deal with the affect, but what about the cause…the why.
    I’m Pro-Life and the message the billboard sends is that it’s a danger for a child to be in the womb of an AA woman. I think PP needs to go back to the drawing board and try again because their point is being lost in their stark, hopeless message.

  10. What we need to address is the break down of the family values and the selfish, sexually exploitative attitudes that advocate for lack of commitment on the part of prospective parents. So much distruct in communities leaves women weary about bringing children into the world and bearing a heavy and disproportionate burden of caring for them. Mothers who are single and wounded need to address their own trust issues and raise their girls and boys to be loyal, moral and committed partners to prevent the kinds of hardships families have been going throught. Otherwise, young women have no reason to bring children into the world for men who will not help them raise them. Its not cute to raise your son to be a heart breaker or playboy. Heartbreakers become family breakers. And girls need to be raised to be moral with self-respect too. Its not a religious thing, just a practical thing.

  11. Another thing that bothers me is the statistics that are being thrown out about the abortion rate for black women. In most (if not all) states, miscarriages are counted as abortions. There is no distinction made between deliberate abortions and unwanted ones (miscarriages). The stats don’t tell the full story! Stephen Broden (who is African American, by the way) should tell the full story. I just think he failed miserably with this campaign. It just comes across as offensive and racist.

    Personally, I am pro-life. However, I believe women who are raped or are victims of incest have a right to abortion. What bothers me is when a woman has an abortion because she failed to use contraceptives or didn’t make sure her partner used a condom. I know one woman (white) who has had *multiple* abortions. This is morally wrong, IMO. There are so many women (of all races) out there who would love to have a healthy newborn but can’t due to no fault of their own. I think, for a small percentage of women, abortion *is* their form of contraception.

  12. After hearing about how Planned Parenthood started, I think this is on point and NOT pointing a finger at black only abortions. PP started with a specific agenda to “support” black abortions with the desire to off us basically.

    This spreads light on that more than anything if people will take the time to check out the site, even if it’s not right up on PP, the site is there for people to go and check out more info on it.

  13. If abortion rates are so high among Blacks, then why do I see so many teen mothers? Why are so many Black children in the foster care system? People need to encourage Black teens to go to college, and pursue their talents.

  14. I too am pro life for MYSELF. I don’t like it, but society kills me trying to make decisions for everyone else, when in most cases their business is not in order. BUT, my BIGGEST question is: WHO TOLD YOU ALL WHITE PEOPLE DON’T GET ABORTIONS LEFT AND RIGHT? Because they are secretive and have the money to quiet it in their community. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  15. I’m pretty much pro-life, with exceptions, meaning she would’ve had to have been raped or the baby is a detriment to her health, other than that, if you don’t think you can afford a kid either keep your legs closed or use common sense, like a condom.

  16. I am definitely PRO-CHOICE && nomatter what race you are we should all be allowed to have that choice . There are thousands of homeless , starving abused children in the world that we cant care for now & everyone is worried about women who obviously either made a mistake or chose to abort their baby due to the fact that she knew she couldnt give it a good life and its an issue. I understand that it is a child even in the womb but im sorry some people shouldve been aborted ie:serial killers,rapist,child abductors who were usually abused themselves and grew up in horrible households with abusive parents. maybe we wouldnt have as many children who are being abused and raped and malnourished and in foster homes due to them being born to irresponsible young black, asian, white, spanish, indian, etc parents. Either way it is an issue for every race & that billboard is very disrespectful and inappropriate and this is coming from a 16 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE with hopes of growing up and one day having beautiful children but just in case something happens in between there , i should have that choice and not have to be plastered on a billboard and ostracised.

  17. It is an extreme billboard…and I as a white person….find it to be very racist sounding….I dont know the statistics or anything…but it just comes across very racist….

    I am pretty much against abortion…but I guess there are cases that make it necessary (rape, incest….and some of the drugged up mothers to be…no matter of what color)……….that billboard kinda blocks out the actual message for me, because it seems so blatantly racist

  18. It’s a racially offensive ad pushing false truths. Young black and Hispanic women historically have fewer abortions than their white counterparts due to religious views and culture. And pro-lifers never seem to give a damn about babies once they are born. They are against healthcare for all, funding for childcare, improving public schools. Yet they try to shame black women with garbage like this. Give me a break. You’ve got a legislator in the south who wants to pass a bill requiring all miscarriages and follow up treatmen that is paid for by federal funds to be investigated as possible abortions. You’ve got others trying to define rape and decriminalize marital rape. Women we need to stand up for ourselves and protect our bodies. My choice is not yours. I can’t make you have a child anymore than you can take my children away from me. If you don’t believe in abortion don’t have one. But don’t take that choice from someone else.

    • Elizabeth,
      your point about too many pro-lifers not caring enough for the QUALITY of life for these children is true in many cases, but not in all.
      I’m a liberal and I’m pro-life, precisely because I believe human life IS precious and all are deserving of a good one! :-) I am 100% for programs to improve the quality of life such as healthcare for all, improving the schools, funding for childcare and anything else that will give every child, Black or White, male or female, a fair chance at success.
      For me, it’s not about taking anyone’s choices away. Although I’m pro-life, I don’t believe in the banning of abortion because I feel that does remove choice and goes down a slippery slope of restriction on women’s reproductive rights. However, abortion is not the ONLY choice. I don’t think enough scared, young pregnant girls are aware of all the options available to them. Abortion isn’t the only path. There’s adoption as well as foster care.
      Shoot, in the past, many Black children who’s mothers couldn’t care for them right away were simply raised by extended family. There are other ways other than rushing to the abortion clinic.

      • Victoria, you have been spot on. I appreciate that. You brought up the extended family. Oh, those were the days. Hey, do you even remember the extended neighborhood where everyone looked out for other’s children. You would even be reprimanded by an elder neighbor (I’m not saying that I would support someone hitting my child), but kids could be corrected by Mrs. Jones next door, and they had respect for her. Those days seem to be long gone. I mean, we don’t have many Big Mama’s or “Madeas” anymore. G’mothers are sometimes now in their 30′s/40′s. I miss the wisdom that came with those old school g’mas.

        • My mother grew up in a community like that back in the 60′s. She always tells me stories of how everyone really did pull together and look after each other. It was safe to walk the streets, and the majority of the families knew each other and were friends, and so were their children.
          I grew up visiting her neighborhood in Queens, NY on summer vacations to see my grandparents, and as recently as 2007, it still had that old-school community vibe. Some of the same families from over 40 years back still live there. It’s a great place and I always loved being there. :-)
          BTW, you went and mentioned “Madea”! Every time I see those Tyler Perry shows, she reminds me a little of my grandma, LOL!!

    • I haven’t yet read through all the comments, but I can personally say that just because I’m pro-life doesn’t mean I’m anti-choice. I believe God gives everyone freedom of choice. We all have to live with the consequences of whatever we choose – good or bad. Those who don’t believe in abortions WON’T have them. That’s a given unless some unforeseen circumstance comes their way.

      I hate abortion. I think it’s evil. I can overstand if a woman decides to have an abortion in cases of rape, incest, or the endangerment of the life of the mother, but not as a means of birth control. I’m also not saying that making a decision to have an abortion is an easy one for many women. What we never discuss is the after-effects of an abortion, such as guilt and shame.

      If a woman is having sex and can’t possibly take care of a baby, maybe those legs need to remained closed or she and/or her mate should find some effective birth control methods. Sex is risky, whether using protection or not, and it comes with consequences. There are many women who have multiple abortions because it’s cheaper that way and convenient. The womb, in my opinion, should be a safe, nurturing place, but that’s how I feel. THAT’S ME. What someone else does with their body is strictly their business.

  19. I just saw this on the news and I believe it is too much. These types of decisions are personal. There has to be a better way to offer support for females who find themselves pregnant and unsure of what to do.

    • A young woman needs to know all of the choices she has. Abortion is not the only route she has to take.
      I feel that young, pregnant (and scared) women need to know that along with that option of abortion, there is also the wholly viable and sensible choice of adoption. I have become a major believer in adoption, because of my own African-American relatives who have been adopted and went on to live good lives.
      These girls need understanding, support, and information about all the options they have. There’s no need to rush to get an abortion, without being fully enlightened.

  20. If I see this billboard I am going to throw something at it.

    Really??? I myself did a little research and didn’t find African American abortion rates to be that much greater than any other race and in some instances the rates of Whites were comparably higher. I am willing to provide sources… just ask.

    Fact is: everyone has a choice and it is their right to exercise it. Why encourage women of any race to have babies they do not want to keep. If anything this billboard should be pushing ABSTINENCE.

    PLEASE… like someone else said Afr Americans are at more at risk than every other race of dying from anything these days. Next thing you know we are more likely to die from taking a breath than any other race. Spare me.

    I know all about Margaret Sanger and a lot of what other posters stated about her is absolutely true. Her views on birth control for Afr Americans were really perverted for lack of a better word. But just because she had twisted intentions doesn’t mean everyone who goes out and has an abortion has that same view. There are some people who are just not ready and also those that are impregnated by rape or incest. So what.. because she wanted to wipe out the black community with planned parenthod doesn’t mean black women should keep having babies they are unwilling or unable to care for.

    African Americans will never be wiped out we are here to stay. We survived 400 years of slavery so Margaret Sanger and every one else will have to try again.

    And check the statistics of black children getting adopted… Majority of them will be in foster care for their entire child hoood lives.. sad to say.

    If anything I say push abstinence or contraceptives… without the racial targeting and then I will support.

  21. Funnily enough, a topic like this came up in lecture today when we had a guest speaker, except it involved Asian baby girls (Chinese, Pakistani & Indian mostly). Apparently, by 2020, China & India combined will have “lost” nearly 65 million baby girls to sex-selective abortion, completely skewing their gender ratio. I knew the rate was high, but not THAT high. Just really, really shocked me. And seeing this sign made me think about it.

    So if it’s dangerous for an African-American baby in the womb, I definitely don’t even want to know what the statistics are for Chinese & Indian baby girls. So sad, in both cases.

  22. I find the billboard offensive and guilty of subtle racism. Why? The choice of words: ‘The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.’ It is like they are saying two different things. I have a hard time believing that the folks behind this are truly concerned about black babies being aborted; they are really more concerned about white babies being aborted. They know that many blacks are anti-abortion. This is their way of getting more support for their cause. The subtle message that the billboard seems to be stating is that it is best that black women keep their wombs empty as in, ‘Do this country a favor and don’t conceive at all.’

    Planned Parenthood, historically, was designed to (1) prevent white women from dying while trying to abort unwanted babies via dangerous, home-made methods and (2) to reduce the black population who was/is deemed as undesirable (this was all part of the eugenics movement, which is still going on today but in a more subtle fashion).

    Thinks, I wonder how long will this take to post?

  23. I don’t know why but everything bad seem to affect black people the most. I have hard time beleiving this because we only make up 13% of the population. If all this stuff were true there would be no black people. According to statistics: 32% of our race chose abortion, 39.9% of AA children are poor, 43% of AA have HIV/AIDS(56% of AA women are postive), 15 out every 1000 AA infant will die, 28% of our AA men will enter jail, 60% of AA households are lead by women, we have a greater chance of death for every diseas in the world…… My point is how can 13% account for all this negativty. I do know and understand that our race does have its share of problems, but I have hard time takeing in this type of infomation.

  24. I agree; I think that abstinence is ultimately the best solution. At the very least, if a girl has sex before marriage, she should be as careful as possible and use protection.
    My mother taught me abstinence until marriage. I grew up not wanting to raise a child with no husband to support me, and I also believed in abstinence because of the frightening spectre of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. When a man truly respects a woman, in my opinion, he won’t take what is one of the most precious things she has until he can support her and any family they might create.

  25. I find this billboard highly disrespectful. It is a cyncial attempt at including African Americans into the abortion debate. If Stephen Broden was really concerned about the “sustainability of the African American population”, he would address the more pertinent issues of poverty, inequality, and systemic barriers that adversly affect the African American community. To say that abortion is a tough choice to make would be an understatement. Only the people who have to face that choice know just how painful it truly is.

  26. I looked up the abortion by race and according to the us census 36. 2 percent of blacks get abortions. 20 percent of hispanics and 36 percent of whites get abortions. So I find this billboard racist. What else is next a ban on birth control pills

  27. I’m pro-choice and I like Planned Parenthood. No one is forcing African Americans or any woman to have an abortion. It’s an option and a choice each woman should have the right to make. Adoption is an option, but black babies aren’t necessarily flying off of the market. Plus, Planned Parenthood does so many other great things for people in general which is beneficial for African Americans, i.e. birth control, HIV/AIDS testing, educating on safe sex, breast cancer screens, pap tests, etc…

    • The only problem is that when it comes to the history of eugenics against minority populations, it ISN’T just one racist–it is thousands of racists.
      When I was younger I did a ton of research on this subject and I found out that in America, in various states, women who were Native American, African-American, and mentally retarded (or women who were unfairly labeled retarded) were sterilized without their knowledge or consent.
      This type of activity is similar to Sanger’s designs to reduce the birthrate for Black women and other groups she unjustly thought of as inferior.
      This sweeping and comprehensive history of genocide against minority women SHOULD be taken into account when it comes to the issue of a disproportionate number of Black children being aborted.
      It’s definitely not a matter of “blaming whitey”. It’s a matter of innocent human beings within a race dying. Ultimately, abstinence and personal responsibility are the solutions, but other people’s prejudiced attitudes against the existence of non-whites shouldn’t be discounted when it comes to young Black women deciding to enter an abortion clinic and have their children killed instead of simply putting those precious human beings up for adoption where it has the chance of life. My perspective is that life is the best gift we have and it should be respected and honored.

    • Good points Plain Mean. Yes, Planned Parenthood may have had some “evil” underpinnings with its founder, Ms. Sanger…but unfortunately so did the makings of this great country we live in today. Am I leaving for Africa because of it, uhmmm, no.

      Planned Parenthood has evolved over the years and is more than just an abortion provider. They provide contraceptions, general gynelogical care and other services.

      I won’t get into the whole abortion debate, will say I do believe in the sanctity of life and would like to see elective abortion as a rare phenomona. That said, I hope we never return to the days of back alley abortions. If a woman wants one, she WILL find a way to have one.

      As for the billboard, the producers achieved their goal of grabbing headlines and attention to their cause. People sink to the lowest common denominator these days for those purposes, so its not shocking to me. I don’t consider it necessarily racist, just rather stunted in its proposed insight. It reminds me of the which came first, the chicken or the egg anaIogy.

      The bigger question is, if we are to believe the statistics WHY IS THIS SO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE LARGER SOCIETY? WHAT REALLY IS AT WORK BEHIND THE SCENES THAT IS CREATING THAT REALITY? Pointing fingers at Planned Parenthood doesn’t cut it for me.

      We got to do more as a society to ensure that once that black baby makes it past the womb, that the opportunities and support is their to make this place something worth coming to. I do believe in the quality of life and not just exising up here.

  28. Tacky Poster but good point.
    I don’t agree with abortions but people can do whatever they want.
    I do push for protection for a number of reasons but I can’t stop any woman from getting an abortions and we shouldn’t make them feel bad for it.
    The Black Population is not feed by black women. If it was, there would be no such thing as a “one drop rule” and kids with one black parents- ex: father- wouldn’t be black.
    I might be sounding mean but at the end of the day, isn’t it best that these women NOT bring babies that they can’t take care or financially, emotionally and physically support?
    In my opinion, having an abortion is not cool because I do believe that you are killing a child but in so many ways, you are doing people a favor because you won’t be birthing a child you can’t take care of and who will be another kid in the system.
    I do think that they are singling out Blacks for whatever reason but it is unfair and I think they are crossing the line.

    • @Bookworm, I hear people using that argument, “Isn’t it better to abort than too have a child and the child suffer?” Well, I guess if the child suffers inside the uterus (tearing it apart), it’s acceptable. I believe abortion is killing an innocent child. I will not candy coat it. I would never, ever condemn a woman who makes that choice, except for repeat offenders, but if people understood what takes place during an abortion, I wonder if people wouldn’t be so “for it?”

      My summation would be: Try not to get pregnant in the first place, especially if you know you can’t afford a baby. There are so many ways to NOT get pregnant. I know women who are suffering now from guilt due to previous abortions they’ve had. I also know one woman who cannot have any children due to a complication of abortion. JMO.

  29. It still shocks me that the abortion rate is so high for African-American women. I dont know anybody that has had one, and all I see are chicks pushin strollers in the ‘hood. Are they just being selective in the kids they have?

  30. It can be pretty dangerous for many of us after making it past birth, too, so I don’t agree that the womb is the most dangerous place for African Americans.

    Sometimes I wish I could get back into the relative comfort of my mother’s womb.

    • Lol. It’s especially dangerous for us black folk. We’re most likely to be aborted; die of AIDS; die of Cancer; die of diabetes; die of heart disease; die of high cholesterol; die of stress; die of swine flu; die of regular flue; die of mad cow disease; die crossing the road… God help us!

    • That’s true. Life can be rocky from the beginning to the end. But life can be hard for everyone. What’s important, from my perspective, is having the chance to make it as good as possible! :-)

  31. Not offended – interested to know the abortion rates among other cultures, will have to Google the situation. I also don’t think it will help so the ad is probably unnecessary, we as black people and every other “people” know what the Hell we are doing when abortion takes place. We as blacks always talk about educating our communities but education is not the key anymore – it’s responsibiltiy and the willingness to do better. This ad is only going to piss people off and not make things better no matter who said it and what neighborhood it’s in.

    Shame on Planned Parenthood for encouraging (if that’s really true) but more shame on us for following through.

  32. i am finding more and more african americans do not want children i have 3 and alot of my cousins have 1 and most of them have none and dont want none. TO EACH ITS OWN

  33. I mean I don’t think its over the top because like previously stated it is ture. It’s pretty amazing how the #1 African American killer is abortion more then HIV/aids, heart disease, heart attack and ganag violence…combined.

  34. Why African american?I am offended!I don’t care of African Americans have the highest abortion rates, this is what this billboard is implying!it’s borderline offensive!

    • Why African Americans? Because it’s our babies that are being killed the most. Another poster mentioned the very racist Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Here’s what she has said about us and our people: “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” So, whenever I hear some of these liberal white women talk about how the government needs to fund abortions for “poor” people, it makes me think.

      • Sanger was who I would define as a eugenicist and she seemed to believe in the concept of “negative eugenics” as well. Negative eugenics is the belief that the birthrates of groups deemed “undesireable” (and what bullcrap notion is that to begin with that any fellow human is “undesireable”??) should be reduced….minimized…ERADICATED. She deemed everyone from African-Americans to the mentally retarded as groups undesireable.
        So many young pregnant Black women are taking this option of abortion, not realizing the history behind it all.
        Too many African-American babies who could’ve been given life and gone on to create their own families and contribute to society, have died in the womb…it’s simply unfair and unjust, from the way I see it.

        • Victoria, my sister turned me on to Margaret Sanger several years ago. I’m happy to hear that others have been made very well of her intentions and that of Planned Parenthood.

          • @Teri,
            I learned about Sanger when I was 14. I read disturbing information about her whole plot on various websites, and I was shocked. Previously, I had been leaning more towards being pro-choice. Afterwards, I had a different perspective, and while I still don’t believe in abortion being banned, or anything of that nature, I think part of having a choice is being enlightened.

  35. Poor taste but the message is true. Planned Parenthood targets minorities. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, did not put much faith in our ability to make any significant contribution to society. So they target our pregnant mothers to reduce our numbers. Only in the cases of rape, incest, or threat to the mother’s life do I support abortion. We shouldn’t be using it as a form of birth control. It’s as if we’re giving in to those forces who’d like to see us disappear anyway.

  36. I think it’s raw but it’s truthful.
    One of the reasons why I am pro-life is for this very reason. Too many African-American children are being aborted by the mothers, when adoption should be made much more of a wholly realistic and viable option to young women who are not emotionally and financially ready to be mothers. In my Black extended family, I have quite a few adopted relatives.
    This billboard is simply trying to grab people’s attention to a devastating manner concerning the Black community. I don’t find anything wrong or over-the-top about it.
    Years ago, I read extensive information about Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. In her words, exactly>>>

    “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon

    “More children from the fit, less from the unfit — that is the chief aim of birth control.” Birth Control Review, May 1919, p. 12

    These quotes can be found simply by Googling ‘margaret sanger planned parenthood’. Information such as this, set me on the path of being pro-life.

    • I teach Middle School in the evenings. I’m Pro-Life in instances not including rape or incest. The thing that scares me is how many kids I see ruining their lives with pregnancy. If this is what my school looks like with abortions, I’m not sure I’d want to see what I’d look like without any.

    • Victoria, I’m so glad you mentioned Margaret. Genocide of the black community has been in the works for 400 years.

      Your comment is strictly on point, Victoria.

      • “Genocide of the black community has been in the works for 400 years.”

        In a million different ways…everything from slavery of the 19th century to the slaughter of innocent Sudanese in the 21st.

        • @Victoria @ 8:50 p.m.

          My sister was telling me about the father of OB/GYN, some doctor who used to experiment on black women. I forget his name. There’s a statue somewhere down south paying homage to this man. Like you said, genocide is nothing new.

          • @Teri,
            Really? I should look that up and try to find some info on that.
            There is a long, disgusting history right here on American soil of a quiet war being waged against non-white women’s wombs. I have read of everything from forced sterilization of minority women to abduction of fair skinned Native American children from their mothers to be “adopted” into White families.

    • Victoria, I somewhat agree and highly disagree too

      I am disappointed with many of these comments. As Black people, we should be more in-tune with Blatant racism… and this is as blatant as it gets.

      If you are Pro-Life (as I am) then you should be against ANY and ALL abortions regardless of race! Whether it’s 1% or 50%… That’s why I don’t understand this tactic

      Ask yourself this… if White women were getting abortions in high numbers and the majority of abortions do you really think they would put up a billboard saying “The Most Dangerous Place for a White Person is In the Womb”… HELL NO they wouldn’t!

      This is a way to shame and smear “African American” as a ‘group’ of people instead of shaming the ACT (which is committed by ALL groups in the USA regardless of “percentage”)

      This is CLEARLY a racist attack as was the founding of Planned Parenthood! Ironic, huh? Not really seeing how this is Amerikkka and there are closeted racists on BOTH ends of the spectrum.

      Even though I am more sadden by the actual statistics than I am by this Billboard… I’m not gonna ignore racism when it has planted its firm lil’ roots on my door step and you shouldn’t either!

      • You make interesting points and I understand where you’re coming from.
        I am pro-life regarding any precious human life, regardless of race. The reason why this topic struck a chord with me, however, was because of the sordid history I have learned, about the SPECIFIC genocidal and eugenic attacks against the Black birthrate. Throughout history, this style of negative eugenics has so often been aimed squarely towards the wombs of Black, Native, and Latin women, that I have become sensitive to this issue.
        However, I understand your point about the billboard. A person can look at it two ways–that it is a racist attack against Black folks or that the organization took a somewhat unique and shocking tactic to get people interested in this issue. I can understand how it CAN be viewed as racist, though.

        • I am pro-choice,and I believe that women should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies without interference from the government.Of course women’s first decision should be to either keep their legs closed or use birth control until they reach the time in their life when they’re ready for motherhood.However I also find this billboard offensive.If Planned Parenthood is targeting poor black neighborhoods only,then they’re wrong too.They should be going to all different neighborhoods regardless of the ethnicity of the people living there,and educating them.Both poor and rich communities should have Planned Parenthood programs to educate young women about birth control and women’s health in general. And in the poor communities,the Planned Parenthood facilities are the only place that women and children who can’t afford health care can go.

          The other problem is that there are misconceptions(no pun intended)about what Planned Parenthood does for the community. Planned Parenthood doesn’t preach abortion.They talk to women about all of their options,and they educate women about birth control,STD prevention,screening for breast,ovarian,and cervical cancer,and so on.And they don’t perform abortions in the main facility.They have separate facilities where they send the women who have chosen that option.The most important thing is that women should have the right to choose that option if they feel it’s what’s best for them,and not have any stigma or shame attached to it.

      • You took the words from my mouth!!

        I’m a woman before I’m “black”, or a statistic. If I want to have an abortion, that’s my right..& I shouldn’t feel any more shamed for it that any other woman.

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