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Celebrity mom Kimora Lee Simmons poses with students from Alain L. Locke Elementary – P.S. 208 at the 3rd Annual Bounty Make A Clean Difference Program at Alain L. Locke Elementary – P.S. 208 on February 18, 2011 in New York City.

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The mom of three has teamed up with Bounty for their “Make a Clean Difference” campaign. She tells GlobalGrind, “It’s about cleaning our schools, which is contributing to a better education, to healthier, happier kids, to kids that thrive in a better, more creative environment.  Everything that we do now for our kids, it’s like we are doing it for ourselves, we’re doing it for our future. It’s kind of a selfish thought if you think about it, but we get this back.”

She adds, “I think in this time, schools are suffering. Not just in New York, but everywhere. I personally believe that our teachers, our nurses, our caregivers, ambulance workers, these are people who do so much for our community, so much for our development and growth as a society and they’re the least recognized people, and they’re the lowest paid on the totem pole. i think that my teacher should be paid like A-Rod. We have to slowly turn that around. This is a small step to that. It’s not gonna get [teachers] A-Rod money but it’s gonna get them recognition, support, and the communities involvement as a whole. This is a message that has to go home. The teachers can’t do it alone.” (Read More)


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  1. Kimora’s mother is part Japanese and part Korean. I hope her family was not affected by the Japanese disaster .

  2. a very good cause she is supporting here…I find it sad that teachers over there in States are not really well paid…..I am glad that over here in Germany the teachers are pretty good earners….I mean…no matter where U are, teachers do not only teach our children……some even have to try to raise the kids, because many parents dont thing parenting is their thing no more and leave it to the employees of Kindergardens and School……and later on, teachers have to deal with the attitudes of the students as well….which can be a pain in the butt….I know how my class was when we were teenagers….

  3. I love KLee, and I think it’s a great cause she’s involved in. I also love how as per usual with group shots, there are some people looking at the camera, some looking left or right, and some off into space, LOL.

  4. What an awesome cause. I completely agree with what she said–education is so very important, yet you could hardly know that by how much the teachers are paid! It’s a good cause for her to get involved with, definitely.
    She looks gorgeous as usual!

  5. Cute kids! I think this is a great idea. Some teachers have to cean up the classrooms in addition to teaching and its ashame. More money should go toward public education.

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