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Funnyman Martin Lawrence recently sat down with Metro UK to talk about his new movie ” Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son,” and his role as a father to his daughters Jasmine,15, Lyana,10, and Ameria,8.  Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son,” which debuts this Friday, is the third of the series.

The following are excerpts from the interview with Metro UK.

On why he decided to reprise his role as Big Momma:
It is a fun movie and a great ride. The process is a lot of work but it gets results and I think the character is very entertaining. She comes from my mother and my grandmother. I think all families have a Big Momma. Whether she looks like the Big Momma I play or not, we all know somebody like that – a very headstrong woman who is opinionated and a good cook. Big mommas are the backbones of families. They keep you alive, keep you in check, they are nurturing and warm – nothing but love.

On raising children to have decent values in Hollywood:

I make them aware how lucky they are. I tell them I didn’t grow up like they are. I tell them things were different for me and say: ‘You’ve got it good, switch off some of these lights, I’ve got to pay the electricity bill.’ Every now and then I give them something for their wallet – if they do something they’re supposed to. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to I take something away from them. In my younger daughter’s case, I take a doll away and she gets really upset or I take her off the computer – she really hates that.

On whether or not being a parent is hard work:

Yeah but I’ve got good girls. My oldest is 15 and she’s a straight-A student. She is very smart. She’s at that age where she’s liking boys, she thinks boys are cute, and when they come to the house I will have that face on. They better watch out.

On whether or not he was you funny as a child:

Yeah, I think so. In the neighbourhood I would just stand around and the kids would watch me tell jokes and I had an audience before I even knew I had an audience. It was fun. But I’m not the funniest person in my family, I am just the one who happens to do it professionally.



By Sojourner Marable Grimmett

I’m so impressed with the way my husband, Roland, has embraced fatherhood. He’s a quiet spirit, intelligent, accountable, funny, warm, and seldom breaks a sweat when obstacles come his way. My mom calls him an “old soul.” My dad says, “You’re a lucky kid kiddo to have such a great husband.” What makes my husband an exceptional father and extraordinaire human being is that he has the patience, love, and desire to be a positive and influential figure in our sons’ lives.

Roland and I met in undergrad at Clark Atlanta University, located in Atlanta, GA. He swears he noticed me first, but he caught my eye on the promenade; a place where sorority and fraternity members stroll and future love birds meet. Having the same English class our first year sealed the deal, and six years later we jumped the broom in holy matrimony. I tell him that his life would be boring without me. Secretly, I think he agrees.

If my husband wasn’t so introverted, I’d cast him in a reality show on public access television and call it, “Super Dad.” He’s the modern day Cliff Huxtable, but with a little swagger. More like my dad or President Obama, who made Father’s Day a “national conversation on responsible fatherhood and healthy families,” according to the White House. President Obama bringing the conversation of fatherhood to the forefront is important and vital to the development of children.

Roland’s father and my dad have a strong presence in our lives and provide us daily with lifelong lessons. My husband has continued this with our children. It’s about stepping up to the plate and not striking out. It’s our job to raise strong young men who understand the importance of taking care of their responsibilities, and provide them with positive role models to look up to for guidance, support, and unconditional love. When the time comes, they will be super dads for their children.

Sojourner Marable Grimmett has a BA in communications from Clark Atlanta University and an MA in media studies from Pennsylvania State University. She is a stay-at-work mom and her experience in higher education spans over 10 years working in student services and admissions. Sojourner previously worked at CNN, Georgia Public Television, and as an AmeriCorps member at Harvard University’s Martin Luther King Jr. after-school program. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Roland and two young sons, Roland Jay and Joshua.  Visit and comment on her blog sojournermarablegrimmett.blogspot.com follow her on twitter and like her on Facebook.

Photo: Allen Cooley Photography


In 2009, Sujari Britt(L) was asked by First Lady Michelle Obama to play at the White House alongside renowned cellist Alisa Weilerstein(R).  Since then, the nine-year-old child prodigy has received countless accolades, including being named the 2010 recipient of the Dianne Flagello Precollege Division Scholarship Endowment at the Manhattan School of Music where she studies.


Father and daughter time! Spike Lee and daughter Satchel Lee,16, attended the New York Knicks vs New Jersey Nets game on February 12, 2011 in Newark, New Jersey.