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  1. For someone who talks about Race alot and “Claims” Nahla is Black. Why is this child hair never combed? I didnt want to bring it up, I hate it when others do, But DAMN Halle!!! Even Madonna, Angie, and a couple other White Celebs take better hair care than you.

    I know we have our days, but every picture its the same half assed done ponty tail, or two side tails.

    If she is in fact being raised by a “Black” mother I expect a better ponty tail than that. Thats just Hair Care 101 Hot Damn!!!

    There I said it…

    Hell Yea… I pist at her comments about God and about Race,as a black mother with a Biracial child who appears WHITE… Her ass changed my whole perpspective about her.

    On another note… She still my girl, but she needs 2 check it.

  2. It’s incredible how quickly time has passed…I remember like yesterday when Nahla was a tiny little baby! :-) She’s so cute and Halle always dresses her so nicely. Halle did a lovely tribute to Ms. Lena the night of the Oscars. I loved the cut and color of the dress she wore.
    This pair is just too marvelous!! :-)

  3. I just love seeing Halle and Nahla… they truly are a beautiful pair. And as I always say, I can just feel the love Halle has for this child right through these photos. Team MOM!! I’m with you 100% Halle!!! I loved Halle’s Oscar choice of dress. Halle IMO is one of the most beautiful women to grace the Red Carpets of any event!! Bless her heart…

  4. Wow I totally agree with you KRHO! Nahla is never dressed in fun pinks or purples…She dresses Nahla like she would dress. Come on! A 3 year old in a cowl neck sweater?????

    • Aren’t there other colours she could wear beside or along with pink and purple? Like um… neutral colours? #jussayin

  5. Halle loves grays, jeans, and other neutral colors. I rarely see Nahla in fun colrs or dressed very girly girlish. Just an observation not a complaint. She is cute here.

  6. She looked absolutely stunning in that dress she wore. Time has really flown. It seems like it was just yesterday when Nahla was born.

  7. I totally agree. She seems like a great mom. I mean I dont know her directly but she seems to always have bad luck with men. And I didnt like her comment she made awhile back about God making mistakes.

  8. Also, I don’t like Halle’s dress at all too much tulle. Plus she is losing alot of weight which has made her face look gaunt.

  9. Halle and her team tip off the paps when she goes out, this is why there are always pics of her multiple times per week. Halle has not had a succesful movie in years,so to keep her face in the public, staged pap pictures occur!

    • Halle uses the paparazzi when it benefits her. I read she takes Nahla to the park where she knows the paparrzi will be. For someone who doesnt want her child photographed nowadays she singing a different tune.

    • For the hundredth time Halle doesn’t have to tip off the paps. There are videos of them sitting outside her home . She is popular because her pics sell.The paps have a site where they talk about the celebs that are uncooperative with them and she is often mentioned as one who curses at them.The only celeb parents that are mentioned more than her is Ben Afleck and Sean Penn.They also mention Kanye as being difficult and uncooperative.Halle is one of the few black celeb pics that are popular on main stream celebritybaby sites.

  10. Nahla is so cute!

    She really is getting big. She is going to be three this month, right?

    Halle’s dress was PERFECT! I might not like Halle much as a person but whoever picks her dresses is always on point! She looked GREAT! Kind of sad she wasn’t up for anything. Her role in “Frankie and Alice” was great!

    • Well, she’s still an A-list celebrity so they’ll still be lots of interest from the paps. I don’t think she calling them in advance to tell them her whereabouts if that what your saying…haha.

    • ITA! i don’t believe for a second that her people are not tipping off the pap’s to let them know where to find her.

      • A-list celebrities don’t have to tip off the paparazzi. They just come. Only C-listers, wannabes and the not so famous do. So you decide.

        Besides, I see way more pics on this site than anywhere else so maybe she’s tipping off BCK the most…lol.

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