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Model: Actress Kimberly Elise’s daughter Ajableu,20.

Signed to: Models Runway in Los Angeles and Karin Models in Paris.

Ajableu, who does runway modeling from time to time, is schooling in Paris where she studies art history and psychology.

PHOTOS: Check out pictures of Kimberly and Aja at the Essence luncheon last week

Check out more pictures below!


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  3. I do not think she needs a nose job. She is beautiful as others have said…looking just like her mother. As someone mentioned that in order to make it in the insider she will need her nose done I disagree ever hear of Alex Wek. She is a successful model and doesn’t fit into what most of society deems as beautiful. From her short cropped hair, to her perfect African nose to her skin tone she is beautiful. So Aja be you and good luck.

  4. She has the lines/frame to pull off high-fashion modeling and the color shots are particularly nice. Regarding this young lady’s unique and striking nose…it fits her face and stands out in a good way. This may help set her apart to an advantage in today’s market where people are increasingly getting bored with and rebelling against having one narrow idea of beauty being spoon fed to them.

    We’ve also had those scene-changers who chose not to conform but to have the world accept them on their terms, they have surely paved the way.

  5. She looks like a different girl in all 3 pictures. The profile one is gorgeous, but the black and white is not flattering at all because of her nose. Don’t know if she should get a nose job, but she could use some shading and contouring to slim it down some.

    • I agree, she does look like a different girl in each picture but why should she get a nose job or contour it down? What is so unattractive or unflattering about her nose?

  6. Yes I do agree to make it in the modeling industry, she’s going to have to get a nose job. Not saying that she isn’t beautiful b/c she is. The model industry is a tough and prejudice one. Look at Tyra Bank’s photos when she was 16, as well as Jessica White. It is what it is. That’s my opinion, hate it or love it. #JustTheTruth

  7. I agree with Amy about celebrity kids. But she does seem like she would become a model even if her parents weren’t famous, she is gorgeous!! The first picture reminds me of her mom. :)

  8. She looks older than 20 in some pictures, but that’s the magic of modeling, I guess. Absolutely beautiful young lady! I hate when people think that they can just jump into a career because they are related to a celebrity, but modeling is definitely her calling.

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