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Pint-size star Willow Smith performed her new single “21st Century Girl” for the first time ever on The Oprah show today.

VIDEO: Willow Smith performs on the Oprah show

The show, which was co-hosted by Willow, also featured other young stars:

Over the years, Oprah has shared the stage with a 7-year-old surgeon, a 3-year-old drummer and countless young prodigies. Now, for The Oprah Show’s talented kids finale, Oprah is introducing a few fresh faces, including her co-host, Willow Smith!

Willow’s not just the spunky, 10-year-old daughter of a Hollywood power couple—Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith—she’s also a chart-topping performer! Her debut single Whip My Hair has already gone platinum and has more than 42 million hits on YouTube.

Willow’s first single induces hair whipping all around the world, but she says this is not just another catchy pop song…it’s an anthem about being yourself and not caring what other people think about you. “[I'm saying,] ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m me,’” Willow says. “Just do what you feel is right.”Read More




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  1. Why are these kids always trying so hard?????????????????? Willow has one “hit” song. Also, would someone please tell me why this kid is always dressed like a raggedy Muppet? I know that she is a kid, but with that mouth and those ears she needs to dress better!!! And calling Oprah or any other adult “baby’ or “girl” is obnoxious and inappropriate!

  2. all my ladies if you feel me gone in whip her ass whip her ass no matter if the belts long.- short.- gone in whip her ass her ass her ass that how the song suppose to go

  3. rude little gurl i have a ten year old that knows when to keep in her place maybe jada should not let her be in the music bussiness she already acting out just wait tell she b 16 she soooooo sassy love her though she acts like mom but she needs to just calm it down

  4. C-SASSY March 2, 2011 at 3:19 pm
    I don’t go along with the crowd either. If I like it then I like it and if I don’t then I don’t. Either way, I am going to say something, whether ppl like it or not.

  5. I never said people werent entitled to their own opinion. But they way ADULTS go out of their way to throw negativity on CHILDREN is beyond me.

    If her, Jaden & Trey were out getting into trouble, cussing in interviews then I see a problem. The girl comment was a little disrespectful & Im sure if Oprah had a problem with it then she would tell Will & Jada!

    • Well maybe Oprah did say something to Jada and Will and we just don’t know it. Something don’t seem right with this entire situation and I am not blaming Willow. She is a kid and don’t know what she is doing. She is only doing what adults in her life, are allowing her to do. We will see how this unfolds.

    • People only said her comment to Oprah was disrespectful. Why is that such an issue with some people? That’s negativity? I don’t know if Oprah would say anything to the Smith’s. We don’t know that. NE way, I’m done talking about this. People are gonna feel the way they do, so I’m not wasting anymore time talking about these people I don’t know. What the Smith’s do with their children doesn’t affect me, so I’m out this puppy. I can assure you that the children in my life get the uttermost praise, but they also get corrected when need be.

      • Its not just the comment to Oprah.. Maybe you should go back & look at Willows other post.

        And for the last time Im not upset. Just stating my OPINION as is you. GEEZ!

        • I simply commented on the story above, & I believe you took out the time to question me & other girl eliza. I never directed my comment to anyone but the article above!

          But that will be all, because I never get into a back & forth debate with anybody on this site bc thats not my intentions when I visit this site!

        • Deshay, I didn’t say YOU were upset. My comment was directed at you, but not necessarily about you (as far as being upset).

          People are gonna say what they are gonna say. BCK is the owner of this blog, and if they deem something offensive, especially as it relates to children), they will handle it. I’m not going to talk about this anymore.

  6. No, we don’t know, but we still have our opinions. People said she was disrespectful. Did they curse Willow? Did they say she was a horrible child? Many people on the Internet have expressed the same sentiment. What are ya’ll upset at? Because she’s a 10 year old kid? Have you ever made mention of a misbehaving child? Ya’ll need to stop this madness. Are you saying that you’ve NEVER said anything bad about a child that was a brat. Spare me the dramatics, people. BTW, I’m NOT saying Willow is a brat.

    People made comment of how she talked to Oprah. Since we don’t know what went on behind the scenes, we are judging by what WE SAW IN FRONT OF US.

  7. Oprah is the most powerful woman in show business she decides who appears on her show so she must not have a problem with Willow or she wouldn’t continue to have her own the show (at least 6 times)

  8. My thoughts exactly. I’m sure Oprah didnt take offense to it b/c she personally knows Willow!! Some people just need to stop with the bs!!

  9. I don’t like the song. Too much auto tune, for me! I don’t think she can even sing. I didn’t like how she spoke to Oprah, like “Gurrl”-so ghetto and disrespectful. They are really trying hard with this child to make her a star.

    She need to go through “Boot Camp”, to learn how to conduct interviews. I don’t like her image because it is too grown. I wish they would make music for her that is age appropriate. The song is more for a 21-25 yr old woman NOT a 10 year old.

  10. I Love the way Willow praised and encouraged the other performers especially the dancers and the 5 y.o. A very good co host IMO. As someone mentioned before I’ve seen both these kids many times and all the interviwers and talked about how respectful they are. Several have mentioned receiving thank you notes after appearing on their shows including Ellen and Billy Bush on Access Hollywood.Willow has been on Oprah’s show since she was 6 and Oprah’s knows her personality and no problem with her or she wouldn’t be on the show. If Willow’s behavior offends you why not avoid interviews with her or press mute.I appreciate her message especially to girls to be true to yourself.

  11. Willow addessing Oprah Winfrey as “GIRL” was quite inappropriate and more so, disrepectful. Oprah was probably shocked as well,but
    did not display. The children on Oprah’s show definitely had so
    much talent. The little girl that sang Amazing Grace was just
    awesome along with the others. I think that Willow requires a little guidance on respecting her elders.

  12. @Deshay and Eliza, so everyone is supposed to sing her praises. That’s not real life. When you go on blogs, there are people from all over the world that comment. Everyone doesn’t see things the same way. That’s life. People are taking comments way too personal. No one is saying they wish she would die, or that they wish her ill-will. They just have their opinions about how she acts. It’s not about mistakes we’ve made or haven’t made.

    This is the reason I don’t believe children should be in the entertainment industry, but then again, I think many of you are getting more upset than Willow. She all ready said she’s gonna do her, so relax.

    • I never said everyone had to sing her praises I was commenting on the level of vitriol against her, it’s one thing not to like a kid it’s another to constantly go in on them like a lot of posters do, in my mind that’s really petty especially for adults.

      One could argue that people who don’t like the way she acts/dresses/carries herself etc. is taking things too personally as well. There’s no need for me to relax, i’m not upset because it’s not that serious lol I was simply agreeing with another poster.

    • Hi Teri, Im not saying that everybody should sing her praises. All Im saying is why do everybody try to dissect what her & her brother do or say. Because we have all been kids before and we’ve all said things that we shouldnt.

      Im not taking it personal, Im just commenting on the story so I have no reason to relax!

      • That’s life, Deshay. Willow is a little girl in an adult world and it isn’t always kind. I haven’t read any comments that were wishing ill will on willow for crying out loud. Y’all act like someone banished her to helll or that they have an invested interest in her.

        • How am Im I acting like someone banished her to hell. All I said was kids say things that adults wouldnt. And theres plenty of KIDS on here that are in the ADULT business but I guess Willow and Jaden are the only ones that deserves to be critized.

          Me personally, I never get on here and critize any of the children. 1. They are KIDS. 2. Because BCK said just be nice!

          • The way some people are carrying on, you’d think people banished Willow to hell. Some people think the Smith kids are a bit too grown and sassy. Are they not entitled to that thought? Have you not encountered children who were brats in the store and you thought, “Wow, those parents need to get control of their children?” I’m not saying that Willow and Jaden are brats. My comment was that I thought how she addressed Oprah was inappropriate, and some people are going off as though some of us said she was going to hell. That’s my point, Deshay.

            I know kids say things adults wouldn’t, that’s why it’s up to parents to teach them. I don’t blame Willow for that or any child for being children, but I do question the parents who need to teach their children the right way to do things.

            There are plenty of kids on BCK. That is true, but most of them don’t get the coverage that Willow and Jaden get, and most of these kids seem to act their age.

            You are entitled to criticize or not criticize whom you want. If people are violating the terms BCK has set forth, it’s upt to BCK to make mention of it or ban the offender.

  13. Willow team needs to do a bettr job preparing her for interviews. Practice makes perfect she is still a child that needs help with public speaking.

  14. Im not pro Willow or anti Willow.. but no matter what her or Jaden do or say theres always someone who has something negative to say about it.

    I was raised the RIGHT way.. & everybody on here has been 10 yrs old. Its safe to say that kids say things that adults wouldnt its all apart of growing up & learning!

    • ITA, the amount of vitriol against the Smith kids (Willow, esp.) never ceases to amaze me. She has to be the most picked apart and ridiculed child on BCK, it’s not about being pro or anti but nearly every post about her even before she began singing, has some kind of negative tone to it. People were going in on her baby pictures for goodness sake, and she’s always being measured off other children featured here (as if they’re perfect) I sincerely hope she’s as confident as she seems and doesn’t let things like this get to her.

  15. People really piss me off at times. When have y’all ever seen a perfect 10 year old. Yes the ‘Gurlll’ may have been a bit much but come on we all have had slip ups as children. How the heck would we know that if we ever addressed an adult like that a slap was coming after. She just needs to be taught not ridiculed. It’s pity and very senseless for people to be ranting and belly aching over something like this.

    • @LadyVilla, I noticed a lot of people get pissed off when comments are not “pro Willow.” For some people, how she addressed Oprah was an, “Eh, so what” moment. For others, who were raised a certain way, the comments were offensive. Many adults don’t like how grown Willow acts. Some don’t care. No one is right or wrong. What irks me is that if people say anything less than flattering about Willow, you’d think they’d wished death on her.

      Willow is in a game where the big boys/girls play, and it’s not always flattering or positive, even for a 10 year old child. Her parents choose to put her out there, and criticism comes with the territory. It may not be right, but it is what it is.

      • WHAT?!? I could careless who the child in question is. It’s not just Willow I’m talking about..I’m talking about the fact that we adults say hurtful stuff and not thinking about what it does to our kids self esteem etc. There are may ways to say things

        • Yes we do, LadyVilla, and if her parents are smart, they will keep her off the blogs and other outlets. Willow seems to be very confident in who she is. Did you hear her interview? She said she is going to do her, so it’s the adults here that are getting all dramatic over other people’s opinions.

          I agree that people say things to children that kill their spirit. In Willow’s case, I think people have some very valid points, and just like you and others are entitled to your opinions, others can do the same.

      • @Teri- I totally agree with you! People get pissed if you aren’t “pro Willow” and I don’t even know why. Its almost as if you have to like her. New flash people, if you read a lot of other sites, you will see that not everyone is pro Willow.

        • @C-Sassy, yeah, I know! It’s just mind-blowing. Also, everyone screaming about, “She’s a child! She’s 10 years old!” I’m willing to bet my first born that these same people have seen children on the street acting a holy terror and think some negative things about said child, but because Willow is Will and Jada’s daughter, she’s exempt. It’s boggles my mind.

          I’m just done, C. I refuse to be politically correct and follow the crowd. I will not do it, and if someone has a problem with other’s points of view, too bad, so sad.

          • I don’t go along with the crowd either. If I like it then I like it and if I don’t then I don’t. Either way, I am going to say something, whether ppl like it or not.

  16. My opinion is not going to be popular, but I’m not going to sing the praises of Willow just because everyone else is or because of her last name. I didn’t like the way she addressed Oprah. I don’t care how she addressed Oprah in the past. Today, she was inappropriate, reducing Oprah to being on her level, and that wasn’t cool nor was it cute to me. Some people don’t notice disrespect because they’ve never been taught it.

    For those who think she’s cute, more power to you. I beg to differ. Deuces!

  17. What an annoying little girl. Ughhh. I wish these annoying entitled celebuspawns would just go away. As far as her performance, can we say *autotune*. What would she do without it? Gosh how annoying to think there are kids out there who are actually talented and they don’t get nearly a fraction of the exposure that this celebuspawn gets. She’s already so full of herself, I can’t imagine how she will be 5-10 years from now.

    On another note, where the heck has will smith been?!! I swear he used to come out with a movie every year. Now he’s taking a back seat to willow and jaden. He’s been MIA for a while. Will is the real talent in the family so instead of pimping out his annoying children he needs to stick to what he does best and make great movies.


  18. I think some are taking Willow’s interview a little too serious. All that spunk and personality showed is her image that is how Oprah even described her before she came out. Thats how they want her to act to continue to be noticed and to get more publicity and more interviews. That spunk and pizazz is what makes the interview good. That doesn’t mean she goes around talking to all adults like that, thats simply apart of her stage face. We all know that Willow is a bit much but thats the intent thats why she’s always in the media and forever on this website. Even she said it doesn’t matter to her if she’s on the best or worst dressed list. No celebrity cares as long as they make a list and are being talked about.

    • Yep, you might be right. Some people love the “spunk and pizzazz” and some people don’t. Unfortunately, Willow is going to have to take the good with the bad, the bitter with the sweet. What I find funny is that it’s strangers on blogs and ish that probably are more offended than she. She loves who she is and does her, so why is everyone else so upset.

    • I had to work & missed the show but im sure all the kids did great. I hope I can find clips on youtube :)

      Im sure the little girl sang Amazing Grace good!

  19. She was quoting Lady Gaga’s line “I was born this way baby” not calling Oprah baby.It’s in the song.Anyway she is a JADA all over.I saw Jada all over her and I’ve seen some other Willow interviews, where she refeers to people as ma’am and Ms.Blah Blah and whatever. I too was a little hmm about the “girl” but then maybe Willow knows Oprah very well. I mean they seem to somewhat have a releationship.*Shrugs* Iddk Hollywood.Lol

    • I didn’t think she was calling Oprah baby either.
      Yes the “girl” was inappropriate but I think that was a case of her getting a little *too* comfortable in the interview, the other times she’s been on the show it’s always been Ms. Oprah, and the print interview on Oprah’s site she even refers to her ballet teacher as Miss. I don;t think she was trying to be disrespectful, but she needs to be more careful when addressing adults. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got an earful for it from her parents, and Will’s mom who was sitting in the front row. From what i’ve seen/read they’re sticklers about that.

      Other than that I loved her, esp. her comment about Pokemon, lol that child is so spunky like Jada. The other kids were great as well, the little Amazing Grace singer was adorable.

      • Yes I don’t think Willow is rude at all!She always addresses whoever as Miss I remember she wrote about being on Ellen, it was miss. Ellen!I too think she got a bit too comfortable and caught up in the moment!I’ve also hear her talk about her dad’s assistant and she even calls that person Miss…!so she was just cared away in my opinion

        • It’s nice that you referenced that Willow “wrote” something.

          Hopefully this will dispell the belief that she can’t read, write or do basic math. She’s getting some formal education in there somehow.

          I think she articulated well for a 10 year old.

  20. She wasn’t calling Oprah baby. She was quoting a line from Lady Gaga’s song in which she states “I was born this way baby!” Anyway Willow is JUST LIKE HER MOMMY.Personality wise. And yes she’s mature for her age, but she’s so cute!Although calling Oprah “girl” was ehhh for me. Willow seems to be really close with Oprah and I’m guessing Oprah is friends with her parents or something. *Shrugs* I didn’t see her calling anyone else “Girl” when she is interviewed. In fact I remember her calling Ellen, Ms.Ellen. Maybe because she is more closer to Oprah.

  21. I watched the show they had some very talented kids and Willow did a good job performing her new single. I think Willow’s interview went well.

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