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Singer Melanie Brown and her husband Stephen Belafonte held a surprise birthday for older daughter Phoenix last week at Michael Jordan’s House of Flight.

Check out Phoenix’ cake, which was baked by none other than Melanie. Check out more pictures of the family below.


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  1. BCK you sure Mel baked that cake? it looks too perfect. if Mel sid it she must have a drawer full of baker’s tools.

    • Don’t you just love Eddie’s smile! I never thought of him as particularly handsome, I mean he is ok, but that glint in his eyes, those arched animated brows and that smile are nice hallmarks and his daughter’s in particular have certainly benefited from this.

  2. There’s my lil’ pumpkin. I love me some Angel Iris. I wonder if Mel B has thought about getting her into modeling/acting. Her hair is too cute like that. It fits her.

    Her big sis must be a tomboy. Cute cake.

  3. wow, what a pretty cake. probably the first and last time i’ll see such a pink girly cake with Michael Jordan on it lol! Angel lookin so cute with her ‘fro and flower. thank goodness they’re letting it grow out and do what it do.

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